A final insult

To the editor:

In your recent addendum to your Vietnam Veterans series, “Setting the Record Straight,” you did no such thing.

You asked a soldier for his story, accused him of lying, were given all of the documentation that he had (that isn’t still under seal), and then accused him of lying again.

It’s disgusting and dishonorable, and you should be as ashamed of yourselves as your community is in you. Mr. Messer spent 18 months serving his country overseas, and another 20-plus years serving veterans here at home.

Vietnam veterans came home from war and were spit upon by the people that greeted them. Fifty years later, The Mountaineer is keeping up that tradition.

Chad Messer Waynesville

Unnecessary death

To the editor:

What is up with all the meth getting into our county? I lost an old friend Saturday.

Being a older man of 65, he has been through the Pathway House and rehab house. A lot of friends and family tried to help him over the years. This drug is a killer.

I remember my father, WII sergeant. A man named Castro said something like, “I’m going to kill all of you and never fire a shot. Do you think we there yet?

So if anyone knows of such a home, or place they are doing this meth, or other things that kill, please help by getting them out of our Smoky Mountains. Most of us moved here to find peace, not to go through loss after loss. R.I P Gerald Robinson. Your lifetime friend of 45 years.

Susan Fox Canton

U.S. doesn’t need a Muslim holiday

To the editor:

I am a 82 year Navy vet. I cannot understand how Americans allow this. At my age I don’t have to put up with this #$%%5E much longer, but you will. Wake up America.

Freshman Congressmen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib wasted no time in shaking up the U.S. House of Representatives. They have introduced a bill adding Islamic holidays to the Federal calendar which has traditionally only recognized American holidays.

The bill would add Eid Al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan and the four-day-long celebration of Eid Al-Adha to the list of federally recognized holidays, potentially granting reasons to banks, schools and other businesses to remain closed for five additional days per year.

Omar and Tlaib justified their work as making America more inclusive of it’s Muslim-American population and moving us further away from our history as a primarily Judaeo-Christian nation.

The women are also considering a last minute addition to their bill that would allow for regular Salah time breaks for school children and workers, as well as a designated area in each public business where Muslims could perform Salah, the five daily prayers plus the Friday prayer, unmolested.

The House of Representatives Majority leader, Steny Hoyer, is reviewing the legislation. Anonymous sources say Omar and Tlaib are threatening court action if Hoyer should choose not to acquiesce to their demands for immediate vote and consideration on the grounds of religious discrimination.

The next thing we can expect from this pair of women will be Sharia Law appearing as a rider to their legislation. Perhaps they should have stayed in the countries that they came from if they enjoyed Islamic culture so much.

FYI — there are now 10 federal holidays; only Christmas day is related to religion. Some state and local jurisdictions also include Good Friday and/or Easter Monday.

The idea of mandating regular Salah time breaks and a designated area in each public business and school for daily prayers may be a good idea — provided that it is also extended to Christians and Jews that are now prohibited from such practice.

Ever since our open door immigration policy (or lack of enforcement of our laws), this nation has been sliding downhill. Slowly at first, but the rapidity picked up in the 50s and 60s as the liberals took over indoctrination of the children. I’m fearful that by 2030, the United States of America will be unrecognizable as it is known.

Al Goodis


State-owned liquor stores are a joke

To the editor:

My opinion comes from listening to locals and visitors, as well as from living in other states.

And a cousin owned a liquor store in Tennessee, until retiring last year. He saw the high prices and poor selection, and is still laughing at our pitiful state owned stores.

Most folks realize the government does few things well, and state run liquor stores are another example, of the state’s ineptitude.

You’d think, when you’re bad at most things, you’d try the out of sight, out of mind technique. But not the state, they make my argument for total incompetency, and they’re up front about it.

The stores are so pathetic, they’re laughable.

If there was a well-merchandized, privately owned liquor store next door to a state run liquor store, the state run store would do zero business, plain and simple.

This is not Russia or Cuba, but you wouldn’t know it by touring a state liquor store.

A local politician, made comments that make absolutely no sense. But, being a Democrat, he’s all about control.

I hate to break it to him, but folks will get their liquor regardless of the number of stores in town. State liquor stores don’t keep folks from drinking, they just give everyone a poor selection, at high prices.

He states, and I paraphrase, alcohol is unlike other regulated commodities and causes major societal issues, puts a burden on our healthcare system and hurts families directly through addiction.

He should have stopped there, as nobody can argue that. But, like a politician, he couldn’t quit while ahead and continues, our system of beverage control is as much for those at risk of abusing the product and we monitor it very well.

Question: do you monitor it using the same techniques used to monitor the sale of illegal drugs.

And how’s that working out for you?

And he continues digging deeper. In our system, which is community based, it’s not everywhere. It’s controlled carefully for a public health reason.

Hello, does prohibition, another government control failure, come to mind?

Do they refuse to sell alcohol to alcoholics? If so, how about the folks who buy it for them, or the unknowns?

So, they control it by having fewer stores. I’d like to meet the mental midget selling that one, as well as those who bought into it.

Don’t be fooled by the nonsense, follow the money, and look at what is being controlled. The government’s always about money and control.

All control isn’t bad, and some is necessary, but the government is always about control, and facts will never get in their way.

Van Walker

Lake Junaluska

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