Subdivision is wrong

To the editor:

The article on “ Farmland vs. Sprawl,” which appeared in the Wednesday, Nov. 3 issue, shows just how cowardly and feeble are the members of the Waynesville Planning board.

What a bunch of wimps. Note also how cowardly the developer is by refusing to show up for the meeting and face the people of Waynesville — not to mention refusing to give his name.

The exception is Marty Prevost, who has guts and wasn’t afraid to vote “no” on this greedy developer’s attempts to destroy our mountain beauty and quaintness. Thank you, Marty.

We must also give thanks to Jason Rogers, former Planning board member, for his excellent knowledge of land-use rules who claimed the “yellow” planning board did not have to buckle under.

Can’t the planning board be fired, de-mobbed, evicted from office or just run out of town? We need people with leadership qualities who are not afraid to turn down developers who clearly don’t care about what they destroy as long as they can make money.

This hideous project should never be allowed.

JoAnna Swanson


Help find Haywood descendants

To the editor:

I am known as Bill. I am from Iotla Creek in Macon County. My great-aunt Alice Hawkins Haynes wrote a book published in 1991 called “Haywood Home: Memories of a Mountain Woman” that was edited by her son, Allen Dean Hanes. Both are deceased.

Her book inspired me to write my story, “Spring Fed The Plylers of Beaverdam” that I published in 2019. I am seeking to located her descendants to get permission to republish her book as it is a work of history that needs to be told. Her book does not seem to be in print but I cherish my signed copy. I can be contacted at or by phone at (252) 305-1676 or

I would appreciate any help. My heritage in Haywood and Macon County is very important to me!

William Plyler

Dearborn, Michigan

Support foster children

To the editor:

It is that time of the year again to “Sponsor a Foster Child for Christmas.”

Our Haywood County foster children are in need of your assistance. The generosity of the Haywood County community in the past has allowed these children to enjoy the Christmas they would not have otherwise had.

We presently have approximately 100 foster children’s names and their wish lists for this holiday season.

If you wish to assist and participate, please contact or come by Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency. You may contact Valorie Diienno at 356-2427. She can assist you by providing additional information and assist in arranging for you to select the child or children you would like to help.

These gifts would need to be returned to the Agency no later than Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 so they can be distributed.

If you are unable to provide gifts for the foster children, but would like to make a monetary donation, please make your checks out to Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency, in the memo line write “foster care donations.”

We can also take wrapping paper donations as well.

Thank you for your support.

Donna Lupton, social work services director

Haywood County Health and Human Services

The truth about Fauci research

To the editor:

I just received an email from Madison Cawthorn. If only there was a Pinocchio award so I could see our congressman’s nose growing longer and longer.

His exact words as he called for the resignation of Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“I took to the House floor a couple of weeks ago to reveal the heinous mutilating techniques that Dr. Fauci has been using on puppies in Africa using YOUR tax dollars.”

Yes, there is research going on world wide in the battle against Filiariasis. This horrible disease affects over 120 million people world-wide. Mr. Cawthorn didn’t mention that.

So Dr. Fauci hopped on a plane and flew to Africa with his scalpels and mutilated little puppies.

Actually the research funded by Dr. Fauci’s federal agency is being done at the University of Georgia under very strict humanitarian rules. His agency is not funding studies in Tunisia with your tax dollars.

Here’s a thorough analysis of Cawthorn’s ridiculous and dishonest claims:

This is one of the top ridiculous and heinous lies (to use Cawthorn’s term) I’ve heard from any member of the U.S. Congress lately. Number one was a colleague from Texas who declared women who are raped can’t get pregnant because their bodies shut down when they are raped. Not really something to be so heinously ignorant about no matter how you feel about abortion.

Maybe we do need a Pinocchio award. Keep it up, Mr. Cawthorn. You are in second place but with a little more work...

Stephen Wall, MD


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