Tuesday is Primary Election Day in North Carolina. It is an event that’s been in the forefront of news coverage, and on election night, The Mountaineer will be hanging in there to provide up-to-the-minute updates in elections ranging from congressional primaries to county commissioner primaries.

From the Editor

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Two meetings last week got me thinking about entrenched ways of looking at issues and how much different — and better — our society might be if we could break away from those mindsets.

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State Column

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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • bill gradison said:

    We came down from DC area to our vacation home here near Cataloochee Ranch exactly 14 days ago and absolutely were able to quarantine in place…
  • Allan Zacher said:

    I wish to thank the commission for making this important and difficult decision. It is extremely inconvenient, disruptive and unpleasant to th…
  • Caryl Brt said:

    David Crane is a Haywood Co. treasure. Articulate, out-spoken and civic-minded, we are blessed to call him our neighbor.

  • Mary Curry said:

    The Mountaineer is providing a huge, necessary service to WNC by keeping us updated on Coronavirus/COVID-19 governmental actions at all levels…
  • Mary Curry said:

    Agree. Senator Burr's co-written report from the Senate Intelligence Committee on July 3, 2017, concluding with his minority chair Senator Mar…
  • Mary Curry said:

    I'm not surprised. I'm sure Sherri deserves that award.

  • Allan Zacher said:

    Jails are a perfect "petri dish" for communicable diseases to spread to a lot of people quickly. It's ironic that the very thing we're trying …
  • Allan Zacher said:

    Congratulations, Clark and Jenny! You deserve the very best! I'm so happy your "baby" is not only continuing to fly but about to soar! All the…
  • sandy brantly said:

    That is one of the most comprehensive articles I have read, and to support this local business, we will call today and go pick up a hamburger!…
  • Gwen Nicholson said:

    If there is a drug situation at and near the Open Door can law enforcement not do anything about all the needles laying around and the drug pr…