It’s all in the definition

To the editor:

What is “Pro Life?” Those who oppose abortion call themselves “pro life.” I understand that, for all life is, or should be, considered sacred.

But if you oppose abortion, but also oppose providing affordable health care for newborns whose parents cannot afford it. Is that still “pro life?”

And if you oppose abortion and also oppose granting asylum for those running for their lives, is that still “pro life?” If you oppose abortion and are against paying a living wage, is that still “pro life?” What is “pro life” anyway?

Riley Covin Canton

Our mommas taught us all better

To the editor:

Over the past weeks the so-called president of the United States has uttered words and made statements that decent human beings regardless of political party, ethnicity, or religion would find offensive, insulting, and simply wrong. These are horrible words and have nothing to do with our daily discourses.

This wreck of a human being sits behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office, a place of honor and dignity and symbolically urinates on all that it stands for. We should be aghast at his words and thoughts.

As residents of a solid and decent county in Western North Carolina, regardless of party, we are better than this man-child and should stand shoulder to shoulder in opposition in Haywood County not politically, but as Western Carolinians who know better.

My momma would smack me good for mouthing the words our President utters daily. He is not a nice man, my momma would say. He had a bad upbringing, my Grandpa would say, and you stay away from the likes of folks like him.

We all someday will stand in judgement, but as Americans, not as Republicans or Democrats, we can make this very small man pay for his racist and divisive rhetoric by smacking him down by our vote of decent folks who know better. Our mommas taught us better.

David Crane Maggie Valley

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