Retraction was proper course

To the editor:

On behalf of DAV Chapter 89 I want to thank and commend The Mountaineer for the recent correction to the Messer Vietnam piece. Stolen Valor is unfortunately common even here in Haywood County and must be exposed at every occurrence.

It isn’t easy or comfortable to admit we’ve been fooled. Your paper made the right choice by running the heavy correction which has boosted your reputation and respect within the local veteran population.

Thank you very much.

Deborah Ryder DAV Chapter 89 PAO

Don’t be fooled

To the editor:

Over the weekend, I was really upset because I couldn’t remember my password for my gmail email account. I went looking on the internet for a phone number for Google mail and found a phone number.

I was told by the person I talked to that my computer was corrupted and needed help and the only way I could get into my Gmail email account was to let the tech from another company go into my computer and optimize my computer because all my online accounts had been hacked.

Needless to say, I finally figured out how to recover my password for my Gmail email account after having agreed to pay $100 to get my computer optimized not knowing that they really wouldn’t get me access to my Gmail account.

I have learned from this mistake and it won’t happen again.

When it comes to someone working on your computer, know who you are dealing with or they could steal your identity. And they could use your IP address for their own illegal dealings.

This is a learning lesson for me. I was going to use my bank debit card to pay the $100 but I got this inner voice telling me not to, so I instead used a credit card.

An hour or so after that, I called the credit card company where I got my credit card from and alerted them that I suspected this was a fraudulent transaction and to block any more transactions from the people who were supposedly going to help me to get back into my gmail email account.

This is live and learn for me. I just wanted to warn other consumers who have computers and need something fixed, take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy or someone local rather than get someone over the internet to fix your computer.

Bertha Kirkland Waynesville

Trump is a symptom

To the editor:

A gentleman by the name of Jon Pavlovitz wrote a piece entitled “I Don’t Grieve Over His Cruelty. I Grieve Over Yours.” His point was that we, the American public, are the cause of the divisiveness and cruelty in how the less fortunate are treated. In other words, Trump is a symptom and not the cause.

We all know what Donald Trump is — a liar and bigot who ignores the law and the constitution. White supremacists identify Trump as one of their own.

Supporting Trump means supporting what he is, represents and does. Apparently some people either have the same biases or don’t care so long as their purses are filled.

Donald Trump is a mirror reflecting the beliefs, prejudices, fears and character of his supporters.

Those who continue to support Trump in the face of his lies, deceptions and despicable actions against vulnerable people appear to be just as callus and bereft of ethics and morals as he is. It’s either that or they are not paying attention because their stock portfolios are doing well.

Trump could not ignore the law or the constitutional requirements if it were not for the tacit support of Republicans in Congress. Trump ignores Congressional oversights as mandated by the Constitution. He ignores clearly stated laws with which he should be required to comply.

If Obama or any other Democratic president had done half of what Trump has, the Republicans in Congress would be foaming at the mouth. Yet with Trump, we see only excuses, covering up and ignoring reality.

Even more troubling are the so-called Christians, such as Jerry Falwell Jr., repeating the lie that the Mueller Report found no obstruction of justice and saying Trump could do nothing wrong for the country. Or leaders like Franklin Graham suggesting that God put Trump in office.

If any nonhuman entity put Trump in office, it would be the devil, given Trump’s character and behavior.

The reality is that the Mueller report found definitive evidence of obstruction of justice in numerous incidences. More than 800 current and former prosecutors have stated that they would have prosecuted Trump if he were not president. The evidence of obstruction is overwhelming.

On the topic of Russia, the Mueller report documents a variety of suspicious interactions and contacts of Trump campaign workers with Russian agents.

It states that the Russians mounted a comprehensive attack on our election in 2018 to aid Trump’s election. While they could not prove that there was a complex conspiracy, the report clearly states they could not prove exoneration either.

Despite the evidence, people, such as some local letter writers, persist in repeating Attorney General Barr’s lie that there was nothing in the Mueller report to worry about and that Trump and the campaign were exonerated. The report clearly states that the findings did not exonerate anyone.

Trump supporters seem willing to excuse any immoral, bigoted, or other unChristian behavior. Why? Do they have the same morals and ethics? Are they as prejudiced and bigoted as Trump? Do they have one issue that allows them to excuse everything else?

The problem is not Trump. The problem is that substantial portions of the American public are willing to tolerate this situation because Trump reflects their values, priorities, or fears.

Remember the old Pogo quote, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Norman Hoffmann Waynesville

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