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Letters, Sept. 30

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Hats off to mill employees’ politeness

To the editor:

I am writing to say how impressed I have been by the Evergreen Community of workers.

For the past six weeks, I have been working as a temporary temperature screener outside the mill.

I also held the same position at another facility in a nearby city. I have to say that in comparison, I am so thankful for the difference in the two work sites.

The employees coming in and out of the mill have truly made me smile in appreciation of their small town friendliness and the evidence of the fading tradition of respectful manners. Although at the least, checking in every single shift to a host of COVID questions and repeated temperature scans has to be somewhat annoying.

I have yet to be treated disrespectfully. Actually, I am almost always greeted with “good morning,” “yes ma’am,” “ no ma’am,” “have a good day,” and other such comments about the weather, working hard, and sometimes a joke or two.

Even during the recent emergency there, I had a mill employee take time to stop and help me with a large item that I was carrying up the long outdoor stairs at the mill’s main gate.

I am also thankful for the dedication of the managing staff who have provided us with all of the shelter and supplies that we need to do our job safely.

It may seem like little things when written down like this, but I can assure you that these types of “little things” are what separate us from the cities and towns that have lost their heritage of treating each others with the basic principles of respect.

So, to the moms and dads of the past, “Thank you for a job well done” and to current parents and young adults of the upcoming generation, “Don’t forget to keep our heritage of kindness and respect alive.”

Good job Haywood County and the Evergreen employees.

Deniece Carson


Don’t become victim to bullying businessman

To the editor:

The current president of the United States is the antithesis of what ordinarily loyal hardworking Americans stand for.

Instead he is typical of the heavy-handed, bullying, muscle-type business that exerts pressure on competitors, authorities, and partners by squeezing every ounce of benefit he can out of a relationship; avoiding responsibilities or obligations, and striking wildly like a unrestrained fire hose at anyone who tries to expose him as the crook that he is.

He then abandons them and his responsibilities. He is a thug.

The shame is that he has fueled our country into the greatest internal conflict since the Civil War, and he has no regret in doing so because he no conscience or internal compass. He is like a rabid animal.

There are a lot of honest hardworking Americans that have drunk his Kool-Aid.

Ron Morrow

Lake Junaluska

Does anyone listen?

To the editor:

Every time I write a letter to the editor, I wonder if I am “cast[ing] … pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6), or if the voice of sanity and sanctity might actually make a difference in people’s hearts and minds.

The current political situation is a case in point. It is clear that Haywood County is a Democratic stronghold: editorials and letters to the editor bear that out, as do normal political winds.

Most residents would bristle at the thought of living in a socialistic nation, yet the preponderance of them will vote their favorite party with little thought that the societal and religious ramifications of their actions may well bring about a world in which the church will be only a footnote, in which families will not have choice as to their children’s education, and in which the technocratic liberals dictate policy to the proletariat. Seeing this, Harry Truman would turn over in his grave.

I am not a Trump fan. But he has surrounded himself with people who work to keep America a sovereign nation, to respect the Constitution and the sanctity of life.

His opponent has allied himself and his family with China for personal advantage, and with people like Bernie Sanders and AOC; they are poised to subjugate this nation to the totalitarianism of a Communist nation that has infected us through biological warfare.

The media – rather than report independently – constantly ‘spins’ the news to make their preferred candidate look like the country’s savior, but it shouldn’t surprise us.

There is only one Savior; neither He nor His followers kill unborn children, nor violate the dictum of Holy God in regard to marriage and lifestyle. We count the cost before we do something. We pray before we vote, knowing that God’s judgment will eventually fall on every nation that allows ungodliness to proliferate. We compare what we see with the Word of God, and make the necessary adjustments in our lives and in the world around us, looking unto Him to guide us safely Home.

David A Williams


Superintendent’s dig was unwarranted

To the editor:

First we had to deal with Dr. Nolte’s ridiculous photo of white kids working on a farm to which he added: “Even white kids picked cottton.”

This at a time when systemic racial inequality has come to the forefront of our nation’s supposed conscience yet again. And he arrogantly stated that we should just read a book to understand his position and not be ignorant.

Now we read a quote from Nolte insulting Governor Cooper for “ us 2 plans at once“ regarding our children’s return to the classroom. No, Dr. Nolte, you are flat out wrong and with an election this close you choose to slam our governor.

