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Membership boosting idea

Your recent article, “Waynesville board calls for 11th-hour budget cuts,” said, “The town is grappling with a $275,000 loss in revenue at the Waynesville Recreation Center due to gym memberships not yet rebounding since COVID.”

I have a suggestion I believe will remedy that situation in short order: Have a Rec Center reduced-rate membership special for a limited time, and accept credit cards for payment.

Offer a price incentive, make it convenient to pay, get the word out, and both full-time and summer residents will beat a path to the Rec Center’s doors.

David Keller

Maggie Valley

Consider this regarding abortion

I want to thank a recent letter writer and pastor for sharing his opinion of abortion in your letter to The Mountianeer. Although I agree with you that abortion is not a Democrat or Republican issue but a moral and spiritual issue, I will amend that statement to say it is a personal moral and spiritual issue that can only be decided by the women and/or couple involved in the decision to end a pregnancy.

I will also disagree with your statement that the choice in most occurrences is made by individuals “who do not want their adulteress or immoral behavior exposed.”

Your assumption throughout the course of your letter appears to assume that “irresponsible persons” are using abortion to end a life because they are promiscuous and “don’t want to be bothered with the care of a newborn.”

The need or desire to end a pregnancy has many other reasons other than premarital sexual relations and is not taken lightly by the women and/or couple making this difficult decision.

Let me point out to you some of the other instances. 1) ectopic or tubal pregnancy. This occurs when the fertilized egg develops outside the uterus. This is a serious medical condition that is dangerous to the life of the mother.

2) Pregnancy due to rape. Rape is a violation of women in every socio economic and racial segment of American life. Forcing a woman who is pregnant due to rape magnifies the psychological damage done to the woman and endangers the economic and mental wellbeing of the child if forced to carry it to term.

3) Married couple who cannot afford another child. The decision made by a married couple to end a pregnancy they cannot afford to raise is making the decision based on the quality of life for that child and the rest of their family.

I think that it would be valuable for this individual to be a little less myopic and rigid in your thinking about this issue to understand the real life ramifications of your statements.

Barbara Smith


Purple lady and paddle

When traveling on South Haywood Street I was looking at the old Central Elementary School building.

After attending six years of grammar school in the building many fond memories returned.

When I was in the third grade Mrs. Mildred Crawford Lee, known as the Purple Lady because some part of her attire was always the color purple, was my teacher.

Mrs. Lee was strong on discipline, but the students were very fond of her. Her mainstay for discipline was a ping-pong paddle that she kept in her desk drawer.

One of her peeves was someone slamming a door, which would bring out the firm use of the paddle.

I’m very proud to say that, thanks to Mrs. Lee, I’ve not slammed a door in the last seventy-two years.

Charles Miller


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