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Letters, Nov. 15

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Socialism basics

To the editor:

I was surprised to read in The Mountaineer a representation from the Haywood Democrat party stating that the police, sewer system, firefighters and many more things are socialist organizations. Socialism, communism and capitalism are political/economic systems of allocating resources including labor.

I can assure you the sewer system has no political views and you know what resource it allocates. In that respect it may be like politics. There is an easy to understand example of socio-economic systems that dates back the mid 1930s. It is about the farmer with two cows.

Socialism: You have two cows. Give one cow to your neighbor.

Communism: You have two cows. Give both cows to the government and they may give you some of the milk.

Facism: You have two cows. You give all the milk to the government and the government sells it.

Nazism: You have two cows. The government shoots you and takes both of the cows.

Anarchism: You have two cows. Keep both of the cows, shoot the government agent and steal another cow.

Capitalism: You have two cows. Sell one cow and buy a bull.

There is another easy to understand example of the process of socialism to which everyone can relate. It involves a teacher announcing mid-semester that going forward the test grades for the class will be averaged and everyone will get the same grade no matter what individual score they get on their test. As everyone can easily imagine after about three tests the average grade of the class goes from a “B” to an “F” as no one sees any reason to study for the tests. As Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, eloquently put it; “Socialism works well until you run out of other people’s money.”

I hope this will clear the matter for your readers.

David Eachus


Hurtful insults are lasting

To the editor:

This is a response to the opinion column in the Nov. 4 edition of The Mountaineer where this proposal was put forth.

“Now that the election is over, let’s all consider setting aside the intense emotions that caused such divisiveness and go back to being neighbors who all want the very best for our community.”

While a similar call is being sounded all around the country, it is challenging.

There has been much said and printed in the last year that is hurtful. Words can be like weapons, blasting holes in the world and our community. They convey our thoughts and feelings allowing them to manifest into reality, a reality as solid as a brick wall.

While I’m sure the Haywood County Republican Party Executive Committee was operating under the assumption they are right, their gatefold ad in two editions of The Mountaineer prior to Election Day accused one-third of Haywood County’s registered voters of being socialists, communists, liars and terrorists.

When I run errands around the county, that might cause me to look at every third adult as suspect, someone who is not worthy of my respect. That is not a handful of people. The doctors and nurses I visit regularly, the staff and customers at Ingles, the tellers at the bank, the people on the street are all potentially in that pool of “dishonorable” people — registered Democrats.

Those of us who attend church regularly know the lessons of forgiveness – “turn the other cheek,” “forgive not only seven times, but seventy times seven.”

Psychologists tell us of the years-long struggle of people who have been verbally abused and families who experience broken relationships. If “time heals all wounds,” this divisiveness will take more than a day or two to resolve. It may take Haywood Democrats a bit longer.

Mary Thomas


Why can tourists not wear masks?

To the editor:

In this weekend’s Mountaineer, There was an editorial called “In Defense of Professional Reporting.”

This letter is in defense of the Mountaineer, which has been attacked because it tells the truth. Thank God for the Mountaineer. You have some spelling and grammar mistakes sometimes, but you tell it as it is, and that’s worth a lot.

The anti-mask people have absolutely no compassion nor concern for their fellow Haywood residents. All they can scream about is infringement of their civil rights. What about the civil right of others who don’t need you breathing virus on them?

And, no doubt, many of these people claim to love God and Jesus. However, they seem to forget that Jesus admonished us to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” That means being considerate of your neighbor. Remember?

And, speaking of masks, why are tourists allowed to roam Main Street and nearby streets without masks? The upsurge in this county of the virus is because of the tourists, who don’t give a hoot about the residents of Haywood County.

Yes, a mask mandate would be wonderful and help us all. But do our county and town leaders have enough spine to stand up to pressure from those who think only of making more money? Having two festivals was a very foolish mistake and should never have been allowed.

Thank you, Mountaineer, for having guts, which seem to be sorely lacking in other quarters.

JoAnna Swanson


Remove rose-colored glasses

To the editor:

If people were brutally honest with themselves, and removed all of the tortured rationalizations and justifications, then they must come to only one conclusion which points out the following:

Almost 100% of the demonstrators, rioters, and looters, would identify themselves as Democrats, socialists and liberals. Conservatives and Republicans are at home or at work, taking care of their families, and trying to live decent and honest lives with hard work and dedication.

And as in times past, after liberals have done their worst, and after their violence subsides, it will be the conservatives who will once again fix the nation. The fact that Biden won the election is the reason why we are not witnessing any new urban rioting now. How different it would have been if the result was changed.

People speak of these rioters and looters as though they come from some other planet. They do not. They are the very people who would wish you harm, who have bought into the politics of envy, and who cannot figure out why they don’t have what others have. It’s actually quite simple. They didn’t earn it.

So in the end, these riots have less to do with race and more to do with class warfare. Cities throughout our country are being systematically decimated not by ideologues, but by those who simply want to steal what others have, and to destroy what others have created.

To come to any other conclusion than this is to be deluding yourself.

John Mason


Ad scared people needlessly

To the editor:

In your follow-up weekend coverage to the November 3rd voting, Haywood REC Chair Kay Miller clarified her responsibility for the gatefold ad run in The Mountaineer on Nov. 1.

I would like to be one local citizen, at least, who is on record as objecting to both the spirit and basis in fact of such communications from otherwise upstanding members of our local community.

A fierce debate on the basis of facts, and a divergence of views, is the essence of a healthy democracy. For example, if you are a principled anti-socialist, then by all means you should burn rather than cash your Social Security checks or USDA checks, refuse any care for yourself under Medicare/Medicaid, reject the eight-hour work-day, never set foot in a national park on pure principle, refuse to get a public school, community college or state university education, and steer far clear of the ideological evil of your local public library.

These are all socialist programs that have been debated and adopted as for the common good by a plurality of Americans over the decades. Arguably, these initiatives have saved and improved many lives and communities, and even benefited many capitalist investors and corporations by keeping the common citizens safe, healthy, and happy.

The Republican Party has, in fact, made strong proposals and ongoing efforts to eliminate guaranteed social security, end farm subsidies, restrict Medicare/Medicaid, remove protections for working class laborers, and eliminate or restrict publicly-funded educational institutions and national parks of various kinds, among other “socialistic” public benefits. While we may agree or disagree, these are reasoned positions that may stand or fall on their own merits. If you voted with the majority of Haywood County citizens this election, these are the positions you voted for. Congratulations.

However, the Haywood REC did not argue any merits of these positions. They simply tried to scare people. Perhaps they were feeling some leftover energy from Halloween? If so, there wasn’t much of a treat to be had in this advertisement, but only tricks. Let’s hope Haywood and America has better angels, and better days, ahead of us.

Jesse Fripp


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