Americans do need to wake up

To the editor:

In a recent column, the writer from Bethel extolled her religious views in grandiose terms. I agree with her that we Americans need to wake up from our slumber.

She does, however, present several erroneous claims that Muslims may have more rights than Christians. I wonder where she got that from?

Muslims are persecuted from India to China and beyond —the latest being that mosques were being destroyed in a province of China. I wonder what her outcry would be if Christian churches in Bethel were ransacked and burned. I can just imagine the weeping and wailing and threats of revenge.

She also takes a swipe at Hillary Clinton, but she neglects to mention the greatest threat to our democracy, our president, who doesn’t believe any of the stuff she writes.

According to a writer for The Washington Post (Greg Jaffe), the president has turned the U.S. government into a version of the Trump organization, full of wheeler-dealers who exist to do his political bidding.

In this version, Jaffe explains, the rogue actors are the real players; the traditional, professional people in the National Security, the State Department and the Pentagon are largely irrelevant.

In all religious traditions, the Creator is honored as having created (or caused to come into being, whatever your viewpoint), not only this tiny planet but the beautiful galaxy that spins around it.

Not only that, the millions of galaxies existing in the universe and the assorted life forms which we one day hopefully will get to know — all creatures of God.

The creator is honored by all religions, and Jesus is honored as a nurturing being, one who keeps this all going. Jesus taught us, “Love one another as yourself,” and “let the little ones come unto me.”

The president says, “get them gone, put the little ones in cages.” Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say? Just as Jesus is seen universally as a sustaining force, our president is increasingly seen as a destructive force,

Politically, it is no secret that Russian oligarchs want our democracy to fail. Who would think that 240 years later we would elect a president that would assist them. God bless America.

I agree, it is time to wake up. It is time.

Paul Strop


Trump critic is rude, uneducated

To the editor:

Woweeee. The Maggie Valley mushroom is now an expert on military justice. This is remarkable.

This extremely erudite pretender is a State Department minion and a military justice minion. I am impressed.

Of course, you might have seen some of the mushroom’s colleagues recently testifying before the House Committee and came away from that severely unimpressed.

For some reason, State Department minions seem to be a great deal more self-impressed than deserved. Their knowledge base seems to go little beyond the information in the tabloids or found on MSNBC and CNN.

I am guessing the MV minion met a high school ROTC cadet at the recent veteran’s parade where he received most of his military training. I have googled President Trump’s military pardons and, with the first three results, have found where the MVM did his research.

It is unfortunate that this person is not capable of rational thought rather than a President Trump hating phobia. I would think that anyone claiming to be a “high level” government minion would certainly be aware of the amount of coordination and the large number of people involve din any and every action at the executive level of our government. This insider fact seems to have escaped him.

There is an enormous amount of different between the man of opinion and the man of decision. President Trump bears great responsibility with every word he says while the minion bears no responsibility for any and every inane insult he hurls at Donald Trump.

The minion should be greatly embarrassed by the irrational insults, lack of educated comment, rude behavior and general all-around smarmy performance he presents to patriotic Americans. It appears his elevator does not go all the way up.

Sam Morgan


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