The governor gave our school board, the people who hired you, the option for our elementary kids to return full-time but not the older ones. It is your employer, the school board, that voted 5-2 to create the mixed plan. Not Cooper.

First I suggest that you look up the definition of option and compare that to a mandate. Second, stand up and tell your bosses how wrong they are. Tell them how disappointed and aggrieved you are about their vote. But the last thing you should do is attack the Governor, and our Health Secretary, for following the science and granting more leeway. Read: More choice, not less as you try to infer.

Governor Cooper was attacked by Trump for not opening our state “fast enough.” Georgia has our same population but twice as many deaths. South Carolina has half our population but just as many deaths. Those two states were early openers. Governor Cooper has done a good job and you chose to unfairly take a cheap shot.

Since you are mad at your bosses, let them know just how boneheaded an idea you think it is. Or are you not ready to prepare a resume?

Stop treating us like ignorant fools and remember we elected your bosses. Or are you deceptively trying to tell us to vote the board out? Hmmmmmm...maybe you did think this through. And maybe the board should reconsider your being hired by them.

Bob Clark


Thanks, RBG; your tireless work is appreciated

To the editor:

The 26 women (17D, 9R) currently serving in the United States Senate surely owe a debt of gratitude to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her tireless, ceaseless work for equality. In honor of and respect for her saying: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” these Senators ought to join in solidarity and announce their support for postponing a hearing for her replacement.

Of course, the nomination process can happen before the election, but these Senators, need to abide by her final wish, cherish her memory, and continue her work. They must be brave enough to rise above the petty, power-hungry, partisan political pressure.

Bill Lusto


Election theft in the making

To the editor:

On Wednesday 9/23, before the nation, Trump revealed the Republican plan to steal the election. For weeks he has been calling mail-in ballots disgusting and saying they will be fraudulent, although the facts consistently refute such claims.

When asked in a news conference if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the election, he started with his usual evasive answer that we’ll have to see what happens and continued to complain about the ballots. Then he added, “We have to get rid of the ballots and there will be no need for a peaceful…there will not be a transfer. It will be a continuation.”

Trump will contest the ballots of states, especially the swing states if he does not win, and take them to court. The suits will move through the lower courts rapidly and end up with the Supreme Court making a ruling. If the SCOTUS finds the election in some states questionable, the state legislatures can by law “get rid of the ballots” and select electors favorable to Trump to vote whatever they believe to be “the will of the people.”

This is why Trump is so eager to appoint a replacement for Ruth Ginsburg. He wants someone on the court who will favor him and help swing the decision his way. This plan is already being discussed by Pennsylvania Republicans and one of them has taken the plan to the White House.

I’m sure Trump’s supporters are ecstatic about this plan, but have they thought beyond this election? What about the government that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people?” All people! If this process is allowed, our democracy is over. We will have become an autocracy. Russia’s plan has been to cast doubt on our electoral process and destroy our democracy, but we have handed it to them.

In The Mountaineer there was an editorial assuring us that our county elections would be fair. I guess that depends on our state legislature, not on our citizens.

Gary Knapp


Controlling COVID is key to boosting economy

To the editor:

COVD-19 is still the huge elephant in the room. The economy is in shambles with millions unemployed, rampant farm bankruptcies, and millions of jobs that are probably lost forever.

The stock market is doing OK because it is the only place rich people and big trust funds can park their money to get a return. That is because Trump keeps pushing the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates to almost zero for banks and certificates of deposit.

While Wall Street may seem to be OK, Main Street certainly is not. We cannot safely get the economy up until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Instead of doing that, Trump, Republican governors, and his supporters seem to be doing everything they can to get as many Americans killed by the pandemic as possible.

The idea of heard immunity, pushed by a radiologist with no expertise on infectious diseases but tells Trump what he wants to hear, would be a disaster.

To get herd immunity, about 75% of the 328 million Americans or about 246 million Americans would need to get COVID. Since COVID kills about 3% of those infected, more than 7 million Americans would die.

The thing that Trump and his enablers never mention is the fact that COVID-19 is also a blood disease. Even after the respiratory problems are resolved others may persist. About one in three who develop symptoms find that they continue to have symptoms for weeks or months. We may find that some aftereffects of a COVID infection are lifetime problems. Think about this when you go to vote.

Karin Wollin


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