Military parade was unfounded

To the editor:

I am ashamed that out president is copying France, North Korea and Russia with his emotional need to feel tough by having a military parade on July 4th.

Our country wasn’t founded by the military or big government dictator wannabes who dodged the draft. But I get it. He saw Bastille Day celebrations in France and thought it was cool, like when I was 10 and went to the city armory and sat on an old Sherman tank.

But our 4th was due to intelligence, liberal thinking like individual liberty and rights of man, and learned men getting together and forming an intellectual argument for freedom, backed by personal sacrifice from citizens, all things foreign to our foreign loving, tiny ego president.

In fact, his need to have a big military show of might on July 4th is the opposite of being an American and shows he has no idea what it means to be American.

This fourth, as a disabled veteran who received multiple medals for actions taken on 9/11, I will celebrate knowing that we will have an opportunity at revolution once again through our vote as American citizens. Let’s hope we have good choices this time. Proud to be an American!

William Porter Waynesville

Service is abysmal

To the editor:

I have been with AT&T in North Carolina for 22 years. My family and myself for another 35 years. Also I have a second house I rent out and have recommended AT&T to the renters for 19 years.

We live on a mountainside and have very low bandwidth. For the past couple of years we have had U-verse (phone and internet), but no fiber optics yet. I have called and called requesting a better bandwidth. Lately our internet has been in and out. They send repair people, but all they say is it is my bandwidth.

I have not added any more computers or changed anything, but the internet is like a faucet that turns on and off. Finally I found a tech person and they said it is on AT&T end and they would send another tech person.

Still it will not increase my bandwidth. Being such a loyal customer and paying my bills for so many years makes no difference. As most of us know, the internet is an important part of our lives.

To add to our frustration, sometimes I have a horrible screeching noise on phone. On one of my many calls for service, they heard the noise and did nothing.

AT&T is really the only internet service I can get, and it is 2019. Hopefully you get the picture. Please help us get faster internet. U-verse is all set up but no fiber optic cable is available in our area.

Result: After years of frustration and calling about this problem a U-verse tech came and found a cable on a pole near us was almost falling off.

I was told by every tech before that my modem could not handle the amount of users and the bandwidth I have would not handle it either. Then I was informed that we would never get fiber optics here. This is 2019.

I am at a loss for words and have tried everything in my power to get AT&T to hear me. Called every number you can imagine to no avail. So now I am going public.

It would be wonderful if everyone off Plott Creek that is having the same situation call and write AT & T and ask for fiber optics for our area.

Serena Dossenko Waynesville

Potholes are outrageous

To the editor:

The town is charging 15,000 vehicles a fee, but the pot holes are not being fixed. There’s a bad one in front of Bojangle’s and Frog Level is terrible.

Now they are refusing to pick up my trash can they have been picking up for years.

Jack Jones Waynesville

Gerrymandering is a serious issue

To the editor:

The U. S. Supreme Court ruled on North Carolina’s partisan gerrymandering case that the states or Congress need to decide this important issue.

The citizens of North Carolina can take control and require that our new districts be drawn by a non-partisan committee and to make gerrymandering illegal in North Carolina.

This could be accomplished with an amendment to our state constitution in the 2020 election. This is an issue that should be agreed upon by all parties.

While there is much disagreement on specific issues, it’s time for North Carolina citizens advocate to ensure that all our voices be heard and that our votes are fairly counted.

Kim Ross Waynesville

Thanks for great letters

To the editor:

Kudos to the letter “God help us, please,” and “Nation is on a dangerous path.”

Two great opinions were offered on the same day. God bless them both and God bless America on another birthday.

Shirley Ingle Waynesville

Veto was a good move

{p dir=”ltr”}To the editor:

{p dir=”ltr”}I will stand with our Governor and uphold his budget veto because we can do better—we must do better—for Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties. $95 million better.

{p dir=”ltr”}{img src=”” alt=”/Users/bradyblackburn/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 5.36.57 PM.png” width=”624” height=”328” /}

{p dir=”ltr”}This year, we have a real opportunity to make smart investments in our communities. We can expand Medicaid today, covering 500,000 hard-working, low-wage workers across our state, all with no new taxes. We can put a forward-thinking bond package on the ballot, for the citizens to vote on this November, that will make critical investments in our public schools. Our current budget proposal does not accomplish either of these necessary goals.

{p dir=”ltr”}With the current budget, we lose the opportunity to inject $95 million in Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties. Here’s how that breaks down.

{p dir=”ltr”}When we expand Medicaid, we will bring $2.5 billion of our Federal tax dollars back to North Carolina from Washington. We already pay these federal taxes, and we deserve to bring this money back to our state. In Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties, this means $40 million for quality healthcare for hard-working mountain citizens, hundreds of healthcare jobs to keep our rural hospital doors open, and critical resources to fight the Opioid Crisis.

{p dir=”ltr”}Governor Roy Cooper’s Invest NC Bond would commit $55 million for Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties. This allocation is timely, transparent, and certain. It would be distributed as follows:

{ul}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$13.7 million for Haywood County Schools{/li}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$12 million for Jackson County Schools{/li}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$11.2 million for Swain County Schools{/li}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$2.7 million for Haywood Community College{/li}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$4.5 million for Southwestern Community College{/li}{li dir=”ltr”}{p dir=”ltr”}$10.9 million for Western Carolina University.{/li}{/ul}

{p dir=”ltr”}Last week on the Floor of the House, I said, “There are 500,000 faces that are not included in this budget. There is $5 million over the next two years that we have already paid, but we are wasting away in this budget. There is only one direction to go with this budget. That is to vote it down, veto it, and start a genuine negotiation that includes everybody in North Carolina.”

{p dir=”ltr”}I stand by those words, and I will continue to work to ensure that every single North Carolinian is represented in our state budget. We must stop the waste and give our citizens a true voice in our state government.

State Rep. Joe Same Queen Waynesville

{p dir=”ltr”}

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