Scott Muirhead

Scott Muirhead

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The Democrat party is perched oafishly atop a three-legged stool. Take away one leg and the stool will collapse. The three legs the Democrats desperately rely on are: the continued imposition of ignorance upon the public; the continued abetting of the sloth of the underclass; and the continued maintenance of immorality.

Always mistaken for benevolence by naive victims, socialism is the insatiable worm that chews through the cheap veneer of communism to expose the poison fruit of fascism. The worm is voracious, but never in any real hurry, poking nonchalantly along, unminding of its would be predators who for much too long have been dozing in a weed patch of apathy. Socialism is the primrose path to the ultimate loss of human dignity and freedom.

What the Democrat “ruling class” dreads and abhors is an educated and enlightened society. Do you really believe that the absence in public education today of even the slightest mention of civics is a mere oversight? Tut tut. Democrats and their teachers’ unions deplore the prospect of an educated constituency. They are acutely aware that the most dangerous threat to their power is an understanding by the American people of their own rich history. The tyrants and their lapdog stooges in the mainstream media, those thin-lipped, sneering toadies with the ridiculously white capped teeth, become wholly unnerved when they imagine Americans who might seek to understand the principles upon which the nation was founded. Nothing strikes terror into the dark hollow where their hearts would ordinarily be than to imagine citizens who actually know what is written in the U. S. Constitution and its amendments. Ignorance is stool leg number one.

And man oh man do the tyrants love sloth! They fund it. They promote it. They glory in it. What would they do if more citizens embraced the work ethic? What would they do if more people began to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities? Answer: They would disappear in a sewer of ignominy. So instead of encouraging personal responsibility and pride and self

esteem the tyrants disburse tax dollars of actual earners to the uninspired and demotivated dependents among us. The distribution of government cheese is crucial to Democrat power; and what is so disturbing is the unwitting but growing willingness of the middle class to be sucked into the fallacy of a free lunch.

Legs two and three, sloth and immorality, support the Democrat stool in a most sinister way. Despite the discrimination black Americans suffered up until the civil rights movement began redressing those wrongs, there were two aspects within the black community that should have been held sacrosanct. One was their work ethic, and the other the incomparable importance of family life. But when in the 1960’s Pres. Lyndon Johnson introduced his Great Society to America, black charlatans prodded by America-hating, race-baiting white-skinned intellectuals instantly commandeered what was a just and noble cause. Those two factions have since labored tirelessly to annihilate the concept of family life, while simultaneously funding their perfidy with more and more tax dollars from middle America. The sad results of their evil deeds are everywhere.

The Democrats ceaselessly promote immorality. Their leaders sponsor and adore Planned Parenthood, the ghoulish outfit that sells dead baby parts and aborts late-term pregnancies as fast as they can get women in the stirrups. They admire thugs who burn down businesses, and call their felonious acts peaceful demonstrations. They completely ignore ghetto killings, and endorse and praise rappers who use the most vile language imaginable to denigrate women. They support teaching grade schoolers about the supposed beauty of homosexual sex and the latest sick digression from reality, trans-genderism. They furiously deny the indisputable truth that there are only two genders; and they slobber over and promote Hollywood actors who mindlessly perform in artless movies that glorify gun violence. They loathe citizens who adhere to religious beliefs, and they abhor the music of The Star Spangled Banner. Yet they grovel obsequiously at the feet of a Chinese dictator bent on subjugating the United States.

If there is anything encouraging about all this, it is the likely revolt of the masses. If you don’t believe it is coming, I will attribute your disbelief to leg one of the rickety stool. If you think revolt is not in America’s future, you assuredly know little or nothing of either the French Revolution or the Bolshevik overthrow of czarist Russia.

The Democrat leadership is shamelessly flaunting its power, and they are becoming more totalitarian by the day. It is hardly surprising. Bad ideas and bad policies — consider our southern border — always rely on force. The five-thousand armed soldiers camped in Washington D. C. are not there to polish statues like the self-proclaimed combat hero, Sen. Richard Bone-Neck Blumenthal did during the Vietnam war.

Our ship of state, captained by a doddering old man who is wholly dependent on the people who write the words he reads to the public is already foundering, in less than a month. The past lies and the flagrant denial and coverup of the perfidious machinations of petty tyrants are being exposed at last. The Good Ship Sleepy Joe is taking on water, and the Democrats’ grip on power will eventually be loosened by and lost to the outrage and defiance of the patriots they oppress. The discontent is near the boiling point, and the leftists continue to stoke the fires. It was no less a figure than Thomas Jefferson who asked: “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

If you think the constant assault on Americans’ second amendment right to own firearms has anything to do with school shootings in the suburbs or gangland killings in ghettos, reconsider. The leftists are scrambling to disarm Americans not for those dubious reasons, but because of the very real possibility that the wrongs they inflict against a free people might someday be answered with cordite and lead.

There is of course a better and more bloodless way for sensible Americans to be recognized and respected, and that is a general strike. If tomorrow morning a

million truck drivers refused to drive; and if every technician in every power plant stayed home; and if the men and women working in the building trades, the mines, the factories, the sawmills and the fishing trawlers did the same, where would that leave the soft-palmed leftist politicians and the cretinous big tech oligarchs? Those people are incapable of plunging a stopped up toilet; and since they are overly stuffed with crap, they will find themselves in a bad way when the strike happens. Plumbers will not be answering the phone.

Jeff Crazy-Eyes Bezos is currently working to quash efforts by his workers in Alabama to unionize. Equity at Amazon? Forget about it. But Jeff is apparently ignorant of the fact that a general strike does not require the blessings of union bosses. It does not require unions at all. How long could his money grubbing, Chinese owned company endure a strike? Would he fire his drivers and warehouse workers and resort to delivering cheap, slave-made products with robots and drones? The good ol’ boys in the Deep South would love that. Blowing drones out of the sky with shotguns would become their favorite pastime.

Insolent snobs without practical skills who belittle those who have them will not fare well when abandoned to fend for themselves. Fat cat corporate creeps like Crazy Eyes and his Alfred E. Neuman look-alike buddy at Facebook can’t even change a flat tire. They can’t figure out how to open a light fixture and change a bulb. They don’t know how to hunt or fish or grow a tomato, and it is doubtful they have sense enough to cook a meal. Deprived of a government subsidy or a barrelful of illicit profits, they are hapless and helpless, and would starve to death in darkness. No sandwich or sympathy from me would be forthcoming.

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