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Just in time to pretty up the exterior of your home during leaf season, Hometown Hardware delivers a lightweight, battery-operated leaf blower by Echo that’s ideal for picking up after Mother Nature. Read more

When you are a business owner, your livelihood depends on your customers. That's why it makes great sense to adopt a customer-centric approach to doing business, and to keep the customers' needs and desires in the forefront of your entire operation. Read more

Most pet owners are quite familiar with common fleas, because these varmints are constantly searching for hosts such as cats, dogs, and other furry creatures. Read more

Have you noticed lately that your house is getting smaller? There's less living space than there used to be, and you can't move around as freely as when you first moved in. Read more

If your concept of landscape design extends no further than buying whatever perennials happen to be on sale at the local garden shop, you need to continue reading the article below. Read more

If you are looking for an affordable advertising solution for your business, you should consider a yard sign. No matter where you live, you have run across yard signs, also known as bandit signs, along the road — especially during election se… Read more

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In what many consider Jesus’ “inauguration” speech early in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims to his fellow hometown faithful that he has been anointed by the Lord “to preach good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the prisoners, and recovery of sight to the blind, to liberate the oppress…

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Q: How many people in Groups 1 and 2 are on a waiting list in Haywood County and how many doses are being received each week for the first shot? This information would be helpful to us in understanding the wait times. Gary Arrington


  • Pat Carlisle said:

    I will undoubtedly be considered heartless and without care, but when did anyone say a minimum wage was supposed to provide people with the ab…
  • Gail Heathman said:

    This is beautiful, Randy. Thank you for sharing with us PHS grads and others.


    I am so sorry for your loss, you will see her again one day. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Saralyn Price

  • scott muirhead said:

    Re: column by local reverendsSigned by (only) eight local preachers, the column about the jailhouse expansion reveals an interesting point. Th…
  • Tom Duffy said:

    You wrote this long article about the game, but you failed to mention one of the most important piece on information . What TIME IS THE GAME B…
  • David Cabe said:

    Dr. Jabin,Gary Arrington asked you two simple questions. 1- How many from Groups 1 and 2 are still on the wait list? and 2- How many first dos…
  • Peter Ricci said:

    This is an excellent time to deregulate the alcohol beverage industry in North Carolina. A free market system would assist the economy at seve…
  • J.R. Yacobi said:

    I’m unsure who the author is or where he has been hiding himself. He should post more often though. His logic and reason are greatly preferred…
  • Judith Gallagher-Howell said:

    You do realize that many of those who depend on Medicaid are our elders, who may not have access to go online or understand the decision befor…
  • Jeff Ferguson said:

    Yes! Thank you Dr. Hooley.I see no real problem with promoting the Vitamin D per se. However, the anti-vax position is categorically indefensi…
  • Gary Roberts said:

    Thank you, Dr. Holley, for such a sensible and well written article. Those who try to frighten people into forgoing vaccination, intentionally…
  • Lynn Fowler said:

    HMC is by and far the best at communication thru their site about power outages, where they are !!and when to expect resolution......which the…
  • Nancye Buelow said:

    Thank you for reporting the medical facts. Maybe there are people in Haywood County that do not want to take the COVID vaccine but they should…
  • Anthony Scardaci said:

    Thank you, Dr. Hooley. Finally, a sensible, thoughtful and thorough rebuttal of the most recent provocative, dishonest portrayal of the curren…