It’s time to expand Medicaid

To the editor:

You don’t have to look far to see that many in North Carolina — approximately 500,000 — are struggling from an absence of adequate, high quality health insurance.

This is why Haywood Regional, as part of its mission of Making Communities Healthier®, is supporting bipartisan efforts by Governor Cooper and legislators from both parties in the General Assembly to expand Medicaid.

If North Carolina were to expand Medicaid, access to affordable insurance coverage would become available to the most vulnerable in North Carolina, including many in rural communities like ours.

Currently, many uninsured North Carolinians are reliant on emergency rooms in hospitals for their health care needs. Instead, our state should expand insurance coverage to allow these individuals and families access to appropriate care through a primary care physician.

This will help them get the care they need at the right time and in the appropriate setting, which will improve health outcomes and build a stronger North Carolina. Expanding access to insurance coverage is also critical to maintaining the viability of community and rural hospitals and the communities they serve.

Now is the time to address this critical need impacting our family, friends and neighbors. I hope that you will join us and encourage Sen. Jim Davis, Rep. Michele Presnell and Rep. Joe Sam Queen, to support efforts to expand Medicaid in North Carolina, including “NC Health Care for Working Families” (HB 655) which is currently under consideration in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Rod Harkleroad, CEO, Haywood Regional Medical Center Maurice Phillips, Board Chair, Haywood Regional Medical Center

A rundown of Democratic candidates

To the editor:

This is in reference to the Yellow Dog Democrat’s piece in Monday’s edition.

Let me help you here. Nadler will never be anything but a fat slob. Obama will never be anything but a failed president. Biden will never be anything but a deviant.

AOC will always be the smartest Democrat ever. Schiff will never be more than a pest. Swalwell will continue to embarrass California. Beto will continue to sink.

Kmala will promise anything and everything — and only promise. Bernie will continue to give away others’ money. Cory will continue to master his clown act. Tulsi should be a Republican. Liz will continue to play the tom-tom and wave the rubber tomahawk. Amy is not llikely to do anything — ever! Hickenlooper will continue to demonstrate great scooter skills. And Pete will continue to represent Mad Magazine.

And, I am especially sorry to tell you this, but Hillary will never be your president. Well, maybe she can rise to president of her cell block.

So, suck it up buttercup. The DimRat party and all of the Yellow Dogs are heading for the dust bin of history. Oh, I guess President Donald Trump will never be YOUR president either. Life is tough.

Sam Morgan Jr. Waynesville

Don’t let hate cloud the facts

To the editor:

This is in response to an opinion piece on Monday, May 27. The opinion piece regarding President Trump’s consideration of pardons for some of our servicemen is a perfect example of why we need separation of politics and the judiciary.

The writer’s clear hatred of our current president was woven throughout his piece-instead of facts about any of the cases he is referring to. Readers should go to the United American Patriots’ website at for details on what has happened to patriots such as Maj. Matt Golsteyn and 1st Lt. Clint Lorance.

We all know that not everyone who is in prison is guilty of a crime. While most are, mistakes are made and there have been many documented instances of witnesses, law enforcement and even prosecutors misrepresenting or lying about an incident.

Judicial misconduct has also been documented. The UAP has evidence of exculpatory evidence being withheld by Army prosecutors in some of the cases they are now involved in.

This should concern a former prosecutor and JAG such as the author. A few final thoughts: the author certainly has the right to hate our current President as much as I have the right to hate our previous Commander in Chief.

However, I think he does a disservice to these possibly innocent young men by couching his hatred of Trump in indignation about pardon consideration. I hope he will take an unbiased look at the UAP’s website and these cases.

Clearly some judicial misconduct has taken place and is continuing to take place and needs to be addressed. Finally, if this is just about presidential interference in the military judicial system, I and many other former military members have a huge problem with the sentence commutations given by former President Obama to such noteworthy “patriots” as Bowe Bergdahl and Bradley Manning.

Janet Presson Waynesville

NA explained

To the editor,

Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship of people who desire to get and stay clean from drugs.

We are recovering addicts who follow a 12-step program patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. NA was formed in 1953 by several narcotics addicts, but do not be fooled by the name of our fellowship.

We have never been solely about getting clean from opiates. In fact “drugs” are hardly mentioned in our literature. More often you will hear or read words like “addicts,” “addiction,” “disease,” “abstinence” and “recover.”

From the early beginnings of our fellowship all addicts have been welcome regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, color, creed, religion or lack of religion. We are very proud of our history of inclusion for all who seek help with their drug problem.

There are no dues or fees or requirements of membership, other than a desire to stop using drugs. We are a spiritual but not religious fellowship. If that sounds confusing, come to a meeting and see what we are all about.

But be forewarned, NA is about more than attending meetings, much more. It is about a new way of life. Nevertheless, meetings are the best place to start. Find out more online at

You can also text a zip code to (855)227-6262 and receive an immediate texted reply of all meetings near that location. IF you would like to speak to a member when you call, listen to the options and maker the selection to speak to someone.

Jim Geary NC Mountain Area Narcotics Anonymous

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