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Letters, Sept. 16

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To the editor:

What would you think of a person who said this: “I had a terrible day today. I missed a three-foot putt. Reminded me of that cop in Wisconsin who shot that black guy seven times in the back from three feet. I guess we both choked.”

Not exactly a direct quote from Trump, but his message was clear.

Everett Baucom


The year truth died

To the editor:

I want to comment on a recent letter stating “we all have a moral obligation to look at facts” in forming our opinions.

Examining various sources and asking ourselves probing questions about which “facts” are actually true is a form of critical thinking, one that we may be losing.

Examples of these questions include, “How do I know this is true? What is the source of information to support my point of view? Which facts indicate that I may be wrong?”

These and similar questions will help us avoid being manipulated by those who are expert in using computer networks and TV to disseminate falsehood for political purposes. Rather than doing the hard personal work, too many of us find it easier to accept what we see online or on favorite TV news.

Kellyanne Conway coined a useful term, “alternative facts.” Of course, there is no such thing. Something is either a fact or not. The phrase implies that there is no longer such a thing as objective reality or truth. Our opinions become our truth.

In the same newspaper there was a letter describing those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement as violent protesters, rioters, looters, and terrorists.

Yet research shows that 92% of these protests are peaceful. There are indications that in some cases counter-protesters may foment violence in order to blame BLM.

Recently Homeland Security has warned that the greatest internal threat of terrorism is from white supremacist groups. Russia is identified as the greatest external threat, particularly concerning our election. This administration has addressed neither issue.

2020 has already been dubbed “the year that truth died.” It is time for us to reclaim our critical thinking and question the veracity of our beliefs. This is essential if we are to save our nation.

Gary Knapp


Homeless should collect trash to exchange for meals

To the editor:

We’ve seen smokers stop at a traffic light or pull in parking lots and empty their ash tray. What are these folks thinking?

And the smokers who finish their cigarettes and flip the butt on the ground, aren’t cigarettes butts trash?

And the folks who finish their fast food lunch and toss their empty cup and wrappers out the window or drive down the road as trash previously thrown in their pickup bed blows out.

Ignorance and trashy people are in our midst, and they couldn’t care less about our community.

Now, I’d like to equate the litterbugs with the holier than thou bunch who are determined to increase Waynesville homeless problem via misguided compassion.

Almost anyone can pick-up trash, including the homeless. How about some tough love? When you give folks something for nothing, they usually want more and more, and you’ve increased the problem.

Maybe the Long’s Chapel do-gooders, the not in my backyard bunch, could organize a pick-up trash patrol and trade a meal for a bag of trash, serving two purposes.

The homeless, who could work could give back and we would have less trash. The homeless, who would rather do nothing, would move along to Asheville and take their problems with them.

Tough love works! You and I work for our food, so why shouldn’t the homeless work for theirs. If they choose not to work, they now have a choice.

“Work for your food or move on” might be a good slogan for Waynesville.

I’m aware that there are folks who need help, and they should be able to get the help needed.

Maybe the good folks at Longs Chapel can put some effort into separating those who need help, from those simply hanging out, littering and causing problems.

Do gooders typically mean well, however, they’re so busy with their pet projects, they never consider how it affects the big picture. They’re not big picture individuals as they’re limited by their tunnel vision.

Van Walker

Lake Junaluska

A date to remember

To the editor:

Daily we watch how our Northern metropolitan cities (controlled by liberal Democrats) are in flames, their citizens’ lives are disrupted and endangered.

Private businesses are destroyed and all their elected representative do is defund their own police and blame President Trump while cowering in their basements.

Likewise the Marxist instigators and the “fake news” choose to ignore the destruction and lawlessness while rioters dance in the streets, shouting “death to America.”

You may ask: How does that impact us down here in the South? After all we are more civilized and gentile. We do not condone such irresponsible behavior.

The Yankees would never invade the South again. Likewise, we would never invade the North, find statues of their Union solders and tear them down. So why worry?

I grinned the other day when I noticed a pickup truck with a Florida tag. It had a sticker in the rear window which read. ... “We don’t care how you do it up North?”

