Back in Haywood

To the editor:

I am submitting my “change of address” to the Mountaineer. For me, it is a pleasant announcement that I am back to my adopted home to which I came in 1951 after spending 14 years in Asheville in retirement.

In 1951, Dr. Frank Hammett, my husband, had just completed a tour of duty in Korea. As two young physicians, we were looking for the perfect place to start our medical practices. He was trained in general practice and I was a primary care pediatrician.

We spent six months exploring North Georgia and Western North Carolina. We found that perfect place in Haywood County.

Dr. Frank and I have been an energetic part of Haywood County, being a small part of its vision and growth. We both played a part advocating better care for its citizens through the medical and hospital communities.

Dr. Frank returned for a residency in anesthesia to organize and develop the anesthesia department at Haywood Regional Hospital. I helped organize and develop pre-school screening in Haywood public schools which became the model for our public schools.

I am delighted to return to Haywood County and look forward to its many-faceted continued progress. I hope I can be a part of that progress.

Doris B. Hammett, MD Waynesville

Trump lies are easily witnessed

To the editor:

A Trump supporter accused me of being a “false witness” for stating facts about Donald Trump in the June 7 The Mountaineer. He then bore false witness against me in his name-calling and adolescent insults.

I stated that we all know that Donald Trump is a liar and bigot, who ignores the law and the Constitution. However, my critic claimed that not everyone was aware of this.

Anyone who does not know that Donald Trump is a liar is being willfully ignorant. From his insistence that his inauguration was the largest ever to the present day, fact checkers have documented more than 10,000 untrue statements.

Most of those “untrue statements” were made with the deliberate intent to deceive, and simply stated are lies. Anyone who has seen Trump’s interactions with the press has probably witnessed any number of lies on a range of topics.

Trump is a pathological liar in part because he has a mental condition (narcissistic personality disorder) that requires him to believe that he is superior to everyone else.

If I had any emotional feelings about the man, it would be pity not hate. He must be very uncomfortable and insecure. The insecurity is shown by the revelation that White House staff work to placate Trump’s insecurities. The most recent example of the insecurity was the fact that staff felt it necessary to hide the USS John McCain from Trump’s view.

Trump is a bigot like his father, the reported KKK member as documented in the papers at the time. Trump’s bigotry was seen from the time he was cited for equal rights violations for not renting apartments to African-Americans in New York, to his taking out ads against black teenagers falsely accused of rape, to declaring Nazis and white supremacists as “good people.”

Trump’s vendetta against Muslims and brown Latinos is another demonstration of his bigotry. White people are a substantial proportion of those living here illegally, but Trump has no comment about them.

Regarding the law, the Mueller report documented evidence of more than 10 instances where Trump appeared to obstruct the justice. About 900 current and former prosecutors have publicly stated that they would have charged Trump if he were not president.

There is public evidence that Trump inflated the value of property in attempts to get loans and then dropped the alleged value for tax purposes. Inflating the value to get a loan is bank fraud. Underestimating the value could be tax fraud. Trump clearly has no respect for the rule of law.

Trump has no understanding of or respect for the Constitution either. This is evidenced by his refusal to obey the constitutionally mandated oversight of Congress. He also tries to override Congress’ authority on appropriations by spending money for purposes that Congress has not authorized.

Now that we have established that Trump is a liar, bigot, and scofflaw, my critic has nothing but adolescent insults. Like most who do not have the facts on their side, he can only resort to insults and attacks on the persons who do know the facts. This is a very childish defense of the indefensible.

Thus, my original question for Trump supporters remains. Why do you support a lying bigot who has no respect for the law or the Constitution? There are true conservatives who have values of ethics and morality. Why support Trump? Surely you can do better.

Maybe it is as Saul Bellow once stated, “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. Perhaps Trump supporters need the illusion that they voted for an ethical conservative.

Normann Hoffman Waynesville

Truth or fairy tales?

To the editor:

I cannot decide which is more outrageous. Is it the self-serving, maudlin mewing of a fraud announcing to the community that she has been so emotionally damaged and scarred that she has retreated to the farm of her new, rich husband, to seek solace tending her chickens and cows?

Or is it the fact that this newspaper has, like a sheep, joined its local competition in making the colossal blunder of publishing the absolutely uncorroborated fantasies of a mendacious attention-seeker?

Astounding. Amateurish.

Just so I will understand: Are you telling us that nowadays in this community a person can go to a newspaper office and sit down and tell fairy tales, and the fairy tales will appear in print? Is that how it works now?

The fairy tales can be salacious; they can be opprobrious and scandalous; they can be hurtful and ruinous to innocents, but it’s all good journalism. Is that what you are saying?

Scott Muirhead Waynesville

WMS eighth grade did well

To the editor:

This is to the students, faculty, coaches and mentors of the Waynesville Middle School eighth-grade class.

I was among many of the grandparents who attended the graduation. This class has restored my faith in our young people.

I saw a bunch of respectable, smart teenagers. I wanted each of them to know I am proud of them.

And to the teachers, coaches, mentors. Thank you for your patience in working with raging hormones, peer pressure and “I think I know more than you” attitudes. You have all done a wonderful job.

One proud grandmother.

Julia Hannah Newport, Tennessee

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