Undue name-calling

To the editor:

I have been reading a lot of opinions lately that has called our Duly elected President a number of derogatory names lately. What really get me is that all the rhetoric that is going around is completely without proof and nothing has been said specifically what he is accused of doing and or not doing.

If you have an opinion then maybe you should back it up with proof or at least be forthcoming enough to be specific in your accusations. What you obviously are doing is just repeating what others want you to believe. Can you back your accusations up with facts? Can you get over the FACT that our president was elected by a political process that we the people use to represent us?

Just because the electoral college did not go your way is no reason to want to do away with it or denigrate the one that won the election. It is a fact that he has made our country better, stronger and has done great things for the people that has been lacking in previous administrations.

If you want to be defamatory in your comments then by all means try to site examples but don’t ignore the positive either. We can all agree to disagree but be civil while doing it and quit trying to sway others to think like you do. Use facts and examples so a rational decision can be made by others as to how they want to convey their feelings toward our president. President Trump has made America Great Again.

Let’s agree to disagree and keep it that way.

Joseph Edwards, Clyde

Excited to visit

To the editor:

My name is Jefferson Davis Wright and I am 9 years old. Even though I was born out there, I am being raised in Washington state.

My mom and I are coming for a Rhinehart reunion on July 6 at the Dutch Memorial Park in Waynesville from 1-5 p.m. It will be a potluck.

I love bluegrass music and am beginning to learn the guitar. I have a mountain cur I am training to coon hunt named Sadie.

My great-great-grandparents were John and Sarah (Hoyle) Rhinehart. I am wanting to meet lots of cousins and I am sure hoping there will be some my age!


Jefferson Davis Wright (age 9), Kelso, Washington

P.S. Please contact Joe Arrington at 828-550-9335 with any questions about the reunion.

Check your facts

To the editor:

FAKE NEWS! While I don’t make a habit of using Trump terms, it’s the best way to describe the false claim made in the letter published in your June 3 edition that two Muslim congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tiaib, have co-sponsored legislation to establish Muslim holidays as new federal holidays.

According to FactCheck.org, on Jan. 12, 2019, “a self-described ‘parody’ website (sofarrightithurts.com) published a made-up story about the two Muslim congresswomen introducing a bill recognizing Muslim holidays as federal holidays.” Sadly, the story went viral because so many people, including the author of the June 3 letter, did not check FactCheck or Snopes before sharing it.

Although there was no disclaimer with the Jan. 12 story, Snopes indicates there is a general disclaimer on the “So Far Right It Hurts” website stating that the content is “paradoxical” and intended for “comic effect or ridicule.” The disclaimer further explains that the website articles range from “misleading to wildly imaginative” and are published under the assumption that the reader understands there is no claim of “accuracy or validity.”

To be certain, I checked the official source for all Congressional legislation – www.house.gov – and there have been no bills introduced by Representatives Omar or Tiaib to create any Muslim holidays.

I’m assuming that the author of the June 3 letter heard this made up story about the two congresswomen from controversial Muslim critic Chris Gaubatz when he spoke to the Haywood GOP, so I hope the letter writer will do the responsible thing and notify Gaubatz (as well as those who attended his presentation) that he’s spreading fake news.

It’s very sad that the right wing extremists launched immediate efforts to discredit the two congresswomen almost immediately after they took their oath of office in January 2019 - even sadder, that this very dated made up story about them is still being shared.

Myrna Campbell, Waynesville

Housing issues

To the editor:

It was very disturbing to read the article in Monday’s paper about the living conditions and treatment of the elderly residents living in the Waynesville Housing Authority apartments during bathroom renovations in their respective apartments. Do the Waynesville Housing Authority Manager and the Waynesville governing board that oversees him think that in any circumstance elderly residents should be asked to use a port-a-john outside or walk to an empty apartment’s toilet in the middle of the night or anytime during the day for that matter to use the restroom? How many times a night are they expected to make this trip? One is too many! As a community, we cannot turn our backs on this. We must do better.

It was reported that the apartments are not clean when people move into them. This is totally not acceptable. If the Waynesville Housing Authority Manager cannot respond to the client’s needs then they need to be replaced immediately. No one that would consider making the elderly and physically compromised live in conditions like these should be allowed to oversee their living situations! If the housing authority board and the chairman thinks that this is acceptable for our elderly population they should be replaced also.

Waynesville is better than this! If we want to make changes in this world we need to start in our own backyard! Don’t allow our elderly and compromised population to be treated like this. I applaud the Mountaineer for bringing this horrific situation to our attention and hope that they will continue to report on this until acceptable changes are made in the Waynesville Housing Authority management.

Nancye Buelow, Clyde

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