I am reminded as I write, that this is a date to remember “9-11.” I believe the goal of the terrorist was not just to take down some buildings, their goal was to take down America and all that we are.

It is important that we do not allow our nation to crumble and be destroyed from within.

Yet, here we are, destroying our nation with fiery riots, and destructive policies in a way the terrorist mostly failed to do.

The history we write with our own actions now must survive this turbulent moment we live in today.

But not to worry. We will never see our northern neighbors follow the Communist marching down our streets with their fists in the air, or berating us for flying our heritage and our American flags, will we?

Harold Abbott


Protect the children

To the editor:

I do love to read your newspaper, but it disturbed me to read about the man stopped by the police who, among other charges, had one for misdemeanor child abuse.

I didn’t even sleep well thinking of this injustice. A misdemeanor? It needs to be a felony. Our children’s lives are worth a lot more.

Jamie Sanders

Maggie Valley

How are these actions patriotic?To the editor

The following words have been uttered by our President many times: “There’s nobody more patriotic than me.”

Very recently he spoke them once again.

Was he patriotic when he said nothing to Putin about issuing bounties on the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan? He was informed as early as March 2019 and had conversations with Putin at least eight times after that.

He had intelligence that linked a bank to Russia which linked to middlemen in Afghanistan in the Hawala system which is a system that makes payments to all kinds of illegal activities in that country.

They were the link between Russia and the Taliban. And that connection was linked between the Taliban and payments to the bounty program. Taliban detainees kept telling the story of the bounties that alerted our intelligence. Twenty Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 2019, the highest number since 2014.

Was he patriotic when he pushed to have Putin reinstated into the G-7 even with the knowledge of the bounties?

Was he patriotic when he announced he was pulling out of Syria and left our soldiers on the battlefield? He left them unprotected along with our Kurdish allies whom were killed by Turkish mercenaries.

Was he patriotic when he met privately with Putin in Helsinki without any note taker as all presidents have done? Was he patriotic when he met with the Russians in the Oval office not once but twice?

Was he patriotic when he called Sen. John McCain a loser because he was captured in Vietnam and became a prisoner of war?

And was he patriotic when he called all military men and women whom have died on the battlefield defending our country “losers and suckers?”

There have been 1,264,000 men and women killed in America’s wars. I could never fathom the thought of them as losers or suckers. The best of the best. They gave everything so you and I could be free.

I beg to differ with his definition of patriotic. This from a man who has never served our country, but seems to serve Russia. I beg to differ that bounties on the heads of our troops in Afghanistan are a hoax. I believe that the real hoax is him.

Nancy Gibson


Letter from a white, suburban housewifeTo the editor:

There is defiant child in the White House, and he is our president.

He is not adhering to rules, or the rule of law and when he does crimes he attempts to have the law adjusted to his ways and not charged as violations.

When Trump screws up he blames others or covers up with plots and hides the truth, like a child would.

Or he is defiant, and yells when he doesn’t get his way. He uses name calling, nicknames, he is the bully in chief, and his temper fits are heard throughout the people’s house.

He is never listening to his staff that could warn or correct him. And Donald doesn’t get his homework done, reading what he should so he doesn’t know how to direct the country’s security or health to.

He lies to cover up what he can’t use to keep his empire or office going. Behind doors he says what he really thinks, lies in his press briefings and rallies, speaking with a “fork tongue” to the citizens of this country.

People died needlessly from COVID-19; and children have been forever traumatized when they have been taken away from their parents with his directives in the past.

He spreads fear in the hearts of women like myself, or tries to make me fearful.

And like a defiant child he takes no responsibility even says that to the American people, as in the case of COVID. He gives states the task to deal with it and then bullies the Blue states that attempt to follow scientific policies that save lives.

And like a bad behavior child goes off to pursue what he enjoys while people keep dying from the pandemic. He calls the people in the military names while they risk their lives to keep us safe. While people mourn those lost to COVID, he continues to divide us by pitting one ethnic group against another.

From a white, suburban housewife, there is defiant child in the White House, and he is our president.

Mrs. Susan Norsworthy

Lake Junaluska


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