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With a stay-at-home order now in effect across Haywood County, many residents are wondering what, if anything, they can still do.

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Last weekend, we asked our Facebook audience to send in pictures of them and their loved ones having fun while practicing social distancing.

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Under normal circumstances, this story would be published a day or two before the NCAA basketball tournament’s Sweet 16. We would have just wr…

North Carolina high school spring sports will remain on pause for at least another eight weeks. In response to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's decision Monday to extend public school closures to May 15 in response to the covid-19 pandemic, the NCHSAA announced it will extend its spring sports suspension through May 18.

For this week's Inside Haywood, we're talking about the virus that's dominated the news cycle in our world and its impact locally. Vicki Hyatt…

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