Dear friends

To the editor:

Yes, dear friends, one of the best blessings of July 4 this year came from The Mountaineer. The paper was a gift to us from two of our good friends, Neil and Norma Jean Dobson. They brought us a copy of your great newspaper as a gift. As I looked through the pages, it was special to see three dear friends. You are listed on the publishing page just as it was when I was sending my Song Stories to the paper years ago. Jonathan Key, Vicki Hyatt and Jean McClure will always be special friends.

One of the articles that is so wonderful was written by Kathy N. Ross. She told about many highlights from the Fourth of July at Lake Junaluska, which was our home for many years. It was a blessing to see a very special picture from one of those events. The parade marshal in 1986 was a dear friend of ours. Sam McDonald and I worked together at the Boat House. We gave tickets to people who wanted to take boat rides. If my boyfriend, Woody, came for a visit, in 1953 or 1954, Sam would always take over my part of the job, so that Woody and I could visit.

As we looked at the great picture of Sam, sitting in the rocker, we remembered that was a very important part of July 4 at Lake Junaluska, many years ago. Thank you for covering so many wonderful events from those early years. The Mountaineer is a part of our lives forever and ever!

Lucy N. Adams

Hermitage, Tennessee

Stop the reckless comments, Rep. Cawthorn

To the editor:

As a former public health director in his district with over 30 years of public health experience, I’m appalled at Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s recent misleading statements made Friday in an interview by the Right Side Broadcasting Network at CPAC and aired on NBC nightly news Friday, July 9 as part of their COVID story.

His lack of understanding regarding public health science is obvious the more he speaks. Community vaccination programs have been in practice long before he was born, effectively dealing with small pox, polio, measles and other childhood preventable diseases.

Before running his mouth with fearful rhetoric, he needs to look closer at the issue for knowledge and educate himself with the science. Why not reach out to local and state public health resources for the science and plans instead of assuming a plan is established that is not in evidence? I’m sure the public health professionals would be willing to educate him with facts. Vaccines work. People don’t need him to lie about door-to-door vaccination programs designed to offer life saving medicine. This public health approach is not going to lead to taking their guns or Bibles in the future as he stated.

Rep. Cawthorn needs to be a responsible public servant by helping others know the facts instead of the typical Republican tactic of fear mongering that confuses the issue. It would appear he learned nothing by speaking in support of “the big lie” regarding the election results nor his addressing the mob on Jan. 6 before the insurrection. Words matter. He has been nothing but a major disappointment to me since day one. His reckless comments need to stop or he needs to go.

Carmine Rocco


Learn about the science of addiction

To the editor:

This is in response to the July 11 letter about mental health and alcohol, “The costs of socially-acceptable vices.” I believe the good reverend needs to learn about the science of addiction and at least, at the bare minimum, learn the difference between what a “stimulant” and a “depressive” substance is before he starts running his mouth and you publish his nonsensical whining.

Rev. Tim Brooks


Acts of kindness

To the editor

On July 14, while on my way to take my granddaughter Karina to breakfast and summer camp in Junaluska Elementary in Waynesville, we were sidetracked and stranded on the side of the road on Smoky Park Highway due to a flat tire. We were close to Canton. As a matter of fact, we pulled into a business by the name of WNC Auto Sales.

With no one to call and not knowing a thing on how to change a tire, I glanced to the side and noticed their sign, so I dialed that number, just to tell them what had just happened to us and to apologize for the fact that we were blocking their way into their business. A very nice lady by the name of “Jennifer” answered the phone, advised us that it was okay, and thanked us for letting her know.

My granddaughter and I stood there for close to 15 minutes, we prayed and asked God to send us help in the way of angels that can help us out of there. (My granddaughter was not only hungry, but worried she might miss her trip to the Sylva Pool that the summer camp had arranged for them.)

Then … I received a phone call back from this wonderful angel named “Jennifer” and she said her husband would be right there to help us. I was so overwhelmed with feelings that I burst out crying after I thanked her and hung up with her. I looked down to see my beautiful granddaughter smiling at me, so happy that someone was coming to help. Someone sent by God … Who else?

Mr. Jimmy arrived a short time later, and without any questions, came over and changed my tire to the spare, placed the flat tire in my car, and even advised me on driving safe while using a spare. My granddaughter rushed over to him and gave him the biggest hug. And I was and will be forever thankful for this act of kindness they both had on both of us. Perfect strangers. My granddaughter stated while picking up breakfast at McDonald’s in Canton, “Mima, thank God first then Mr. Jimmy and his wife that we got breakfast and I’ll get to be with my friends at the pool! God is good!” And indeed he is … always. This might not be a big deal to some, but for me and my granddaughter, it was.

Rosa Lirely


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