Let’s help the nation’s working folks first

To the editor:

What happened to common sense? When did it become a lost item on the list of things people need to get through life?

Lack of care, integrity and love is what we are seeing from most of our leaders of the free world. I am careful to use the word free as it will be infringed on, for sure during my daughter’s life and possibly mine.

The brunt of my opinion stems from watching my mother work her fingers to the bone for years only to be supplemented by a lowly $799 a year from almost 40 years of working. She fed a lot of people in Haywood County, especially in Maggie Valley.

After seeing the number of people crossing the border and hearing that most of them will be put into motels for six months leaves me to ask the question, what about homeless people that were born here?

What about veterans that live under bridges? What about people that have paid into the system for 40+ years and the government sends them $799 a month? What about insurance that some people don’t have, but our government is willing to give folks coming into the U.S.A. free health care?

Well good for them. I understand wanting to provide better for your family under better conditions but what’s wrong with coming through the front door, not the back door?

March Madness. These athletes are getting to play in the tournament. It’s about time, but if one player or one coach tests positive for COVID, the whole team is out, disqualified. March Madness. Folks at the border are being turned into small Texas towns, with or without COVID, who knows because they are not being tested.

Jesus, take the wheel as we have no one capable of navigating at all.

Let this sink in, $12,000 per month is going to be the average cost of motel, food and clothing per person. With that I ask you this. When was the last time the government spent $12,000 on you during your lifetime?

God bless the U.S.A. He is the only way.

Jason Moody


Larger jail isn’t needed

To the editor:

Haywood County has many needs, but a newer, larger jail should not be one of them. Instead, money should be spent on mental health services, drug counseling, drop-out prevention and homelessness which are all causes that lead to crime and the need for more jail cells.

We should work to make Haywood County better instead of just making our jail bigger.

Ms. Beth G. Johnson

Maggie Valley

Easter thoughts

To the editor:

That day they put him on the tree, on his mind was to set us free;

His father above watched the terrible acts, “Forgive them Father they don’t have the facts;”

His work on earth was all but done, Praise the Father for his Son;

For without his Love and Amazing Grace, there would be no hope for a better place;

The tears that streamed down His face, His undying love for the human race;

and while He hung up on that tree, He gave up his Spirit to save you and me;

He went to darkness to shine his Light, for three days He battled to win the fight;

In hopes the world would finally see, they put a hero upon that tree;

He reached down from heaven above, to shower His people with unconditional love;

He came back to say I am okay, but on this Earth I cannot stay;

I will help you through your days I will teach you my Holy ways and when your life is finally done I promise you, you’ll see the Son.

Melody Phipps


What could go wrong?

Professor Walden provided a very clear description of the economic “experiment” now being conducted by our government — printing money to spend on federal programs. As he explained, unlike borrowed money, this money doesn’t incur interest expense and doesn’t need to be paid back. And, unlike tax collections, it doesn’t take money from private businesses and families. It’s free money. Why not? What could go wrong?

Perhaps a look at past such experiments would help. The most recent examples are Venezuela and Zimbabwe, both of which attempted to rescue their debt-burdened, socialist economies with printed money and ended up suffering hyperinflation, economic collapse and severe social unrest.

But, we can do it responsibly, right? A moderate rate of inflation is actually good; it makes it easier to pay off our debt with cheaper dollars. And, it helps pay for that moderate amount of “democratic socialism” now being created. Crank up those digital printing presses.

What could go wrong? You’ll see.

Lawrence Halverson


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