Shelby Harrell

Shyann Price turns her tassel after being confirmed as a graduate, while standing up through the sunroof of a truck.

Jadynn Schmidt smiles as she drives away from the graduation ceremony after turning her tassel and being confirmed as a 2020 graduate. She rod…

Chase Allen is one of the first HCLC seniors to arrive to the graduation, where he receives his diploma and is confirmed as a 2020 graduate by…

Bryson McClain accepts his diploma from HCLC director Brookley Nicholson.

Trevor Hinson is all smiles as he drives up to Jeff Haney and Brookely Nicholson to become an official HCLC graduate.

Trevor Hinson proudly holds up his diploma.

Raymonda Carver blows a kiss to her niece from her van as she drives through the graduation.

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