Might this idea lessen a boondoggle

To the editor:

Reading today’s (6/12/2019) Mountaineer, let’s morph two thoughts. Since the county has been stuck with the boondoggle that is the bottomland on J-Creek now for quite some time and hemp seems to be trendy, why can’t we grow hemp there and save the added time and cost of hauling dirt?

Every time I hear anyone associated with county government bring up economic development, I shudder. How long did our industrial park sit with very little use. The whole Dayco disaster played out for years. Now the bill of goods that was sold to us taxpayers as a recreation park is now going to be used for more “economic development”.

Meanwhile, I watch as our football stadium’s concrete slowly begins to disintegrate and our track, which can’t be used for actual track meets because there are zero amenities like say, parking or seating or even bathrooms, needs resurfacing.

Our own county recreation department, which by no means, was ever a large operation, appears to be jettisoned all because its director decided to retire. Conning the town in to taking on the remnants for a token contribution will inevitably result in being given short shrift.

I’ve been to soccer tournaments, softball tournaments, and track meets for many years all over this region. A lot of folks eat and stay in the communities where these events are hosted. Why are our local leaders perpetually afraid to invest in that?

Shoddy decision making has been a hallmark of Haywood County government for over 50 years. Why should it ever stop?

Charles Allison Waynesville

A slow drip towards tyranny

To the editor:

Having studied, investigated and faced down tyrants and dictators for over two decades, I see familiar pathways to power in the likes of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini in the early 1930’s...slowly and methodically taking over the reins of power using the existing legal and governmental structures at hand.

Liberal democracies such as Italy and Germany allowed for free political discourse under legal protections, that power given by the electorate. Japan was a bit different, with the Emperor the ultimate source of law and power. The result was the same.

It is an amazing and stunning crumbling of a solid political structure as the termite gnawing of tyranny begins to take hold. Prior commentary by this author pointed out that the attacks begin almost benignly, attacking the press, singling our existential threats called boogeymen to refocus insecurities against a peoples while the tyrant and his henchman slowly change the power structure of that democracy.

Another method used by political tyrants is to blame the law enforcement establishment for disloyalty replacing the police and others with a more reliable state police that owes its loyalty only to the tyrant. In Germany by the mid 1930’s the Gestapo had control of the legal system backed by party hacks appointed to the judiciary owing their appointments to that tyrant.

This sordid process can take several years, but in the end as the democratic principles that the government was founded on collapses eaten from within by the loyal termites of the party. By now it’s too late. There is some final resistance politically as those who resist still use the law to counter the threat the democratic order.

Now the tyrant does not care about the law that he used to achieve power and the extant law no longer able to stop his moves. It’s over and the populace has three choices, resist and be neutralized/exterminated; flee the country; or just submit and give up.

Over the past two years we have seen this slow drip towards tyranny like in the 1930’s happen before our very eyes.

Attacks on our press as threats to our national security; the singling out of Muslims and “brown people” pouring into our country as boogeymen; and the denouncing of federal law enforcement as traitors and a loyal Attorney General starting to investigate the investigators that began the process of looking into Russian influence in our elections which the current president decries as fake news.

My fellow Americans the slow drip continues all around us and we are still too disbelieving that the greatest liberal democracy mankind has conceived is being dismantled before our very eyes.

All is not lost, not yet. If we step up and say “no” through our support of candidates who believe in democracy and all that it stands for, loyal to the Constitution and the law and not to a criminal President we can take back America.

In 2020 your vote is as crucial as it ever has in your life. Don’t stand aside and watch America go down the drain. The idea that is America is worth the fight under the rule of law.

All authority under our Constitution is given by or remains with “the people”. As a people we must loudly declare that America is not the America this president tells us what it is. Do this by your vote and end the slow drip towards tyranny.

David Crane Maggie Valley

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