Enough is enough

When I heard there had been another shooting, this time at UNC-Charlotte, I said, “that’s too close.” Little did I know just how close.

The courage, the care, the character that Riley Howell showed in a flash screams for action.

No longer can I read the news and just say, “this is awful.” Something, somebody needs to act. Enough is enough. It is past time to speak up, to speak out.

Is my high school teacher, Mrs. Pearl Yates, correct?

“The pen is mightier than the sword,” she would tell us.

And now another young hero has stepped in to protect his classmates.

The National Rifle Association has great control over our thinking and our elected officials. This organization has approximately 5 million members; dues are $45 for one year.

What does membership afford? Reduced rates at hotels and airfare and a magazine. Triple A will do that for us, plus come repair a flat tire.

It appears the sole purpose of NRA is to protect the right to bear arms. The Constitution protects the Second Amendment. No one person can alter the Constitution.

Propaganda is alive and well in this country. Did anyone study civics in school? How exactly is the Constitution amended? Good test question.

Many politicians have received money for their campaigns, therefore these men and women are beholding to the NRA, and are fearful of losing their positions if they do not follow the dictates of teh NRA. This is not freedom.

Where is the courage to speak truth; where is the courage to vote for change?

Enough is enough. I want to show the courage, the character, the care for others as Riley Howell has done by encouraging people to think to ask questions, to speak up to act.

To Riley and his family, his sacrifice can never be measured. May we always remember and find our own courage.

Lynne Palmer Leatherwood Clyde

Great medical care cheered

To the editor:

There are a lot of negative things going on in this world, but when you find a positive, it’s very cheering.

In this case, the positive is Dr. David Markoff and Mountain Eye Center. Recently, I had cataract surgery and couldn’t ask for a better surgeon or better result. In fact, the entire staff of Mountain eye seems to be helpful, friendly and easy to deal with.

As well, were the hospital’s staff in the Outpatient Surgery Center – nurses, anesthesiologist, well, just about everyone; I simply can’t remember everyone’s name.

It’s a pleasure to know there are such wonderful medical personnel right here in Haywood County.

JoAnna Swanson Waynesville

Act now to attract refugees

To the editor:

Another dead horse that I have been beating for several years deserves another kick. If our governor has any understanding of supply side economics and could bring himself to support something other than what the party dictates for a change, he should work with the legislature to take advantage of a huge opportunity for our state.

I believe that the State of North Carolina is staring at an unprecedented opportunity to create a paradigm shift in the future of the prosperity of our state and all Carolinians. If we are to take advantage of this opportunity we must act now.

Our state should not only become open to but act to attract tens of thousands of refugees.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not talking about third world refugees. I’m talking about the tens of thousands of very affluent Americans escaping from New York, New Jersey and California to find better places to live without the suffocating state taxes.

We should also think about the 10,000 people a day that retire. These groups of people put little or no impact on infrastructure, law enforcement or the school system. They do, however, spend heavily on consumer goods from houses, furniture, cars and investment products.

They could produce a tidal wave of economic activity and a huge expansion of the need for healthcare facilities and many other business classes.

One act by the legislature could start this step into the future of North Carolina. Pass and nationally publicize that as of Jan. 1, 2020, the state personal income tax will be eliminated. If we do not do it, other states will.

This wave of relocating wealth is moving now to states like Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. Let’s give these people the choice to include a state with both the coast and the mountains.

Time is of the essence.

Bruce Gardner Waynesvil le

An apology to my grandchildren

Dear Grandchildren:

It is with much sorrow that I take pen in hand to express my guilt for the inheritance I failed to bequeath to you.

From your great-grandparents, I inherited a world free of the threat of fascism, a clean and unpolluted environment, great health and educational systems, ample and exciting employment opportunities that guaranteed affordable housing options ensuring the American Dream, and a country and political system that worked for “the common good.”

Contrary to this, I leave to you and your parents a legacy of a world caught up in a culture of fear, a threatened democracy, an environment in collapse, actual and ever threatening civil strife and warfare, a scarcity of natural resources due to our greed and lack of vision for a secure future for you and yours, and an adherence to a belief in entitlement that upholds ethnic racism, gender discrimination, and a prejudicial penal system.

I humbly beg your forgiveness for jeopardizing your future and understand it if you are not able to absolve me. I saw the signs of the times, but lived in my comfortable existence and failed to speak out and act.

With great sadness,

Your Repentant Grandmother

Janine Geenan


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