Question about Open Door

To the editor:

Are mental health and financial issues being addressed at either Open Door Ministries or at the shelter? What about medical assistance? What do other cities do in regards to their homeless population?

For those people able and willing, is there job placement assistance and/or affordable housing options?

Mary Bumford


Let’s unify, not divide

To the editor:

The winning strategy for Democratic 2020 candidates is to move beyond the constant emphasis on the ineptitude of the Trump administration and the current Congress.

Instead, they need to propose practical, achievable, affordable goals, such as economic stability, political reform, equal rights, the environment, and accessible health care.

The candidates should also remind voters that the Trump administration has proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Food Stamps, health care, equal rights, Social Security and other social programs.

These issues impact more people and have more meaning than merely echoing anti-Trump sardonic cynicism. Calm, sensible approaches to solving our problems are much more appealing than the insistent drumbeat of scorn and contempt. With “Us vs. Them” as a guiding principle, we divide rather than unite.

Let’s stop being frustrated by fighting things beyond our control and instead reroute that time and energy into areas of progressive, positive improvement.

Put aside the bitterness, fear, and anger and do one or more of these: hug your spouse, recycle, breathe, sing to your pet, read a book, volunteer, ignore your gizmos, reflect, do unto others, help Mother Nature, think, vote.

Bill Lusto


Business owners are most vulnerable

To the editor:

I think the “most vulnerable members of the community” are the taxpaying Frog Level business owners and homeowners.

Have Pastor Westmoreland and the other Open Door workers gone around and cleaned up people’s yards and guarded property? Bet that won’t happen.

What about legal action? If/when someone does get hurt by one of these “vulnerable” people, a lawsuit will get the situation changed.

Hannah Miller


Minion strikes again

To the editor:

Wow. Thank you so much for the article, “Consider this twist on the news” and a special thanks for including a picture of the writer.

It is always nice to see an image of the writer of such drivel, another collection of cheap shots taken at the president of the United States. This writer, the Maggie Valley minion, never ceases to amaze with his ability to create so many incoherent essays based on his superficial search and plagiarism of the internet as presented by Google. It certainly brings back memories of the research done by my least-capable sixth-grade students.

I marvel at his ability to access such esoteric information as the nicknames used by Erdogan and President Trump in their private conversations. I cannot imagine how he got access to this phone call at all. It is so incredible, many people might think he makes up the information, but I don’t think any sane or reasonable person would stoop so low to insult the duly elected president of our nation.

Only a real jerk would practice such intellectual depravity and I am sure the Maggie Valley minion must be above such a playground practice.

I see his next essay will concern the bathroom practices of some of our elected officials in the Special Compartmented Information Facility.

Once again, how in the world does the Maggie Valley Minion know anything about such activities in a SCIP? He must have a top secret SCI clearance. Wow. that is special.

I am disappointed you posted only a head-shot of the minion. It would have been nice to see the clown suit he must be wearing.

Sam Morgan


Waynesville needs to toughen up

To the editor:

I want to applaud our commissioners for not allowing an exception to county rules as it concerns another junkyard and wrecker service.

In fact, it would be good if the Waynesville elected officials would take notice. Waynesville is one of the most beautiful cities in western North Carolina.

Waynesville has strict requirements for new businesses coming into their city limits. The rules have prevented some needed establishment from locating here.

At the same time, we have junk yards and wrecker services in Hazelwood and on U.S. 276 that are an eyesore and a blight on the city. I assume they were grandfathered in or given a variance.

At any rate, this needs to be corrected by the Waynesville administration. It appears to me to be double standard. I support property owners right, but it comes a time when the better good for all should prevail.

Paul Turner


Thanks, DOT

To the editor:

I want to publicly thank the crew from the N.C. Department of Transportation who responded immediately to my report of an uprooted tree in the state-owned right-of-way along Little Mountain Road, which was leaning dangerously over my neighbor’s house.

They inspected the tree, and had it taken down along with two other dead trees, all in the space of three hours. Very impressive.

The next day was very windy, and I’m convinced that the tree would have fallen and caused significant damage. I will gladly pay taxes for this kind of admirable service.

Rusty Wallace


No vote, no voice

To the editor:

Just wondering why less than 20 percent of the people in Waynesville voted. In order to have a say in how our town is run, you need to vote. If you did not vote you have no right to complain about what our mayor and alderman do.

You did not help put anyone in office so you have no right to badmouth them. If you want a say in how our town is run, take 10 minutes away from your phone and do your civic duty.

Ron Conner


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