Folly of the planning board

To the editor:

In reviewing articles about the Queen Development (Mountaineer, 11/3/21), several things raise eyebrows.

Among them is the failure of the planning board to address some critical issues, such as the the limits of state to dictate to local entities, the incongruous nature of the proposed subdivision with the surrounding landscape, the ridiculous size of lots with the price range of ‘homes,’ and the attitude of some of the planners themselves.

Recently, a new comprehensive land plan for Waynesville was put in place, conceivably to circumvent the intentions of misrepresented developers. So, why allow an “anonymous” person to — by subterfuge — present a very questionable plan without identifying him/herself?

This ‘developer’ could be a person of dubious integrity. And why allow the state to force a violation of property within the bailiwick of a local planning board?

Board member Ginger Hain may have exposed the real problem when she said, “We are sworn to go by the letter of the law.” Really?

This is the serious paradigm shift that has brought our country to its collective knees. See what has happened to the Constitution; the framers intended it to bless us, only to have renegade Congresses to apply “the letter of the law.” The Bible speaks to this succinctly: “The letter kills, but the spirit gives life.” (II Corinthians 3:6)

“Elbow room, said Daniel Boone!” I wouldn’t pay $300,000 to $400,000 for a house squeezed between others on a 1/5 acre or smaller lot. Who would?

Condominiums have more room than that. This developer may well go bankrupt trying to make a fortune. Then the county will have to pick up the pieces. I only wish we had more ‘public servants’ with the backbone to resist this kind of foolishness.

David A Williams


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