February marks the quarterly testing at Blue Dragon Taekwondo, where students’ skills are put to the test before they can graduate to the next level of training.

If tests are passed successfully, students are awarded a new color belt that represents a new level of achievement and skills.

If a pupil needs more work mastering a skill set, the tests offer a way for instructors to gauge where improvement is needed. All students are eligible to re-test their skills at the next scheduled trial. At Blue Dragon Taekwondo, tests are administered every three months.

During the tests, students are evaluated on correctly performing their poomsaes (forms), breaking boards, one-step sparring techniques, practice sparring and knowledge of Korean Taekwondo terminology.

For many students, the pressure of testing can be overwhelming, however Marshall Hail, owner of and a teacher of Blue Dragon Taekwondo, instills in his pupils that the character they build and the confidence they gain from their success makes it all worthwhile.

All tests were led by Hall, a 5th-degree black belt, with the help of Steve and Sarah Allison, along with other black belts.

The following students received new belts.

White belt to low yellow belt:

Joey Cox, Braeden Stiles, Joshua Stiles, Charles Morris, Brayden Irons, Hunter Davis, Asher Toler, Cole Askew, D’Anna Potts, Clara Potts, Jonathan Corbin, Benson Noland, Mercedes Moynihan, Conner Moynihan, Indigo Kinney, Cora Hogan, Donovan Durazo, Miryana Teneva-Harper, Mia Harper, Lawson Payne

Low yellow belt to high yellow beltJimi Rogerson, Molly Lynn, Austin Yurko, Koko DeParis, Easton Allison, Kaitlyn Martinez, Carlos Martinez.

High yellow belt to

low green belt:

Jimi Rogerson (double tested)

Low green belt to

high green belt:

Tara Keilberg, Annabelle Keilberg, Elizah Keilbert, Isaac Vivanco, Asber Cosme

High green belt to

low blue belt:

Danny Clarke, Aaron Stepp, Chase Ivester

Low blue belt to high

blue belt:

Emily Allison, Alazay Rose, Eliza Lynn

High blue belt to low red b


Asher Underwood

Low red belt to high

red belt:

Archer Hill, Beth Rodgers, Ralph Bruce, Randy Lynn

1st elimination test

for 1st degree black belt:

Elijah Mehaffey, Matthew Rogerson, Archer Hill, Beth Rodgers, Ralph Bruce, Randy Lynn

1st elimination test

for 2nd degree black belt:

Jasmine Porter, Holly Porter, Kairi Cicman, Andrew Carver, Ashley Carver, Joshua Carver, Jacob Carver, Alan Cruz, Bradley O’Connor

5th elimination test

for 2nd degree black belt:

Sarah Allison, Jehal Patel, Meli Mendoza, Cesar Mendoza, Omar Gonzalez, Kali Woodard, Noah Rollins, Landon Allison

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