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Letters, Oct. 18

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‘Law and order’ GOP?

To the editor:

Here’s a message to the “concerned Republicans of Haywood County” who have paid for the “Law and Order Trump 2020’ billboards I’ve seen: I don’t know what your concerns are, but what you really need to be concerned about is the unlawful acts Trump supporters are committing.

The following is just a partial list:

• Recently a vandal(s) removed all signs displayed in front of Democrat Headquarters

• Trump signs are being affixed with wire to official highway signs and to phone poles

• Conservative Voter Guides and other Republican campaign material has been placed in mailboxes — a federal offense.

• Last week a Republican activist (who shall remain unnamed) attempted to place Republican candidate signs in front of Democratic signs displayed at Democrat Headquarters.

• Democratic candidate signs placed along roadways have been damaged/destroyed by moving vehicles.

• Vandals are trespassing on private property (porches, lawns, etc) to steal signs and banners. Five Biden Harris signs have been stolen from the yard of an elderly lady who live near Howell Mill Road and two town board members in Canton also had their Biden Harris signs taken from their yards.

• Biden/Harris signs placed along roadways are being stolen at an alarming rate.

Some may say the above actions are just simple mischief, but it’s more serious than that. It’s a Class 3 misdemeanor to tamper with, remove or destroy a yard sign, and I’m guessing one could also be charged with trespassing to walk onto private property to remove a sign.

In closing, here’s a reminder for the “concerned Republicans of Haywood County”: You are in violation of a N.C. election law requiring you to register your organization with the N.C. State Board of Elections (NCSBE) and file an expenditure report.

I’ve checked the NCSBE website and you’re not listed as a political committee and no expenditure has been submitted for your “law and order” group.

I believe actions speak louder than words, and the above actions reflect the same lawlessness as the man you support. Perhaps a better heading would be lawlessness and disorder Trump 2020.

Myrna Campbell


Cuban missile crisis recalledTo the editor:

Read your article on the Cuban Missile Crisis (Missiles of October). I was an eighth grader in Cecile Field (Master Naval Jet Base) outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

There were searches of us school kids leaving from and arriving on the base in the school bus.

I remember my father being on alert for the entire time. I remember the noise of the armed jets 24/7. Also remember a defection of a Russian fighter pilot who flew his heavily armed MIG jet just tree top level beneath our radar and landed in the middle of the runway without any detection.

I would like to relay more information if interested from an eighth grader perspective. I am now 73.

Joseph Edwards


Local news is important

To the editor:

Like the gentleman you spoke to on the phone , I also subscribe to two national publications.

The Mountaineer is no less important than these indeed it’s more important. There are many sources for national news but very few for local.

Your reporters (Kyle is my favorite) can take the time and space to tell the full story rather than just the gloss. And if there are two sides to the story, he inevitably covers them both.

I’m in Atlanta this week at the VA for medical care but then will be back in Florida, but I won’t miss a beat in Haywood.

Keep up the good work.

Dean Bunch


Consider Davis’ words

To the editor:

Below is a quote by Moe Davis, the eloquent and demure little Democrat candidate for congress. The generous comments are apparently in reference to supporters of his opponent, Madison Cawthorne.

They appear on Davis’ Twitter account. What better place for a twit to reveal himself?

“Screw they go low, we go high bullsht. When @NCGOP extremists go low, we stomp their scrawny pasty necks with our heels and once you hear the sound of a crisp snap you grind your heel hard and twist it slowly side to side for good measure. He needs to know who whupped his ass.”

Does anyone here remember the old TV show, “The Three Stooges”? Do you remember the characters’ names? There was Larry, and Curly, and, um, oh yeah, Moe.

So now we know. Moe Davis is just another foul-mouth leftist who fantasizes about crushing the necks of those who disagree with his communist leanings.

Moe really should watch his mouth. Well, actually, he never actually spoke his vile insults to a human being. He knows that such an altercation would leave him bloody and unconscious. So instead he cowers in his hideout and types mean things on his phone. How brave he is.

Elsewhere in local politics, I noticed another poorly edited letter to the editor by a Democrat cheerleader, gushing about Joe S. Queen. To hear the guy tell it, Joe is a real man of the people, a person who holds “mountain values” dear to his heart. But I am still curious about Joe’s desire to put meters on private water wells. Has he abandoned that noble crusade?

Scott Muirhead


Best dentist ever

To the editor:

Good grief. We were aghast at the article, which appeared in last Saturday’s Mountaineer, reporting Dr. Eric Morrison for incompetent dentistry by complainant Linda Lee.

