Code for cutting Social Security/Medicare

To the editor:

Trump’s been talking about reducing payroll taxes. Beware everyone. Don’t fall for his shell game. Payroll taxes are the Social Security and Medicare taxes. This is just another ploy to justify eliminating these benefits. Tell your representatives that you are not falling for it.

Penny Wallace


Thanks for the coverage

To the editor:

You really did a great job with the article for Miss Labor Day. We are all so excited. You made those girls’ year with those articles. Thank you soooooooo much.

It just makes it all worth while to know there are still people out there who are interested in small town community service. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Sherri Moss

Canton Labor Day Pageant coordinator

Biased reporting shown against Shining Rock

To the editor:

Regularly, for four years, both The Mountaineer and the Smoky Mountain News published articles lambasting the Shining Rock Classical Academy’s records and activities.

So, why is it a surprise that enrollment is down, which will, in turn, keep them from building a high school? Ostensibly, this was the plan all along of those engaged in public education in Haywood County. Well done.

I see that the school foundation has on its board, the editor of The Mountaineer, an employee of the Smoky Mountain News and several people with strong ties to Haywood public schools — actually, half the board. How convenient.

News articles always mention that Shining Rock is “publicly funded,” which gives you the right to report in an unbiased manner, but if that is so, why are the shortcomings of the other public schools never mentioned?

I have personally heard public school teachers saying, “If that school wasn’t there, we could do lots with that money.” Granted, the Foundation does much to support local schools — minus Shining Rock. Why are they not included?

The goal is the same: educating our children, and this would certainly ‘incentivize’ the people at SRCA. Of scholarships, only three students other than Tuscola or Pisgah were awarded. You betray your own prejudice.

There have been rocks in the road to establishment of SRCA. The fiasco with the three mothers was reported gleefully by you, but when Mr. Morgan was cleared, there was only cursory mention. He is now headmaster, and is doing a great job, but you are not interested in that. It doesn’t meet your agenda.

Crow is hard to chew. Our children will go to Shining Rock as long as it is there, and, should it fail, we will home school them or find other avenues to see that they get a well-rounded education.

Theirs includes six core values: integrity; respect; compassion; responsibility; wisdom and leadership, and we believe they are accomplishing those goals. Haywood schools have had 200 years to get it right and still have shortcomings, and it has nothing to do with funding for Shining Rock.

David A. Williams


Ring those bells

To the editor:

Whether from church steeples, gardon gonds or small bells in individual hands, we will remember ... and pray for a new future for us all.

The National Park Service is inviting organizations, communities, and individuals nation-wide to ring bells at 3 p.m. this Sunday, Aug. 25, as part of a day of healing and reconciliation.

This excellent endeavor is to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the landing of the first 20 African captives to be sold into bondage in 1619 near Jamestown (then a British colony).

All people are encouraged to remember those who were captured elsewhere, carried by ship, then sold into slavery on soil which one day would proclaim liberty.

So, please be part of this nation-wide endeavor: engage in ringing a small bell in your individual hand, your dinner bell, your garden gong, and/or your church steeple instrument this Sunday so that we will together remember, pray, and strive for justice.

Diane Collins


President needs to force Democrats to cooperate on border wall

To the editor:

The safety of the American people and our country is being held hostage by two of the most self centered, anti-American, egotistical poor losers this country has ever seen holding political office.

President Trump has at his disposal the recipe for ending this absurd temper tantrum staged by the Democratic “leadership.”

How must voting members of the Democratic Party feel when they realize that they have elected all members of their party who none of which has an independent thought? Is that what they thought they were casting their ballot for? The entire collective of Congress members who do not represent them but represent two children who represent only themselves.

Trump could fix it now. He should pick a date certain (say Sept. 1, 2019.) He should promise the Democratic “leadership” and the American public that on that date, if full funding for the border wall is not sent to his desk to secure the sovereignty and security of our country for signing, he will use his pen and take the following action in the name of national security.

The immediate halt to any funding for Planned Parenthood, NPR, (Bye Big Bird) The National Conservancy, the Endowment for the Arts, the Southern Poverty Law center, food stamps, welfare in any form and the United Nations.

Let these left wing organizations explain that situation to the Democratic “leadership” and every other Democrat. He should also add one other little “pot sweetener” that would give them instant projectile diarrhea.

He should tell them that on July 4, he will de-classify all of the documents that the Dems never want to see the light of day. Chuck and Nancy would need to each order six cases of Depends for next day delivery.

Bruce Gardner


Silent no longer

To the editor:

I can no loner stand on the sidelines of history as our Republic that was built by great men and women of all colors and ethnic groups is being attacked.

The country does have problems, but they are fixable. You don’t tear every institution down and set the stage for generations after you to suffer because we have problems.

You are setting them up for misery either under rule of a foreign power or you are marhing them straight into WWIII.

The hatred upon your brother and sister because they are of a different political party, color, ethnic background or just have a different view of the world is poison.

I am an American first. Now it is no secret we are in cyber warfare with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and more foreign governments. But we are also challenged by our own elected officials.

As you probably know, there is a bill in the Senate proposed by Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden and co-sponsored by 10 other senators that has been held up since this past May by the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It would allow our election boards across the country to have paper ballots and the $500 million one-time disbursement to buy the machines to count our votes. It would also allow for risk-limiting audits after elections so no outside influence could happen.

Americans have the right to free and unencumbered elections. It is the cornerstone of our democracy.

I say that it is treason to not allow this bill to go through. I say our District 11 House Rep. Mark Meadows and both senators, Tom Tillis and Richard Burr are treasonous also.

Definition: Treason 1) Betrayal of trust or faith; 2) Betrayal of one’s country, esp. by helping the enemy in times of war.

We are at cyber war with Russia and others, and nothing is being done so that we can have free and unencumbered elections. Our votes are threatened. I do not know why in the world we as a country would go forward with the 2020 elections when we as a nation are not protected. Our Congress has known this since the election of 2016, and we are still not protected after three years.

Our voting machines run Microsoft Windows 7, which will expire this January. No support from this company after that. And yet, you still hate your neighbor. You still hate everything that made this country great. You still allow our Congress and our President to do nothing. Your silence is deafening. Why would fellow Americans of both parties allow gerrymandering anywhere in any election? The American voter is under assault.

We are responsible for what we say and do, and what is left unsaid and undone. This Republic will not stand unless you stand for it and with it.

I am the daughter and granddaughter of men from the greatest generation who fought in WWI and WWII. My family, as I am sure many of yours does, has a history of service to our country. They instilled the love of this country in my heart. Not the hate of it.

So, I will stand up for it and if you cannot do the same, then you need to step aside. We are at a crossroads and at the center of the crossroads those roads join.

As Americans, let’s get this right. Our time is now and our time is fading.

Nancy Gibson


Angry letter writer needs to move on

To the editor:

On Aug. 5, you pick up the paper and read another inflammatory, divisive, derogatory opinion chastising our President. You start to wonder if all this person does is sit at his computer and prepare negative articles.

His momma would probably be downright disappointed in him to see him wasting his time on such drivel.

Our President is our President, nothing you can say will take that away; dream all you want, Hillary lost. Mueller is over. Our President isn’t a polished politician that says everything you want to hear. He may not be the smoothest person around and makes mistakes, but he tries to do the right things for Americans and our country.

It seems this letter-writer would rather have a smooth-talking politician (who accomplishes nothing) run this country than someone who will do it some good. Instead of being a resister that does nothing to improve our country, he might try supporting our country and our President.Take a break from your computer and move on from your all-consuming hatred.

Joe Harder


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