A thank you note

To the editor:

The Kathleen F. Hoerber Memorial Foundation, Inc. was granted 501c(3) status on Oct. 17, 2007. During the first three years, the Foundation assisted in helping several other nonprofit animal organizations with some of their needs. It wasn’t until June 2010 that the foundation chose a path it would follow.

From June 2010 until March 2019, the Hoerber Foundation provided, as needed, bagged kibble to the Haywood Baptist Relief Center, Haywood Christian Ministry, Grace Church in the Mountains, Bethel Rural Community Organization and bulk bags to Haywood Christian Ministry and Meal On Wheels.

The Foundation’s efforts resulted in bagging over 42 tons (24,790 one-gallon bags) of dog and cat kibble and distributing over nine tons of bulk kibble. Quite a feat for the foundation’s directors.

In January 2019,the directors determined it was time to quit. The “Feed a Pet, Save a Pet” project ended in March 2019.

William L. Werner, Jr., chairman for the Kathleen F. Hoerber Memorial Foundation, Inc. would like to thank those who they served for their support and contribution to the pet community of Haywood County.

Werner also extends his thanks to the suppliers of purchased kibble, Ron Mills and Chris Watkins at Riverview Farm & Garden and David Farmer at the Junaluska Feed Center and the contributions and support of the foundation’s directors, Larry Andsager Leslie Denman, Diana Dukes, Norene Langford and Tony Scardaci who made the “Feed a Pet, Save a Pet” project a success.

Let churches host soup kitchen

To the editor:

The First Methodist church in Waynesville could easily take on the work of the Open Door soup kitchen. The church is already equipped with a big kitchen, and there are plenty of spaces in and around the several buildings, where vagrants could camp out and inject drugs.

Plus, the church is close to downtown, so the homeless people would not have to travel far.

A second choice would be the Longs Chapel Methodist Church campus. There is a big kitchen there, as well as plenty of outdoor space for vagrants to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living.

Christian charity begins at home, and since Longs Chapel sponsors the soup kitchen, it seems only right that it should take up the cause.

An argument against that would be the distance from downtown. But the church could easily afford to run a shuttle service, thereby ensuring that every under-privileged, unemployed, uninspired citizen might have equal opportunity to share in the wealth of their fellows.

Scott Muirhead


The rule of law

To the editor:

We have learned that Attorney General Barr has intervened in the sentencing of Roger Stone, claiming the guidelines for sentencing are too severe. We now hear that Barr is also trying to shield Michael Flynn from the court’s sentence as well.

Furthermore, Barr has been pressuring the state of New York for a year on Trump’s behalf —another example of a quid pro quo. Give us what we want or you will experience repercussions.

Now he is trying to protect Rudy Giuliani, and therefore Trump, by transferring jurisdiction of any case involving Ukraine from the Southern District of New York to the Eastern District located in Queens, a district more sympathetic to Trump.

Barr, who is supposed to be the chief law-enforcer in the land, is acting as the president’s henchman — more than willing to prosecute the innocent and protect the guilty. In a recent ABC interview Barr denied that the president asked him to do these things.

But Trump never has to ask. His former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is now doing time in prison, explained, “Those around him know what he wants.”

These activities are weakening our democracy and the rule of law. This has happened through Trump’s obstruction of Congress, refusal to cooperate in any way with the impeachment process, even for self-defense, and advising his entire administration to ignore subpoenas.

Barr’s actions not only weaken the rule of law, they undermine our Department of Justice. Until now we have believed that everyone should be equal under the law, although we have honored that stand.

Now the president has declared himself the chief law-enforcement officer in the land, a man that has a shady history in his involvement with Deutsche Bank, Russian money laundering and the New York crime syndicate.

We are on a downward slide into fascism. One definition says fascism is a “form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.”

So far this sounds more like Russia than the U.S., but for how long?

Once upon a time Americans would never allow this. What has happened to the American people?

Gary Knapp


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