Street condition is deplorable

To the editor:

Waynesville city streets are deplorable and embarrassing. Main Street in particular is the worst I’ve ever seen. This is what visitors see first, rather than all the great shops and restaurants. Main Street has not been repaved for well over 25 years.

Back then when I complained about it I was told that it is a state road (276) and therefore the state’s responsibility. This, my friends, is not the case. Below is an email exchange with our State Senator.


Good to hear from you. Take up your concern with the Rural Planning Organization. They are in charge of identifying transportation improvement needs and their prioritization.

My best to you and Joanne,


I contacted the Rural Planning Commission and was told that it is a Waynesville problem that they are aware of. Leaking utility pipes under the street constantly erode the soil. This commission has worked with the city in the past to identify the problem and estimate the cost to repair.

Granted, it will be expensive, but has the city pursued any of the hundreds of grants available to small cities for infrastructure projects?

With interest rates as low as they are, a bond issue to pay for this might be a good way to raise the needed money at a reasonable interest cost if we cannot recieve a grant.

We have an election coming up, and I would like to hear the candidates for mayor and aldermen their plans for addressing this serious problem. Candidates, please respond with statements as letters to the editor.

Bruce Gardner


(Editor’s note: The Mountaineer reported on this issue in January. Search our website for the following title: Waynesville mulls Catch-22 behind Pigeon Street repaving.)

Upset over garbage pickup change

To the editor:

I’m mad at the town of Waynesville and Mayor Gavin for not wanting to pickup my Toter trash can. All that’s in it is regular trash they been picking it up the last three years. They never said anything until about a month ago when they had a different worker for the 4th of July.

The toter cans are $60. I called and told the town they should buy everyone one a can if they can’t use the one they have. Some people can’t afford to go out and buy a new can.

We pay enough taxes and they make a fuss over picking up the trash? Asheville and some of the other cities let you use the Toler. The can I have is a lot better than the $20 ones that the lid breaks off or cracks. You buy those cheap ones and they don’t last.

Kevin Jones


Hold President Trump accountable

To the editor,

It’s long past time for Congress to hold Trump accountable. It’s time for a formal impeachment inquiry.

Here’s what we know: Donald Trump claims the Mueller report exonerated him, but Mueller clearly stated in his testimony last month that he did not exonerate Trump.

Mueller’s investigation found extensive criminal activity, uncovered over 100 secret meetings and communications between Trump’s campaign team and Russia or Russia-linked individuals, and found at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice by the president himself, including telling the White House Counsel to lie during the investigation.

It’s unbelievable to watch the person who holds the highest office in the land ignore the law when any other American who committed those same crimes would be put in jail. Two months ago, Trump went on national television and declared he’d accept foreign intelligence if it would help his 2020 campaign — yet another crime. Congress should take him at his word; Trump presents a clear and present danger to our democracy.

There can be no more excuses or delays. It’s time for our representative to stand with the 130+ members of the House that support opening a formal impeachment inquiry.

Marti Emrichstiles


The new normal is dangerous

To the editor:

Just a follow-up on my column last month about the danger of nuclear catastrophe and the utter ignorance of the man in the White House regarding these matters.

His comment about using nuclear weapons to break up hurricanes — ‘if we have them why can’t we use them’— just the small matter of cancerous nuclear fallout drifting lazily over Florida, Louisiana and up into Georgia, North Carolina. You get the idea (Chernobyl was a Sunday picnic?).

The most powerful person on the planet with the delusion that he can shoot off his mouth with no understanding... well at least his ‘order’ to all U.S. companies to immediately stop all trade and manufacturing involving China seems to be just one more crazy, irresponsible tweet/comment that has disappeared into the daily tornado of absurdity.

Tillis, Burr, Meadows — how long must we watch your sycophantic sheltering of this man’s delusional, dishonest thinking. Those of you who voted for him — and them — consider carefully if this is the new ‘normal’ you want to continue into the future for our beloved country.

Stephen Wall


Those who voted for fairgrounds beer should resign

To the editor:

I take no pleasure in having to write this letter. However, I am compelled by my convictions and for the betterment of our county to speak against and express my disappointment of the sale of alcohol at the Haywood County Fair.

The county fair was designed to be a family and child friendly environment where family and friends could visit, relax, have fun without the influence of family and life destroying intoxicants.

To the board who sanctioned this practice, you have just sanctioned and said, ‘it doesn’t matter to me about the lives that are affected by the scourge of alcohol.’”

Children who have been taught by loving parents and caring teachers to avoid the use of alcohol and are warned of alcohol’s dangers of impeding the thoughts and ultimate addictions that destroy lives and families.

To the board members who voted for the sale of alcohol at the county fair, you should be ashamed and should resign. To those who voted against the sale of alcohol at the county fair, we applaud you and support you.

To all of us I say, let’s return to the spiritual and moral values, the family values that this county once enjoyed, that is deeply rooted in the authority of the “Holy Scriptures.”

Pastor Roy Kilby


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