Haywood’s heroes

To the editor:

I am a retired teacher. We older folks isolated all year. The kind mountain people saved us during the pandemic. The neighbor or relatives shopped for us, friends made masks. The mechanic came to our home to jumpstart our dead battery. Hats off to curbside delivery, the health food store that mailed our vitamins. The Haywood health workers delivered the phone and COVID information. The staff giving vaccines and directing traffic stood in the damp, cold tent outside all day.

Mountain people, strong, kind, honest, thank you for saving our lives.

The Martins


The minimum wage smokescreen

To the editor:

Liberals must be just be ignorant and lazy because they’re constantly trying to solve problems with other people’s money.

I just read another bone-headed argument about raising the minimum wage. So, I’ll address this minimum wage nonissue with some common sense.

I hate to break it to liberals, but only 2.3% of the workforce≠ make minimum wage, as of 2017, the last figures available.

I’m tired of hearing what you can’t do if you make minimum wage. Liberals want everyone to believe that numerous folks work for minimum wage, and they’re fixated on what you can’t do if you are living on minimum wage.

News flash. The minimum wage is for young people to get a job and learn what work is all about, nothing more and nothing less. It was never meant to support a family.

My children earned minimum wage in their part-time jobs while in school. Two have their master’s degree and my youngest angel, is working on her degree on early childhood development.

Democrats say a family of four can’t live on the minimum wage. Good, it’s about time they got something right!

Why have a family if you only make minimum wage. It’s a bad choice, and that’s on you? Do whatever it takes to better yourself before starting a family.

If you do three things, including graduate from high school, get a regular job and wait until you get married before having children, you’ll have a head start on success.

Here’s an idea. If you are stuck at minimum wage, consider making yourself more valuable to your employer. If you’re really more valuable, you’ll get a raise, or another business will hire and pay you more.

It’s called free enterprise and supply and demand. So liberals, try a real issue. The minimum wage argument is illegitimate and wearing thin. I’ll be happy to give a commonsense lesson to any liberal.

Van Walker

Lake Junaluska

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