It may be true that Eric kept sloppy records, but his dental work is top quality. He is the best dentist we ever have had...anywhere. Bridges, crowns and anything else he ever did for us has been of perfect fit and worn for years without a hitch. We can’t imagine going to anyone else.

We have lived in this county for almost 30 years and began with Dr. Morrison shortly after he opened his first office on Church Street in Waynesville. He is not only highly competent, but cautious and a perfectionist, not letting patients out of the chair before he was certain everything was correct.

Which certainly indicates a large gap in the reporting, namely which lab did the work? Surely everyone knows the dentist does not make bridges; he only can make the mold of the teeth which then is sent to the lab which will do the work.

Were the people at the lab drunk? Were they careless and sent the wrong bridge to the wrong dentist for the wrong patient? (Note particularly the statement by the complainant that one of the bridges looked like baby teeth.)

How come the reporter did not report the name of the lab? How come the lab was never even mentioned by anyone, including the state board? They are the ones who should be disciplined, not Eric Morrison.

We have faith in our dentist, Eric Morrison, and will continue to go to him for our dental work. He is a kind and gentle man, as well as being a terrific practitioner.

Richard and JoAnna Swanson


Nominee is terrifying

To the editor:

The Senate’s Supreme Court hearing this week is terrifying. This nominee was nine years a cult member —in a cult whose male leader decided who could marry whom and who couldn’t. If this wildly unqualified woman is confirmed by McConnell’s Republicans, here’s how it will affect you within the coming year, or less:

When the Court hears a new challenge to the Affordable Care Act, Barrett will vote to destroy all of it. Many thousands of our hard-working neighbors here in WNC will lose their health insurance.

Those of you with pre-existing conditions —no matter how minor such as mild asthma or life-threatening such as colon cancer — will be turned down for new health insurance or be given only an option for insurance that costs so much you cannot afford it.

As Trump said four times in an August “press briefing,” he will end Social Security. With it goes Medicare.

It sounds insane, doesn’t it? The most highly-respected federal programs ever, gone. But we have to believe him any time he says he’ll end a federal program. He’s notorious for throwing babies out with bathwater.

Remember who he is: When told by his own national security and health experts in January that this pandemic is deadly and must be contained immediately, he did nothing but lie to us — calling it a Democratic hoax, a mere bad cold or mild flu; yet he admitted to Bob Woodward on tape you can hear yourself online that he knew the truth.

Immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, his only response was that now his Trump Tower was the tallest building in NYC.

His insults to Senator John McCain for being a POW are the most despicable any president ever hurled.

Over 200 retired top military officers, national security experts, and law enforcement heads have taken the historic step of denouncing him as a national security risk and endorsed VP Biden. Listen to them. Some were his own appointees.

To stop this extremist Supreme Court nominee doing the bidding of a mentally ill sociopath, for God’s sake call Senators Burr and Tillis to say vote against her.

Mary Curry


Great service, work

To the editor:

Dr. Eric Morrison has been our family’s dentist for 21+ years, consistently providing excellent care, professionalism, and generosity of spirit.

We have also witnessed his generosity both in the Haywood County Community and through his faith community at Long’s Chapel UMC. Here are just a few examples of his legendary integrity, generosity, and care in the field of dentistry:

• Mentoring high school and WCU students interested in the dentistry field, and a spirited patron of THS and WCU despite attending neither one

• Hundreds of hours of dental work volunteering through T.I.M.E. for Christ International Mission

• Monthly volunteering at the Eblen Foundation’s Dentistry Clinic at AB Tech, performing free sealants for WNC uninsured children

• Over a decade of free/reduced-cost dentistry work coordinated though Good Samaritan clinic and church referrals

The accusation in the Mountaineer article that Dr. Morrison’s “personality changed when he got the new office” and that he was “desperate to make money” contradicts our family’s experience entirely.

In fact, both quotes offered of Dr. Morrison in the Mountaineer article reveal his professionalism, concern for patients, level-headedness, and responsibility-taking.

His printed letter to the patient included an apology, an offer to make it right, and a wise referral to another dentist given the problems the patient reported encountering. His texted response to The Mountaineer writer did the same, with Dr. Morrison admitting that “I am not perfect but try to do the best I can in whatever I do.”

He has taken responsibility with the patient via apology and restitution and with the dentistry board for his paperwork problem on this case. He clearly tried to make it right with the patient, so, what more is needed here? This article smacks of public-shaming vengefulness.

I hope others who have similarly experienced two decades of Dr. Morrison as a professional of integrity, compassion, and generous patronage in our community will speak up for his honorable character that is so rare in our current culture and has consistently characterized his practice.

The Graves and Belham families of Waynesville, Clyde and Asheville

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