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Legacy lost

To the editor:

It’s interesting that the one act that could have salvaged some of Trump’s legacy, Operation Warp Speed, has been so destroyed by the people who claim to love and admire him.

His followers had the opportunity to stop COVID-19 in its tracks, but the refusal of so many of them to get the vaccine has allowed the virus to continue to disrupt our lives.

Instead of being remembered as the leader who brought COVID to an end, his followers have ensured that we are entering yet another period of sickness and death, effectively destroying Trump’s hope that he would be remembered for being the driving force behind the “Trump Vaccine.”

Trump really has no one to blame but himself. Had he publicly and enthusiastically embraced the vaccine, we certainly would be in a much better place, instead of preparing for yet another wave of this virus.

Instead, he didn’t want to appear weak, and so he downplayed his support. How many thousands of lives would have been saved had he gone on Fox News to have his shot in view of all? How many precious lives will be saved if you get your vaccine? History will remember.

Sharon Bramlett


Great lessons

To the editor:

What a beautiful story about your twin grandchildren and their gifts to others. I am a lifelong fiber artist, always in love with my fabrics and the stories they tell.

You are brave, as well as smart, to realize what a lesson could be learned from this activity. There are way too many people who aren’t brave enough to let children explore the sewing machine, let alone the adult iron.

I have shared your story on my Facebook page and will continue to tell this story long after we stop celebrating Christmas this season.

Joyce Beery Miles

Lafayette, Indiana

(former Maggie Valley resident)

Rent costs are unreal in Haywood

To the editor:

I was just recently reading an article about a mother losing her rental home due to a deadbeat landlord.

It is amazing to me in this time of people not working, some unfortunately by choice, but with the economy being so bad and this area not having the best of jobs, also, you would think these landlords would have some compassion on people and stop raising the rent past peoples means of living.

My house payment is cheaper that rent, even with the increase of wages, after taxes, insurance, etc. Still, it’s hard to make rent, utilities and get basics of life. What are these people thinking?? I understand everyone needs funds, but to me low-income housing shouldn’t be $1,200 and up. It should be what’s right and go by income. A two-bedroom mobile home $1,500 a month and its not anything fancy. That’s just unreal.

Why does it need to cost a person $3,000 in deposits to move in? In my world, I don’t know that many people who have that kind of money saved up? We are literally living pay check to pay check.

I live in the real world and know that single parents have no chance. It is ridiculous. Greed gets you no where. Get off the greed train and actually help those in need. Come off those high rental costs. Make rent affordable again.

Renae Wright


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