Are COVID case numbers being kept low?

To the editor:

I feel it’s important that I share my experience with COVID-19.

When I first got sick two weeks ago and realized the symptoms matched those related on TV by a physician who experienced them, I called my physician and asked to be tested.

I was given the run-around with the individual saying I could be worked in the following week to have my symptoms evaluated. I asked about going to the health department for a test. There was no answer to this.

I didn’t make an appointment to see the doctor because I didn’t want to expose patients in the waiting room and staff.

I asked about parking near the office to get swabbed in my car. No comment.

What is going on?

We’re dealing with a deadly event. Is it to keep known cases low falsely?

I’m a retired RN and this is not acceptable. When I asked for a renewal on a medication that would have eased some symptoms, it was refused.

Delores Milner


‘Oh Lonesome Me’

To the editor:

Thank you for your updates on how local businesses and essential workers attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus with masks, simple hand washing and maintaining arms-length between customers to reduce exposure.

Perhaps because I am reluctant to resume non-essential activity, the tune “Oh Lonesome Me” sung by Johnny Cash is running through my brain with a cautionary tale. Please sing along:

Everybody’s going out and having fun

I’m staying home away from friends and having none.

I can’t get over COVID Nineteen! Oh lonesome me!

A bad mistake it was to be just hanging round

I skipped the mask and washing hands to paint the town

Now symptoms rage within from A to Z. Oh lonesome me!

I’ll bet you’re not like me. You’re out and fancy free

Hangin’ with the girls without alarm.

But I wanted to go, and sister don’t you know

I’ve paid the price, especially to Big Pharm!

Well there must be some way I can lose these COVID blues

Forget about the past when it was “just the flu”

I fear I’ll pass away from this disease! Oh lonesome me!

Covid-19 updates from Haywood’s public health office are informative and remind me that we are in this together.

If you are lonely, take the step to connect to someone today. If your distress is deeper than loneliness, the Crisis Text Line is available to everyone across the nation. Text HOME to 741741.

Susan Kumpf


A census conversation

To the editor:

We live on Balsam Mountain, have been blessed to have this family owned cabin since 1945.

Yesterday a young man representing the 2020 Census left a Census form on our door. As my husband and I were taking our afternoon walk yesterday we saw him multiple times going up to cabin doors and placing the bagged form on door knobs.

Since the majority of homes here are seasonal, we asked him why the government couldn’t figure out who was a permanent resident and who was seasonal. He laughed and said it was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Today I looked at the form carefully and laughed at my own ignorance. The Census needs to count houses not just people. They will assume those living at our address ignored the census count and will be sending a person to our cabin to get the information. That would be a waste of taxpayers money.

I called the number on the Census form and registered our cabin as a seasonal residence, with no one living here April 1, 2020. I did have to give my name and phone number along with the address.

In the interest of helping the Census to not waste taxpayers dollars, and educate people like me, The Mountaineer might want to run an article about seasonal residents registering their addresses for the Census.

I’m a proud Mountaineer subscriber and appreciate your outstanding publication.

Tina Harris


Let’s get sidewalk dining in Waynesville

To the editor:

I suggest that the Waynesville Board of Alderman pass a temporary ordinance closing parking spaces in front of restaurants on Main Street, allowing the restaurants to place tables for outdoor dining on the sidewalk.

Pedestrians could use the open parking spaces to detour around the tables. Similar provisions could be in effect on Miller street, and Church street could be one-way between Main and Montgomery streets.

Some retail businesses are opening, and allowing the space for downtown restaurants to have outdoor seated dining would increase pedestrian traffic downtown thus helping all downtown businesses.

We need to be creative to help our local businesses during these trying times.

Randy Williams

Maggie Valley

Heed Trump’s appointees

To the editor:

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, appointed by President Trump in November 2017 was interviewed on 60 Minutes Sunday, May 17.

He complimented the Congress on its quick response in getting funding and programs passed. Most significantly, everything he said that the U.S. must also do immediately to recover our economy is what is proposed in the Democratic-written bill.

The bill passed by Congress last week aims to get relief to individuals who’ve lost their jobs and get relief and very low-interest loans to small and mid-sized businesses.

He said nothing about bailing out corporations.

Mr. Powell — again, a Trump appointee — also said that re-opening our economy without far more widespread testing and before we have a vaccine could damage our nation very badly because if we have another surge of COVID-19 deaths, we’ll be even worse off than we are now.

He said we’re doing better now because of social distancing, wearing masks, and other measures urged by medical experts.

Also interviewed on 60 Minutes was Dr. Rick Bright, whom the president fired for warning HHS non-scientist Trump appointees that the pandemic disaster that’s happened was going to happen because of non-planning.

Until the president fired him, Dr. Bright was the highest-ranking scientist in Health and Human Services.

Dr. Bright told the HHS head and the president that the federal government must get millions more medical masks and other PPEs made, and get millions more test kits made.

This is also exactly what Federal Reserve Chair Powell says is necessary to get our economy stable again.

Maybe it’s time the dwindling number of unmasked voters who still support the president should call and write him to tell him to listen to his experts, who agree with each other.

Mary Jane Curry


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