Speech of lies

To the editor:

The lengthy article in your May 30 edition on Madison Cawthorn’s remarks to the Haywood GOP could have been summed up with just one sentence, “Cawthorn came to Haywood and lied to his constituents.” His speech is full of inaccuracies, at best, and outright lies at worst.

Most egregiously, he claimed “they” (meaning officials in D.C.) are “censoring speech” and “telling you that you can’t read that.” This is not true. The truth is he could have been referring to his own party. It’s Cawthorn and the Republican leadership who are trying to censor speech and trying to keep people from reading things they don’t want them to read.

He called HR 1 the “dishonest politicians act” when it actually tries to keep dishonest politicians from denying some voters access to the ballot box.

Republicans are passing all kinds of restrictions making it more difficult for working people to vote so that Republicans can stay in office even if they don’t represent the interest of the majority of citizens.

HR 1 does not “guarantee that Democrats would get elected from now on in perpetuity.” What it does do is try to guarantee that everyone who wants to vote will get the chance to do so. If that means Republicans would not get elected, it would simply mean that Republicans are not serving the interests of most people.

Julia Buckner


President, Democratic Women of NC

Grads, staff had a tough year

To the editor:

Heartfelt accolades to Haywood County students and their families for completing an academic year like no other after a year of pandemic-related challenges. There are graduations to commemorate and academic achievements to recognize. Teachers, staff, and administrators, likewise, deserve our utmost gratitude for their commitment, dedication, and flexibility.

Something struck me as odd, however, as I was searching for some information on the Haywood County Schools website.

All nine of the school board leaders are male and white. This is perplexing since there were several candidates for school board in the last election who were female and people of color. Teachers and staff, students, and parents are a more diverse mix than what is represented on the school board.

Undoubtedly, current school board leaders have children and grandchildren in the Haywood County School System. Yet, a broader and more inclusive perspective will be achieved by electing more diverse leadership.

Four seats on the board expire at the end of 2022. As voters, we can do our part by supporting female and minority candidates who aspire to school board leadership in future elections.

Teri Domagalski


Cawthorn town hall?

To the editor:

Thank you for the report on Rep. Cawthorn’s recent fundraising event with the Haywood Republican Party.

I am interested in hearing how many other readers have requested a town hall from Cawthorn? I get no response from his offices to my calls or my written requests (on any topic).

His combative attitude and loose grip on facts appear to be in line with other members of the Sedition Caucus. It’s disheartening to see local leaders embrace and encourage this behavior.

On a related topic, do you agree that it’s time to change the bully photo that wraps up Section B each week? Its caption “Do you read the Sunday Mountaineer?” surely inspires at least one alternative that reflects The Mountaineer’s values and benefits of readership.

I do not understand how one boy bullying another achieves a good end — for your paper or for Cawthorn’s constituents.

Susan Kumpf


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