Reject Long

To the editor:

I’m writing to express some concerns about commissioner candidate Tommy Long. While he has talked openly about his work experience, he hasn’t given much detail about his political activity through the years.

During the Mountaineer candidate forum, he explained his reason for entering the commissioner’s race by referencing Plato: “those who think themselves too smart to engage in politics find themselves being governed by those who are dumber.” I thought it was an inappropriate thing to say for two reasons. First of all, I don’t think the word “dumb” existed in the ancient Greek vocabulary and, secondly, it seemed to be a good ole boy way of saying “I’m smarter” than the incumbent commissioners. 

An actual Plato quote that seems to convey what Long was trying to say is, “But the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse if a man himself will not hold office and rule.” My Google search displayed dozens of Plato quotes, but none of them included the word “dumber.” 

Perhaps the most troubling thing about Long is his new political affiliation. While he now identifies himself as a “conservative,” he was a registered Democrat for over 30 years – from 1984 until he re-registered as a Republican in January 2017. I’m guessing the vote he cast for President in November 2016 prompted his change because on his Facebook, he states that he’ll “always cherish” a photo of his parents standing beside a cardboard replica of Donald Trump.

Something to ponder: Does Long truly “cherish” Donald Trump or is he just pandering to his new found Republican base? 

Given the toxic culture that Trump has created and his unsound financial policies like the ballooning federal deficit, I can’t imagine voting for a candidate who “cherishes” him, nor do I think Long would be a good fit with the current board.

I believe our incumbent commissioners have served the county well and that Danny Davis is the best candidate to bring new vision and energy to the group. Let’s re-elect Kirkpatrick and Sorrells and elect Davis to the seat being vacated by Bill Upton.

Paulette Camp


Trump sends ‘thanks’ to Haywood County

To the editor:

After the 2016 election, President Trump expressed appreciation to our Congressman Mark Meadows for the support that he received from Haywood County. He believes that he could not have won with out people like us.

He is counting on us now to help him in these mid-term elections.

And we are counting on Trump.

As thousands of people in a caravan are running away from socialism – they do not stop as they cross the first border they come to. They continue running towards freedom in America. Most people do not realize that we are in the battle of our lives against socialism on our own shores, which is being fed to us by the socialist democrat party.

America has got it right – the whole world is running towards America because no other country has what we have. People want to get away from poverty and violence, which is a result of socialism. If we allow the socialists to take control of America then we will become exactly what the immigrants are running away from!  

Trump understands that the immigrants are not coming for Nancy Pelosi’s job – they are coming for our jobs. They are not moving into Kennedy’s gated community – they are moving into our neighborhoods. The liberals are building walls around their own houses to keep themselves safe…  but they will not build a wall to keep America safe.

How do we protect the things that make us who we are?

If we want better lives for our families we have to follow the ‘Rule of Law’. Haywood County is a wonderful safe place to live because 99 percent of the citizens follow the rules.

But there are people that want to change America.

This is not a coincidence or an accident.  Venezuela was one of the wealthiest most cultured nations in the world until they voted for socialists. Now they cannot feed themselves. The average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds last year.

We are not immune from this happening to us. And it could happen fast.

We are proud to be Americans. We love living in Haywood County. That is why I am voting Republican.

Join us for a Victory Party on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 6 at 7 pm at the Republican Headquarters.

Ken Henson


To the editor:

Michele Presnell is running for a fourth term in the N.C. House, and it’s time for the voters to say we’ve had enough of her gutter politics. She has no real legislative record to run on, so her only recourse is to attack the character of her opponents. 

Let’s make this election a turning point and show Presnell that Haywood County voters cast their votes based on truth and decency. Don’t continue to reward her indecency with your vote. She doesn’t deserve the vote of honest people.

Restore truth, kindness and compassion to District 118 by casting your vote for Rhonda Cole Schandevel.

Marietta Edwards


Losing The Homestead is heartbreaking

To the editor:

The article in The Mountaineer about the plans for the Homestead was very upsetting to me.  I became a Friend of Hospice in 2004 and, as a group we shared a common goal — to make end-of-life care a meaningful, loving and dedicated experience for patients and their families. 

We worked countless hours fundraising with galas, golf tournaments, Christmas ornaments, hoedowns and more.  We spread the word throughout the community on the importance of having quality end of life care.  We trained so that we might be a vehicle to provide that care.  We worked closely with the director, the medical director, the nursing staff, and others to give of our time and talents to provide quality care.

Community meetings were held in conjunction with the county to determine the most needed services according to the  Healthy  Haywood  initiative. The need for hospice services was high on the list.

Friends of Hospice and the hospice team began to wonder if a hospice center would be a better alternative than the hospital hospice.  Jenny Williams, the director, began working with the state to lay the groundwork for this facility.

The dream finally became a real possibility.  Plans were drawn, Clark and Leatherwood were employed and work could begin when about $3.2 million was raised.  Many individuals and businesses gave generous amounts.  An estate auction provided funds, people with large incomes and those with meager incomes saw the good in providing a nice facility and gave what they could.  The hospital board gave its approval and ground was broken.  What a happy day.

When the beautiful Homestead was finished, all the furnishings had been moved in, the medical equipment was in place, the decorations (including handmade quilt wall hangings for each room) were done, a glorious dedication ceremony was held.  Soon patients were admitted and we began to realize just how wonderful the fruit of all our labors was.  What a blessing to our community to have such a beautiful facility to care for patients and their families.

Then things began to change.  Some of the medical community did not seem to recognize what a benefit hospice could be and failed to make referrals.  The administration of the hospital had changed and did not seem to include hospice in their focus.  Key personnel in the hospice organization were no longer employed.  Slowly the program began to deteriorate.

So that brings us to the dilemma of today.  The current owners are willing to turn ignore the time, money and efforts of Haywood County citizens.  Plans are to spend $500,000 on a relatively new building to make it a wound care and sleep center. 

What about the wounded hearts who should be receiving help through hospice?  What about the wounded families who must tend to their sick loved ones without enough help and encouragement?  Is the hospital running at full capacity and are all floors being used for patient care?  Has enough staff been  employed to meet the needs of those who are in the hospital?  Will there be enough trained hospice staff in the hospital to meet patient needs?   I think not.  Surely the hospital board will see the folly in this proposal.

I hope common sense will prevail among the decision makers and I hope this deal is not set in stone.  The people of Haywood County deserve better options for end-of-life care.

Linda Clark


Election tone is alarming

To the editor:

The tone of this election is motivated and driven by hate, fear, racism, false promises, and divisive rhetoric. We must not take Trump's ugly rhetoric personally; he spews his disjointed nonsense only to create conflict and anxiety. And, unfortunately, it works all too well. Look at the Republican ads in your mailbox for shameless examples. Fortunately, there's a remedy.

Next Tuesday, vote to protect voting rights, equal rights, and civil rights for all of us. Vote to preserve the separation of powers in government (checks and balances). 

We can return to civility and decency. We owe it to ourselves to vote for candidates who include all of us rather than for candidates who exclude some of us. 

Bill Lusto


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