Don’t disparage teachers

To the editor:

I’m writing to express my outrage regarding the claim in the letter printed in the June 7 paper that teachers who march in Raleigh are not worthy to be called “professionals.”

First of all, both educational marches have been peaceful and they’ve been organized in conjunction with in-office meetings with legislators to have respectful dialogue regarding their budget requests.

To my knowledge, no teacher was arrested nor were there any reports of disorderly conduct. The following message on a hand held sign at the 2019 march conveyed a common sentiment: “I’m not here as a Democrat or Republican – I’m here as a counselor who needs help!”

Secondly, other than trying to be inflammatory, there was no reason for the letter writer to mention unions. The North Carolina Association of Teacher (NCAE) is not a union — it has no bargaining rights. It’s simply identified as the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees, representing active, retired, and student members.

The writer’s assertion that other professionals like doctors, dentists, architects and accountants deserve the “professionals” classification because they do not “march” is ludicrous. They operate in a competitive system — largely free of state control. Their pricing/income is primarily determined by the market, not lawmakers.

Finally, it’s important to understand what the marchers were advocating for in May 2019: 1) provide a $15 minimum wage for school support staff, 5 percent raise for all school employees and a 5 percent cost of living adjustment for retirees; 2) provide enough school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals to meet national standard; 3) expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families; 4) reinstate state retiree health benefits for teachers who will be hired after 2021 and 5) restore extra pay for teachers with advanced degrees such as a master’s degree.

The right to join fellow citizens in “peaceful assembly” is critical to a functioning democracy and at the core of the US Constitution (1st Amendment).

I say shame on the letter writer, not the teachers. They are more than worthy of their professional classification. March!

Myrna Campbell Waynesville

Youngster’s letter was a joy to read

To the editor:

Thank you Mountaineer friends for printing a great little letter to the editor on June 21 where Jefferson Davis Wright wrote a very special family note at 9 years of age.

The picture is wonderful too, as he smiles and loves on his dog. His anticipation of the family reunion on July 6 sounds like a great invitation to all. With so many subjects being printed now-days, this was a blessing to read.

So I am praying for a loving and memorable family get together, especially when he and his mother return to their home in Kelso, Washington. I know he will have lots of great memories of the family reunion in the good old Smokey Mountains.

God’s blessings of love to all,

Lucy Adams Hermitage, Tennessee

God help us, please

To the editor:

As a Navy veteran, I am tired of reading letters to the editor from Saul Lewinsky want to be’s.

If you want socialism why don’t you just move to Venezuela, California or you could try Cuba! Socialism is the closest thing to communism, I think you would enjoy anyone of the three places more than North Carolina.

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably have to say it again. When you say to Pledge of Allegiance, you say and to the republic for which it stands, not the democracy for which it stands.

This country is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. A democracy is the closest form of government to anarchy. I for one am thankful that I was born an American, and I have no use for people that want to destroy it.

I just thought of another place you could go to — New York. They just passed a law that illegals can get drivers licenses. Now they probably will use the driver’s license then sign of the voting. This is getting sick.

God bless America! Please, please, please.

Albert Goodis Waynsville

Nation is on a dangerous path

To the editor:

In case you haven’t noticed, the very fabric of our society has been severely damaged as a result of the judicial legislating from the bench and the politicization of every aspect of our life.

When the “framers” wrote the Constitution they did not intend to make it possible for every splinter group of society or minority that might find a way to be offended to successfully destroy our heritage and garner more favor and support of the assumed source of their offense then the support for taxpaying citizens of the country.

Beginning with the “Great Society” of Lyndon Johnson, we have allocated more of the country’s assets toward creating a welfare state, in exchange for votes, than we have supported the veterans that have served and died for the country. Greed and political power have supported the breakdown of our Christian nation.

The Constitution was probably the most important political document in history that brought freedom and opportunity to millions. Where once it was our best friend, it now may prove to be our worst enemy.

The way it has been interpreted by the courts has made it impossible for us to deal with the invasion of destructive ideologies. As a result, the moral fabric of America has been traded for power by politicians seeking to maintain their power while the country be damned.

Communists, masquerading as “progressives” have subverted our entire education system and turned it into the vehicle for indoctrination of generation after generation.

Homeless veterans sleep on the streets while we provide untold benefits for illegals and traitors.

We put enemy leaders back on the battle field to kill more American troops in exchange for deserters and traitors.

The mastermind of the attack that killed 3,000 American civilians remains alive and well at our “all inclusive Caribbean resort at Gitmo.

Are we insane?…….. Yes.

The America of today is now nothing more than a vision in the rear view mirror.

Bruce Gardner Waynesville

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