What a waste

To the editor:

Two and a half million dollars! $2,500,000. Money diverted from the Park Service for an ego trip.

Can you think of a better use for taxpayers’ money? I am so embarrassed by his emotional neediness and so ashamed that this infantile little man is President.

Joanne Strop Waynesville

Waynesville charm is waning

To the editor:

On Monday, July 8, a column was titled “Will growth kill the small-town vibe in Waynesville?” The answer is it has already started to kill the small-town vibe.

The traffic is worse, Main Street is too crowded to even walk comfortably, restaurants are difficult to get into and a majority of shops call themselves gift shops, which means they sell things for decoration and special occasions, rather than the useful things of daily life.

The Waynesville town planners, planning committee and town government all seem to buy into the idea that bigger is better. Of course, what it all boils down to is...money.

In the article, two realtors were specifically named as being on the planning steering committee. Why are any realtors on that committee? The job of a realtor is to sell, which is how they make money. Does anyone seriously believe that a person who’s livelihood depends on selling more will actually vote to keep Waynesville small, friendly and quaint?

Unfortunately, most people do not write letters to a newspaper, which then provides the illusion that nobody cares about what happens to Waynesville. This is not true. Those who do not write letters still can vote. An election is coming up soon and people can vote for the candidates who want to keep Waynesville smaller, friendlier and less crowded.

Just because people want to live here in order to be near Asheville does not mean the town has to encourage them; they also can live in Weaverville, Black Mountain, Hendersonville and a host of other places, rather than glut Waynesville. Why does this town feel it cannot accommodate present residents, rather than all the “would-be’s?”

Here is a suggestion to the town government: the next time you send out a water bill, include a poll asking residents to indicate if they want Waynesville to keep getting bigger, or if they prefer to keep the “small-town vibe.” Let’s see what everyone says.

JoAnna Swanson Waynesville

Study the Constitution

To the editor:

I keep hearing the phrase our democracy being thrown around by just about everyone. I think people need to do a little research about our history.

The last time I checked, we were a constitutional republic. Maybe if people would read the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights they could realize what our founding fathers set this country up as.

Ronald Conner Waynesville

Park condition is abysmal

To the editor:

It is sad to see the condition of the Champion Ballpark on Silkwood Drive in Canton.

We have walked there on a regular basis for over seven years. The last few months the condition of the park has continued to deteriorate.

I wrote to Canton Parks and Recreation about it and nothing has happened. They only ride around to mow and you can tell. There is no manual mowing of the banks and it has not had a weed eater used on it in over three months.

There is grass growing in the infields. The butterfly garden that was planted last year has not been weeded. It is heartbreaking to see that Canton does not care about maintaining this park.

There used to be two men working there all the time and a part time guy also. Now there is no one there except an occasional couple of men who ride mowers around and do a terrible job and never pick up the trash that has been thrown on the ground and in the parking lot.

If it is on the grass, they mow over it and chop it into pieces and leave it lay. Plastic bottles are thrown on the ground and left. This park used to be maintained beautifully. Heartbreaking.

Nancy Buzby Canton

Consider this about healthcare

To the editor:

I read with interest the article in the Mountaineer dated June 13, entitled, “Stakes or High in Healthcare Conversation and documented “Myth Busting” as the topic.

In that article, an insurance professional, stated that the ACA, Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” was the “best insurance product ever put on the market.”

Whoa Nellie Let’s look at this “best insurance product ever offered” from an objective, non-partisan, viewpoint because it affects Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians all. So, let’s start with the obvious.

The ACA was passed on very partisan lines and passed with little to no amendments allowed. It was passed with the famous line from the Speaker of the House, at the time, Nancy Pelosi. She said, “We must pass it to know what is in it?

Who is kidding who with this inane statement? Any legislation that is passed without the understanding of the Legislative branch is dubious at best and misleads the public who voted for these legislators. What an idiotic statement to make.

Secondly, let’s look at the obvious, which was purposely hidden from the American electorate and noted by one the plan’s authors. “We cannot tell the American people that this is a tax; otherwise, they will not accept it.” It was sold to the American public as not being a tax if we all recall.

There were three main pillars that were repeated by the President at the time, Barak Obama: 1. If you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. 2. If you like your doctor, you can keep them. 3. The average American family will see a savings of $2,500 per family.

All of these “talking points” were debunked by the director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service. All were categorized as “false” and all three “pillars” were proven to be abject lies to the American people. So, this “insurance specialist with 51 years’ experience” has a very jaded and biased viewpoint of the industry.

How can something that has a foundation of a “lie” be the best product ever offered in the marketplace? I am sure most folks in Haywood County, Democrat, Republican, Independent or Libertarian, would never agree that something based on a lie, foisted on the public in a secretive manner, and then implemented nationwide is a “good thing.”

I don’t care what political persuasion you are; you don’t like being lied to. We were lied to from the head down. The old saying, “The fish stinks from the head down” certainly applies here.

I do agree that “community pooling” is what makes insurance work – duh. I don’t even need 51 years in the industry to figure that one out.

David M. Hooten (Hooty) Maggie Valley

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