How quickly we forget

To the editor:

I just have to comment on the remarks contained in the “Life Time President” remarks.

How quickly some forget.

In fact, no eyebrows or scoffs were uttered when just 4 years ago Barack Obama made a similar comment that he would not mind a third term or even a continued presidency.

He did this on national TV during one of his interviews. Oh, how soon we forget or should I say, “Oh how we do not want to remember when it comes to demi-god worship by some party members.”

Sorry, but again when someone makes a brash statement of personal; feelings not founded on facts about one’s character, (Did I forget to mention about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that President Trump gives away out of his own pocket to help those in need?).

Lets take the rose-colored glasses and blinders off and use an open mind to all the facts and not relish the Grape Cool Aid that is being served up.

Regardless what all is being said and done there is but one fact that none can argue with... GOD is still in control. He will decide the outcome of humanity.

Joseph Edwards


Setting the record straight

To the editor:

On June 21, an obvious Trump supporter accused those of us who have documented Trump’s lies and misdeeds as defaming him.

The writer claimed that the criticisms are without proof. There is ample proof that Trump is a liar based on the more than 10,000 lies documented by fact checkers.

If a statement is true it is not defamation – it’s just stating the facts.

One well documented lie is Trump’s assertion during the campaign that “I have no business interests in Russia.”

On pages 70-71 of the Mueller Report Volume I, it is clearly documented that Trump signed a letter of intent to get paid $4 million up front and a portions of revenues and profits for putting his name on a hotel to be built in Moscow.

Thus while he was lying about not being interested in business in Russia he was actively trying to “do a deal” there.

Many of Trump’s “accomplishments” are based on lies.

Trump recently claimed that air quality is better than ever. At the same time he claimed to have helped coal miners by getting rid of pollution regulations.

No matter what Trump does, coal is no longer an economical way to produce power. Use of coal is projected to decrease in the US this year. Gas, wind and solar are now cheaper ways to generate electricity.

Recent analyses have shown that air quality has actually gotten worse. All the rollbacks of pollution regulations have done is help create pollution that is estimated to contribute to 1,400 premature deaths.

Trump claims to have benefited the US steel industry with his tariffs. The reality is that steel producers have just closed several steel production facilities. All the steel tariffs have done is make business more expensive for all the companies using steel.

His inept attempt to help the few has actually hurt the many.

Speaking of tariffs, Trump tariffs have cost American consumers $6.8 billion last year. This is expected to increase to more than a billion in costs per month by November.

Another estimate is that Trump’s tariffs have cost the typical household $490 so far due to increased cost of imports and are likely to cost $800 per household next year.

There goes that “huge” tax cut that Trump claims we middle class folks got. My taxes actually went up. Only the very rich got large tax cuts.

If your only source of information is listening to Hannity on Fox “News” you probably are not aware of any of what was just covered here. You might even think that Trump has done great things for the US when he has not.

I urge everyone to check out multiple sources of information because what you see on Fox is largely propaganda or very slanted reporting.

Norman Hoffman


Independence (from meat) Day

Dear Editor:

Here are Ten Best Reasons for barbecuing veggie burgers and hot dogs this Independence Day, rather than ground-up animal body parts:

  • Focusing on traffic and fireworks safety, rather than food safety
  • Giving your eyes a break from reading government food warning labels
  • Not sweating nasty E. coli and Salmonella bugs, if temperature is too low
  • Not sweating cancer-causing compounds, if barbecue temperature is too high
  • Not wondering about what’s really in that burger or hot dog you’re chewing
  • Giving your body a holiday from saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones
  • Not sweating the animal cruelty and environmental devastation guilt trips
  • Not having to explain to your kids why we feed Rex and eat Babe
  • Distinguishing your Independence Day menu from your friends and neighbors
  • Celebrating a day of independence from the meat industry

Weston Madrigal


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