Thank you, President Trump

To the editor:

Credit where credit’s due. President Trump succeeded where 44 previous presidents failed: Demonstrating to us just how fragile our democracy is.

We became complacent, thinking our democracy is indestructible — American exceptionalism. The world looks to us as that “shining city on a hill”. Maybe…until now.

Our framers crafted an excellent Constitution, which outlines but does not define our government. Three interlocking branches of government (executive, legislative and judiciary) provide an ingenious system of checks and balances.

Each branch checks the other two. But that outline is a framework, full of holes and depends upon the good graces of its occupants to succeed.

This intricate system was developed by men of honor, when honor was important enough to duel over. (Right, Alexander Hamilton?) Though visionary, they could not anticipate every dishonorable act in the future. Thus, many of the workings of our government became based upon historical norms and best practices, not written laws. Worked great, until…

Along comes a demagogue who disregards best practices; historical norms; respect for law, the Constitution or even common decency.

His entire career was based upon bullying, skirting or outright breaking laws, and deception. He brings those skills to DC. He ignores Congressional oversight — filling his cabinet with unvetted, unqualified sycophants — ignores subpoenas, uses the attorney general as his personal cudgel, etc.

He uses his electronic megaphone to spread thousands of lies and to intimidate others into repeating those lies. After four years of this deluge one-third of our country can’t recognize the truth.

But Trump is incompetent. Imagine now what a competent demagogue, following his playbook, could do.

Thanks for alerting us to your dangerous far-right insurrectionists.

Thanks for forcing many conservatives to bravely support the Constitution despite your intimidation. We need these strong, principled conservatives to help convince one-third of the country that their fellow citizens aren’t a bunch of satanic pedophiles. We need them to help craft temperate legislation.

Finally, thanks for not attending the inauguration.

Ironically, President Biden’s chance of success is now in the hands of patriots like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.

Everett Baucom


State needs a scolding

To the editor:

After a snail-like vaccine rollout, it looks like North Carolina has decided to get its numbers up by pouring a disproportionate amount of the vaccine into mass-vaccination sites in the center of the state.

This will de-humiliate the governor by cosmetic improvements to the overall percentage of the population vaccinated, but will leave the western and eastern counties wallowing in high rates of COVID and low rates of vaccination.

Is anyone advocating for us? Even just to advise mountain and coastal folks how to take advantage of the mass-vaccination campaign bestowed on the lucky urban centers? Should we be speaking sharp words to someone about fairness in sharing out limited, life-saving supplies? Does someone need to call Mandy Cohen and give her a good talking to?

Donna Glee


Not served by AT&T

To the editor:

Thank you for publishing the article about Skyrunner and the lack of internet in our rural areas.

We have tried calling Skyrunner and other internet providers many times with no luck.

We have also given up on AT&T who “says” they service our area, but they do not for new customers.

The irony of this is that AT&T lines run right above our front yard and their access box is on a pole on our property.

I have to use my phone as a hotspot to get online and regularly visit public places with internet to do my work that requires higher speeds.

I sent the survey that was attached to your article to all our neighbors who also cannot get decent and affordable internet service.

Again, thank you.

Karen McCrea


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