Maddy is an apt name

To the editor:

We used to live in Alabama, my husband’s home state. For decades we were ashamed of most of our elected officials in Washington, D.C., for their overt racism and general ignorance.

I’d rejoice that we’re not there while Sen. Tommy Tuberville is in the Senate, but alas, here in WNC we have a Congressman who makes him look like a genius and a paragon of morality.

“Maddy” (his nickname) Cawthorn is aptly named, for he must be mad as a March hare if he believes half the flagrant lies he spouts about the last election. (If it was rigged, how come Maddy is in D.C.?).

He’s made the front page of numerous major newspapers for being a compulsive liar and a sexual predator. When half the student body of a “conservative” Christian” college —Patrick Henry — sign a letter to NC 11 voters denouncing him for his reign of predation against his fellow students, and for publicly harassing those who turned down date-rapes with him, he is clearly guilty, guilty, guilty.

I have taught at more than one church-affiliated college; it is impossible that half the student body was not telling the truth about Cawthorn’s attacks on young women.

Lying about being rejected by the U.S. Naval Academy is despicable. Lying about his friend who did pull him from that burning car is, despicable.

Voting for him in the face of undeniable proof is the most despicable of all.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger moral stain on the Republican and some independent voters of N.C. 11 than Cawthorn. Your only excuse is that he outspent his opponent many times over thanks to dark money from outside North Carolina.

Mary Curry


Thanks, Ian

To the editor:

I want to thank a young man by the name of Ian who went out of his way to help me.

I was out of town when I received my first COVID shot and when I got back to Waynesville, I called the Health Department to register for the second shot.

I talked with Ian who told me I was now on the list. Several days later he called to give me a date and time. As it happened, when he called I was on my way back to the town where I had received the first shot.

He told me to call him back so he would know if I was able to receive the second dose. What a rare thing to find someone so caring. Thank you, Ian.

Ann Melton


Appreciates support

To the editor:

Thank you, Jonathan, for your help.

We at Tuscola are extremely grateful for the financial and community support shown by The Mountaineer. We have several athletic areas of need where this money will come in handy. Again, thank you for helping our athletes and coaches.

Michael Belue, Athletic Director

Tuscola High School

Way to go

To the editor:

Congratulations on the paper’s Public Service Award by the NC Press Association. I, and many others, I’m sure, have counted on The Mountaineer for information about the COVID virus. You are serving our community well.

Hughes Roberts

Maggie Valley

Thoughts on culture, budget

To the editor:

President-In-Name-Only Joe Biden woke up from his nap recently to learn that the people running the country had bombed Syria. Why did it take them so long? And how many more hours will pass before fleets of C-130’s begin delivering our young soldiers into that forlorn region? Let’s talk stimulus.

I can’t help but notice a bit of inconsistency in the Harris/Biden administration. Joe recently said that we have no business meddling in the “cultural norms” of China. Things like concentration camps, slave labor and the harvesting of organs from living humans are just the humdrum, everyday habits of the Chinese.

Meanwhile, gassing to death civilians and blowing their mud-brick houses to smithereens by Syrian President Assad are perfectly in line with the “cultural norms” of that country. Who are we to interfere?

Let’s just forget about all that bad news, and focus on the good. If the $1.9-trillion hog trough bill is approved, at least all the unemployed Keystone Pipeline workers will have job opportunities. They can hitchhike to Silicon Valley to build a subway that no one will ride. Would YOU ride a subway in that place? The rails will be so greased with human feces, the trains will never arrive on time.

Once the subway is complete, say in 2050, the descendants of the ex-pipeline welders can move to upstate New York to build a useless bridge into Canada. Will the bridge have a brass plaque with Chuck Schumer’s name on it?

At least some of the COVID Relief Package, about nine%, will actually go to fighting the China Virus, but 9% is a lot more than you think. The Washington swamp creatures rarely give us more effort than that. You don’t actually expect them to earn their paychecks like unionized teachers, do you?

And let’s not forget the magnanimity of our leaders. In the hog trough bill they have designated a billion dollars to be handed out, like taffy, to farmers; but only if they have the right skin color. White farmers need not apply.

Scott Muirhead


Thanks for interest in auction yard

To the editor:

I read with interest, your article from your Monday visit with Steven Matthews at the Livestock Market. I compliment you on a great article.

Your expressions and imagery made the article speak loudly. Well done.

Thank you for your continued interest in the initiatives of WNC Communities and for representing us so well in story and print.

L. T. Ward


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