Imagine you are one of three horse professional eyewitnesses who drive by a property and see three horses tied to a fence on short tethers.

The horses are located on Incinerator Road in a mobile home lot.

You witness what is happening to these three horses each week from October 2018 through December 2018 as you travel past this scene. These innocent horses are tied so closely to a fence that they cannot move easily or graze for food.

As witnesses to this scene, you call animal control often — very often — but you are impatiently told they can’t do anything about the situation. Their hands are tied, and they say, “There is no animal protection law on the books that prohibits the tethering of animals, dogs and horses alike.”

You ask, “What about animal cruelty? Can’t animal control cite this offense under the umbrella of animal cruelty?”

In the course of three months, you notice the horses continue to lose more and more weight with one of them finally dying from starvation in December 2018.

You become so distressed, frustrated and angry that you don’t take “no” for an answer because the other horses are still living, tied to the same fence. As a final resort, you contact Haywood County manager, pleading for assistance in removing these two surviving horses from their nightmare.

The animal control director arranges to have the two horses moved to a horse stable where the owner on whose property the three horses had originally been tethered, interestingly enough, happens to be working as the horse trainer.

This is definitely not the first incidence of animal cruelty that you are aware of, and it won’t be the last. Until our animal protection law regulates this kind of abuse, these cases of cruelty to horses and dogs will continue, and we, as citizens and neighbors, will continue to be horrified by similar scenes that haunt us everyday as we leave and return to our homes.

If you are aware and informed, you know that animal cruelty is closely related to domestic violence and drug trafficking. You love your mountains; you love the people who live in them; but you are consciously reminded that animals may be suffering, children may be suffering, women may be suffering, and you remind yourself again that you want to do your part to help end that suffering. You care about your community, and you want to do your part.

If you too are dying a little each time that you see suffering or starving animals, see or hear your neighbor’s lonely barking dog(s) continuously chained for weeks and months on end, please speak up and make your voice heard. Join 4 LOVE OF ANIMALS and other fellow animal lovers at 9 a.m., Monday, Sept. 9, at the new Haywood County Courthouse, in Courtroom No. 1, for the first appearance hearing of the horses’ owner, who is being charged with “unlawfully and willfully and intentionally depriving an innocent horse of sustenance.”

Valerie and

Robert Hunziker


Story perfectly captured character of Admiral Zumwalt

To the editor:

I just opened my computer to send Kyle Perroti a note of thanks for the great article he wrote about my unforgettable Navy experience.

He captured it perfectly. I can’t believe his daughter responded. Here’s her note.

Good evening Mr. Perrotti,

My daughter, Camille, who lives in Los Angeles, e-sent to me your article on my Dad, her Grandfather. The title intrigued me.

The well-written story kept me in rapt attention. Your description of my father resonates with all I know about him. Dad connected with sailors of every rank.

Although he appreciated the value of rank in the service, Dad valued the humanity of those who served under him.

My father, no doubt, reveled in hearing the song and meeting Mr. Hurley. What Mr. Hurley felt was the respect my father showed all his sailors, connecting with them on a human basis in ways that his aristocratic predecessors would never have imagined.

A class of destroyers have been named after my Dad of which I am a sponsor of the first ship in the class — the USS ZUMWALT. The sailors on these ships personify the Navy my Dad dreamed of.

I would be so happy if you could forward a copy of this email to Mr. Hurley. It would be wonderful to hear the song and the words of “From Sea to Shining ‘Z.’

Ann Zumwalt

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