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Two meetings last week got me thinking about entrenched ways of looking at issues and how much different — and better — our society might be if we could break away from those mindsets.

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State Column

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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • Doug Schwark said:

    I, too, would like to see a link to the webcam, but so far all I can see if a still picture.

  • D.D. Rose said:

    Just a question:Being this is a "Newspaper", and I am not familiar with the parties involved,can you please tell me "which" name reported is c…
  • Steve Breckler said:

    This article makes really important points about the importance of objective reporting at the local level. Thanks for writing it.

  • Judith Gallagher-Howell said:

    I'm confused. Are you no longer printing newspapers on Mondays? And is the weekend newspaper in print as well as online? Will rates be going u…
  • Jesse Josephson said:

    This article alludes to only two printed papers per week but has no additional detail on that. Am I to assume that Friday and Monday papers ar…
  • Sarah League said:

    Sarah Smart is such a wonderful young lady and well deserving of this honor.

  • David Eachus said:

    Jim, Great overview of a very significant WWII battle. As you correctly point out the Japanese were into decisive attacks which are a ultimate…
  • Allan Zacher said:

    Thank you, sir, for your thoughtful letter. Let me get this straight, the "Tax Cut" - supposed to be putting money in the pockets of the good …
  • Allan Zacher said:

    Thank you for the appropriate article and appropriate historical context.

  • Stephen Wall said:

    great work on the Canton Watershed- we are so blessed in Haywood County with our pristine waters- protect them!!

  • Judith Gallagher-Howell said:

    Thank you...I loved reading your articles every week and looked forward to every one of them.

  • Carolyn Carlson said:

    I remember voting with paper ballots back in the early 1970s. The biggest problem I recall is that it took FOREVER to learn who had won each e…
  • Patricia Adams said:

    So glad this is happening. I had a problem voting in one of the elections and had to have the machine opened and start over. It was not tabula…