Thanks for slowing traffic

To the editor:

Those of us who live near the Old Clyde Speedway are grateful to the members of Long’s Chapel UMC, and the work crew who facilitated the detour near the church on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

That day was a day of respite from the usual unlimited speed, thunderous noise, and road dust which are routine on this state road. The signs along the road are clear: 35 mph, and so are the double-yellow lines dividing this narrow, winding thoroughfare.

Residences and neighborhoods line both sides, along with small businesses, a fire station, a post office, and several churches.

The day of construction gave drivers an opportunity to slow down, focus, and pay attention, to see where they were going, and follow instructions. We appreciate a day off, to sit on our porches, enjoy the sunshine, blue sky, birds and flowers, and each other in one day of quiet and peace.

Linda McFarland Clyde

Hold the U.S. president accountable

To the editor:

That the current president could have been elected is an indication of complacency. That our Congress refuses to hold him accountable is dereliction.

If America chooses to ignore his actions and re-elects him and those who support him, then those who shed blood to preserve the ideal that is America have done that in vain.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. But my parents, my school teachers, my church leaders all taught me that acting in the manner that this person in the White House does is not acceptable behavior.

But this person’s actions affect not only himself and his family …. we are talking about the world here.

The fundamental values we have traditionally held are at risk …. our democracy itself is at risk. We should not take the threat lightly, and to do so is to forfeit what we cherish.

Ron Morrow Lake Junaluska

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