D.C. July 4th not like those in other countries

To the editor:

Sorry but I cannot help but comment on the recent letter about the military parade that was mentioned in the letters section.

I have seen many military parades in my life time, and I assure you that what President Trump did was in no means a military parade that could be compared to what other countries have done.

There were no regiments or brigades of hundreds of armed soldiers marching by.

There were no armed troop carriers driving by. There was no anti-aircraft weaponry being displayed or paraded by and most importantly of all, there were no flat beds driven by with missiles (nuclear capability) being paraded by.

There were a few static tank displays and a number of flyovers representing each branch of our military. This is also done at sporting events. I was glad to see the improvements of our various aircraft that was recently upgraded. It was very enlightening.

Now the other issue that I question is the comment of draft dodging. The only President of the United States that dodged the draft was Bill Clinton. He went to Canada to “avoid” being drafted. This is historical fact.

I registered with the selective service for the draft when I was 18. Upon graduating, I enlisted into the U.S Air Force. By doing so, I was not eligible to be drafted into the Army.

I guess this makes me a draft dodger too. I went into the Air Force in July of 1967 and retired from the same in December 1988 after serving 20 years of honorable service.

I was highly decorated during my military career and recently was awarded a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by the U.S. Senate.

I do not use this to criticize or demean our duly elected leaders; just to sway others to think as myself. Let’s just agree to disagree and live each day the best we can. “Grape Kool-Aid and Jim Jones.” Look it up.

I did some fact checking and found this tidbit that offers a complete picture.

So President Trump wants to lead a celebration of the Fourth of July, and all of a sudden liberals are worried about government spending.

The press and the talking heads couldn’t stop jabbering about the cost.

But all the money devoted to the event, including a patriotic speech by the president and several grand military flyovers in honor of our servicemen and women, cost about the same amount as Barack and Michelle Obama’s annual vacation to Hawaii.

And nobody in the press, except me, ever complained about this obvious and complete waste of money by the Obamas.

There is no reason Obama couldn’t have taken a perfectly nice winter vacation to Florida, at far lower cost. “Oh, he’s from Hawaii,” People said. So he’s a salmon who must return to his spawning grounds?

The Washington Post reported that the National Park Service diverted about $2.5 million for Trump’s event, and the Defense Department may have spent another $2 million.

Air Force One at the time Obama took most of his trips cost about $180,000 an hour to fly. Based on an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time for the jet between Washington and Honolulu, the travel cost alone of Obama’s vacations amounted to around $3.24 million.

And that doesn’t include numerous other costs, including flying all kinds of material — like the motorcade — and staff and security out to Hawaii.

Once, Obama even doubled the flying cost by flying there and back twice. The press is very selective in what it gets outraged about. And these days, it always selects Trump.

Oh, well. This is America and everyone has a right to express their opinion. God Bless America.

Joseph Edwards


Street department works hard

To the editor:

Regarding a letter in the July 3 issue, I would like to commend the men who work on the street department for the Town of Waynesville.

I am often on Main Street early in the morning, before and after street events, and I see these guys working in the planters, watering plants, picking up trash, setting up for events and then cleaning up after these events. Thank you for your service.

I know all our visitors notice your efforts.

I think it should be the responsibility of all on Main Street to help keep our Main Street clean and appealing. I often pick up trash as I am walking. I also observe several of the business owners sweeping and cleaning in front of their stores.

You are to be commended for taking the effort and time to make your business stand out! Look no further than Firefly and businesses in this area for curb appeal.

I agree with the letter writer that I have never seen so many weeds at some of the businesses. Look no further than 220 North Main as an example. This area is often a site for the street dances. Why is this area in such overgrowth?

I would think such a business would be a better ambassador for the Town of Waynesville.

E.D. Parton Waynesville

Do nothing Congress needs to do its job

To the editor:

The dead silence of the Republican members in Congress responding to Trump’s blatantly racist comments against sitting members of Congress tells me clearly that they are not interested in representing their constituents.

If they had any concern for them (you), they would have at the very least, mumbled that they didn’t agree with Trump.

They haven’t, which I interpret as dereliction of duty. Once a senator or congressional representative takes office, they are, by constitutional design, obligated to uphold the constitution and to protect the interests of all of their district’s citizens. Each one of them swore to do so when taking office.

These silent representatives are doing nothing. They seem to be trying to keep their jobs in Washington by staying silent.

They continue to sit on their hands while Mitch McConnell directs a work stoppage in the senate, continuing the 10-plus year Congressional log jam designed to thwart anything that smacks of helping any group other than the rich.

What changes have occurred in the operations of government departments have largely been by executive orders rather than by Congressional debate, advice, compromise and vote.

These people we hired are clearly AWOL and should be jettisoned.

Penny Wallace Waynesville

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