An explanation should be forthcoming

To the editor:

Has Haywood County provided you 10% more services in 2021? Add up your property taxes for 2021 and see if they total more than 10% like ours. An explanation should be forthcoming from the county administration as to where the increased taxes are being spent, if justified, and if property owners should bear such an increase for those services, if there were any.

Ray Jackson


Sociopathic varmints

To the editor:

I had almost forgotten how much I hate and despise politicians until yesterday, when I received my tax notice from Haywood County. The five county commissioners and the tax assessor are no different than the rest of these disciples of the dark world — lie, cheat and steal as much as possible and as quick as possible.

I thought I was used to being betrayed by my government. I was a combat fighter pilot when Lyndon Johnson was telling the N. Viets our targets and times a day ahead of time so they could have the guns in the right places. Then we had to fly through this hail storm of steel so the crook in the White House could pretend he was fighting a war. But this lying game by our commissioners and assessor is still disturbing because it is equally deceitful and corrupt.

I have always had to pay more than anyone else in my neighborhood and I have protested but was always denied. Last summer when my assessment was raised 28% I again protested but this time I was stiffed since I did not even get an answer. Not to worry, though, as our county commissioners stated they would adjust the mill levy so no one’s taxes go up. Well, they lied as usual, as my taxes went up 18%. Truly there is no more sociopathic varmint than an elected politician and I hate and despite them all.

Well, maybe not our sheriff, as Sheriff Greg Christopher is really a good, straight, honest guy. I am sorry Greg is retiring as he is truly a representative of the people and a solid citizen with a good heart. Although I know he has to suffer at social gatherings. As a law enforcement officer, he is a subset of the most corrupt and evil crime syndicate the world has ever known — the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Also, some must know he is a Democrat and that must be embarrassing.

This gang we call “commissioners” must have no sense of the financial limits a military widow faces.

Sam P. Morgan Jr.


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