On a list of people who most influenced my life, Haywood County and Bethel native Charles Frazier, is near the top. His name was Charles, but I always knew him as Mr. Frazier, my school principal in Andrews. Read more

Seventy-five years ago this month, the U.S. and Japan fought the biggest naval battle in history. More than 800 warships (from wooden torpedo boats to the largest battleships ever built), 39 aircraft carriers, 1,800 aircraft, and 200,000 men … Read more

With the exception of being husband to a wonderful lady, father to four great children and grandfather to 12 precious grandchildren, representing North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District was the greatest honor of my life. But there were a … Read more

Just as our nation's constitution stands as the highest governing power in the land, so, too, do the various constitutions of each state serve as the supreme authority over the residents of the state. Read more

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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • Mary Curry said:

    Tryp on my comment above: If he didn't...panic, HE wouldn't be repeating ....

  • Mary Curry said:

    To Cawthorn and Trump supporters: Whose death would Jesus say is no big deal? 200,000 Americans have died, many more will die from the Trump-e…
  • Nan Williamson said:

    Rather evident the mask wearing mandate was not being followed. Shameful.

  • H M Womble said:

    Waynesville, Ohio, is a wonderful small town. I had the pleasure of visiting there a number of years ago. At that time, there was a nice mixtu…
  • David Eachus said:

    Perhaps you would be so kind to list the date. I believe it is October 17. I would note that the researchers have stated that sunshine, which …
  • Mary Curry said:

    Trump's alma mater the Wharton School of Economics, U of Pa., just published an analysis praising VP Biden's economic plan and excoriating Tru…
  • Steve Hart said:

    No doubt the health department is reluctant, perhaps prohibited, from the releasing the names of the "couple of businesses" where customers ha…
  • Jeff Ferguson said:

    See this List of Countries with Universal Health Care - U.S. noticeably absent from the list. Really a shame. And Trump wants to end the ACA (…
  • H M Womble said:

    For the sake of the dollar, the CoC wants a Covid spreader. Having been a merchant of Main Street, I would not open my business for this event…
  • Mary Curry said:

    However, the Trump Administration has a case in the US Supreme Court to totally end every bit of the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, nicknamed Ob…
  • Mary Curry said:

    Kaiser Family Foundation: "These (federal) measures are taking place against the backdrop of other non-COVID-19 specific (Trump) Administratio…
  • Mary Curry said:

    If your wife or child dues of it, alone on a respirator, what will you think?

  • Caryl Brt said:

    Mary, I always appreciate your incisive comments. Anyone who doubts our country is on a runaway train to authoritarian rule, has not been payi…

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These chain stores do have the advantage of far greater resources to invest in their businesses, and that's a big reason why they have begun to dominate the business scene.

However, the independent retailers...

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