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Letters, Sept. 2

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Ask Queen about taxes

To the editor:

I notice that Mike Clampitt and Joe S. Queen are back at it, vying for a comfortable chair in the legislature. In the article I read mention of campaign donations.

Money is important in any effort to achieve political office.

And I forget the exact amount that Queen spent in a previous election attempt, but as I recall it was in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand dollars. That’s a lot of jack, especially for a job that pays about $250 a week.

While debating Queen, Clampitt might want to ask him whether he still desires to force the owners of private water wells to install meters on those wells.

That way the people could pay a tax to the state for the water they pay to pump out of the ground. At one time Queen was all about it.

Maybe Queen and his Democrat pals could also come up with other cute plans to tax the citizenry. We could get ourselves a tree tax, or a flower tax. What about a wind tax? How about a roofing tack tax? And because Western North Carolina has a mostly white demographic, we could institute a honky tax.

The possibilities are endless, unlike the money in our bank accounts.

Scott Muirhead


All need to work for a better future

To the editor:

The first National Park was started by a Republican President. Republicans are not trying to destroy the natural beauty of our country.

The atomic bomb was developed under Democrat Presidents. Democrats are not trying to debilitate our military.

Republicans are not going to kill a living baby. Democrats are not going to confiscate a hunting rifle. No matter how much we disagree; we are all Americans, not two camps of enemies.

Peaceful protests and demonstrations are one of our inalienable rights in our democracy.

To strengthen our democratic republic we need to state our views peacefully, reach out in patriotic love to people who do not share our views and vote for leaders who appeal to our best nature not our worst fears.

Killing someone for an opposing view of the world is not helping our country. Burning and looting a business accomplishes nothing.

Let all Americans put away their fears and work for a better future.

Beth G. Johnson

Maggie Valley

Heaven or hell, your choice

To the editor:

After reading a story in the Aug. 23, issues about BLM, Karley Simmons is only out to instigate trouble. She should read the Bible, and she would know that all lives matter in the eyes of God.

Just like the little white boy that was in his yard, riding his bike when the black man came and shot him in the head, killing him.

Do they think that little boy’s life doesn’t matter? So grow up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are trying to start trouble you don’t want. Self pity is a killer.

So get some self respect and everybody will get along fine. So please, put God in your heart and you will get along great and have the best friend you could ever have in your life.

Bob Winchester

Lake Junaluska

Public health advice questioned

To the editor:

I just can’t stop commenting on some of the articles I read in The Mountaineer.

Flu shots — Why do we need flu sots this year if you’ve been wearing a mask for the last six months? If masks stop the spread of COVID, why not the flu, too?

Taking charge of your health — In my experience and others I know, a primary care physician is nothing but a records keeper or if you have a cold or maybe an earache.

Beware of the “free” annual visit, even if you have health insurance. If you ask any questions about anything, you get the bill anyway because you went off script. And, if your doctor says, “Sorry, I don’t have a crystal ball,” then run literally for your life.

In my opinion, doctors have a hard time with a diagnosis, so they give you some sort of medicine and send you to some other doctor until you’ve gone to every specialist in Haywood and some in Asheville, too.

So, does anyone have any comments or am I the only one?

Nancy Subic


Make elections fair

To the editor:

I cannot just sit by and say nothing. The state of our country, not to mention the state of our elections, is unbelievable.

This is the United States of America for heaven’s sake.

It seems like every day something in our free America has changed, has been taken away or is trying to be taking away.

The newest is our postal system. We all need our post offices. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t use one at least three or four times a month. I love getting my mail at home. Who would deliver my mail besides the mailman?

I was a poll worker for 20-25 years and would still work but I have cancer. I know that absentee voting and mail voting is very safe and reliable.

If Donald and Melania Trump can vote absentee and it’s OK, why can’t everyone? He knows his vote will be counted and everything is legal and correct.

He is under the impression that no one else’s ballot is true and correct. For the president to replace the postmaster general to suit his needs and alter the way the post office operates seems like he doesn’t want votes counted.

When you vote by mail, you request a ballot. Your dead grandfather or your pets don’t get a ballot, only you. Everyone has to be registered with a correct address and information and signature.

Because I am older and sick, I am going to early vote at the curbside. Two weeks before the election, there will be early voting, which is ideal because I don’t need to be in crowds. Someone will come to your car with a paper ballot. I take an oath, fill out my selections and it is put into an envelope and sealed.

This year I am not going to trust the mail to deliver my ballot in time to be counted. If you go during early voting, you can avoid crowds, curbside vote if you are not able to go inside and you can be sure your vote is counted.

I would suggest you early vote if at all possible. If the idea of suppressing votes by changing policy of the postal system, then vote in person.

No one is going to throw away my ballot or not deliver it on time. There are so many things that have been questionable in this administration but we can prevent voter suppression if we do our best to vote early and vote in person.

This is the constitutional right of every citizen of the United States and should not be suppressed in any way. We need our voices heard. This is what makes our country great. It doesn’t have to be made great again. It already is.

Rebecca McDowell


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