Terrorists reigned

To the editor:

The crime of sedition: a felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison for inciting revolt or violence against lawful authority — see 18 U.S. Code 2384.

Based on the law, all those who promoted the recent “Stop the Steal” rally may be guilty of sedition. To be clear, the objective was to stop the legitimate certification of the electoral college vote by the House and Senate.

The intent was to overturn legitimate votes in enough states to make Trump president again. In the process they were intent on harming members of Congress and the Vice President. This was no peaceful protest and the rioters were no patriots — they were terrorists.

Let’s be clear. The prepetrators of the violence were right wing Trump supporters. There were no Antifa actors identified. Antifa is largely the imaginary playmate of right-wing extremists. The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were in tactical gear and organized for battle as evidenced by the videos of the event. The attack on the Capitol was clearly domestic terrorism.

Let’s also be clear on the facts of the election — Trump lost. Everything to the contrary is a lie. There was no substantial voter fraud. Republican official after Republican official including the Attorney General stated that there was no fraud that would alter the outcome. All 50 of the lawsuits to challenge the election were thrown out of court.

Senators and representatives who supported challenging the electoral college vote were pandering to Trump and his misinformed base. No person who considered the facts instead of listening only to those repeating Trump’s big lie thinks Trump won.

Now some on the right are calling for unity. The time for unity was around Thanksgiving when the results of the election were obvious.

Clearly, the riot of Jan. 6, 2021, was an act of sedition and terrorism in an attempt to over turn the results of a free election. Those involved must face the consequences of their actions in the court of law. Only then can we can consider unification and moving forward. Without justice there can be no unity.

Norman Hoffmann


Future together?

To the editor:

First the good news.

Today is Mozart’s birthday.

Now the bad news.

I’ve recently learned that no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it doesn’t make it look any better. It is still a pig. Recently, I have gotten to know one adamant woman Trump supporter on the Match website. I hope we will be able to date each other.

The added bad news is that if she still can’t get over the fact that Trump lost the election and she still thinks it was stolen from him, I doubt our dating will amount to anything.

If she can’t see why he should still be impeached a second time after what happened on Jan. 6, I doubt they’ll be any future for us. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.

Adam Thomson


Trying to help

To the editor:

The “bleeding heart” letter that was body slamming Trump for his pardons needs help. First, a pardon is meant to be based on current facts and purposes. These change from time to time.

The writer only viewed the pardons as cold hard proof he hates Trump. Just statistics in a file. So here is a vital statistic that he failed to mention.

Obama has the record of all presidents, total 1,937 pardons. Of course, facts are mute when selectively choosen to do personal attacks.

Ron Muse


Haywood collection a success

To the editor:

Despite a global pandemic, millions of shoebox gifts for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child were collected at more than 4,000 locations nationwide.

Generosity throughout Western North Carolina resulted in over 15,600 shoebox gifts collected at curbside drop-off locations for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child. Here in Haywood County, 5,325 shoeboxes were dropped off at our Collection Centers. Across the U.S., the project collected more than 7.8 million such gifts in 2020. Combined with those collected from partnering countries in 2020, the ministry is now sending more than 9.1 million shoebox gifts to children worldwide.

“Shoebox packers overcame the challenges of this unprecedented year to generously donate gift-filled shoeboxes for children in need,” said Operation Christmas Child senior director Randy Riddle. “Now more than ever, boys and girls around the world need hope. We are excited to deliver millions of shoeboxes to children in Jesus’ Name—sharing God’s love and reminding them that they are not alone.” Through the continued generosity of donors since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 186 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 160 countries and territories.

Across Western North Carolina, shoebox packers shop for shoebox gift deals year-round, and many serve at a deeper level. Information about ways Haywood County participants can get involved year-round can also be found on at samaritanspurse.org/occ.

For many local residents that chose to Build a Shoebox Online, it was a record year, a total of 415,403 online shoeboxes were built. Because of your partnership in communities across the U.S., more people than ever chose to participate in this way. What an amazing example of God’s faithfulness. Anyone can still be a part of this life-changing project by conveniently packing a shoebox gift online in just a few simple clicks at samaritanspurse.org/buildonline.

These simple gifts, packed with love, send a message to children worldwide that they are loved and not forgotten.

Brenda Hackett

Operation Christmas Child


Vaccine caution

To the editor:

Many people are not certain if they want to get the COVID vaccine. Before making a decision, you might be interested to hear what our granddaughter, a practicing registered nurse, has to say.

She affirmed to us that vaccines are potentially quite toxic. Unlike many medications which are expelled through urination and/or defecation, vaccines stay in the body and burrow more deeply into issues.

This can produce a lot of unpleasant side effects in the future — perhaps six months, a year, or even two years, such as arthritis, cancer, liver problems, etc.

You won’t hear the truth about vaccines unless you have medical personnel in the family or as friends, who are willing to tell you the truth.

Those with underlying conditions, who are very vulnerable to viruses, might benefit from the vaccine. Otherwise, most people with normal immune systems, can fight off viruses by themselves.

When our granddaughter explained all this to us, we felt it an almost “civic duty” to tell you, our fellow Haywoodians, about the dangers involved in vaccines. So, think carefully before you run out to get it.

Richard, JoAnna Swanson


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