To the editor:

This week it was revealed that our Senator Richard Burr, using non-public information available to him as a member of the U.S. Senate, quietly sold over a million dollars in personal stock just before the stock market crashed this past week. This is just wrong at so many levels and most likely illegal.

Regardless of party, politicians who do this should not be allowed to remain in office. They bring great discredit on our state of North Carolina and to its citizens.

Having been a former senior executive in the U.S. Federal government, I, like all seniors, were required by law to report our entire personal financial holdings on an annual basis. It was a public record.

The premise of the law and its requirements is open government and ensuring senior executives and political appointees do not or are not profiting from their position. Senator Burr violated the spirit of the law and our public confidence in his integrity.

I agree with the important press release of the Democratic Party nominee for the 11th Congressional District, Moe Davis, that Burr be held accountable for this as well as any public servant, regardless of party, that profited by this challenging circumstance we find ourselves. Who is serving who? Looks like we are serving Senator Burr, to me. Shame.

Write to his office and call for his resignation. Let your voice be heard from the right-thinking and decent citizens of Western North Carolina that we hold our elected officials to a high standard and they should live up to that standard.

It is hoped that the Department of Justice will look into these allegations and take appropriate action. Remember this on Election Day as well.

Public corruption is and always has been a threat to our democracy and there are laws that prevent these acts. Let’s hold our Senator accountable under law. Richard Burr has brought great discredit upon himself, our state, and its citizens. Resign.

David Crane

Maggie Valley

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