Sometimes when we hear about the state budget, the numbers aren’t relatable. Large amounts like $24 billion don’t fit into our everyday thoughts which are more about our mortgage, car payments, loans, savings, giving to our church and even having some left at the end of the month to enjoy.

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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • Joe Vescovi said:

    Well written! There seems to always be two sides to an argument and it is important to get all the facts stated correctly.

  • Joe Vescovi said:

    Just wondering if he will have a town hall meeting with the public. I haven't seen when he has had them scheduled. Did hear he ONLY has them i…
  • Lin Osborne said:

    Many people may recognize the picture, but it would be nice if the article had included the name of the author.

  • Ron Rookstool said:

    Interesting that enrollment is down. Seems one big problem are poor grades (performance). But I bet because their secrecy (no open meetings as…
  • Ron Rookstool said:

    Lets consider the facts here. The 20 wealthy seasonal folks still have a way in and out to their homes, although they may consider this option…
  • Bill White said:

    This is Racist!!! Part of the problem not part of the solution. I am so disappointed that this was published in this paper!

  • Kevin Brock said:

    "It's adequate." That's what Haywood County taxpayers have been saying for decades about Canton Middle, Waynesville Middle, and Bethel Middle.…
  • Kevin Brock said:

    Just one more thing, where should SRCA's new facilities stand in line with Canton Middle, Waynesville Middle, Bethel Middle, North Canton Elem…
  • Kevin Brock said:

    There is a 9-acre parcel behind Bojangles owned by an LLC. Chad Carver is listed as the Manager, registered agent, and one of the members of t…
  • Ron Rookstool said:

    I thought the GOP were job creators? Expanding Medicaid in NC would supposedly create an estimated 40,000 additional jobs? Why have only 13 st…
  • Kevin Brock said:

    So this governing board, ignoring the clear language of the state's open meetings laws, has apparently awarded contracts to at least two, mayb…
  • Joe Vescovi said:

    Presnell opinion op. Wow, a Republican saying so many people a affected by Cooper's veto. How about the shut down of the government by Trump? …
  • Kevin Brock said:

    In 2018, FedEx Corp reported about $4.6 billion in net income, and actually got money back from the Federal government, to the tune of $219 mi…
  • Gail Heathman said:

    I feel for the trash collectors! Unfortunately the people who most need to stop and consider them and the important job they do are the least …
  • Judith Gallagher-Howell said:

    Great story, well written. Thank you, Becky, for telling your story as it will inspire others in similar situations.