Just read the “Character is Destiny” guest column of July 11. The above quote is from the same Heraclitus, 2,500 year old wise Greek philosopher. The “guest’s” article is a litany of accusations against Rep. Madison Cawthorn painting him as a liar and untrustworthy. I offer the following in defense.

Cawthorn did vote against yet another investigation, months after multiple investigations were already underway. At the time of his vote, “Many federal and congressional bipartisan investigations had already begun with at least 445 arrests and at least 100 or more arrests to follow. There is ... and will continue to be no shortage of robust investigations by two separate branches of the federal government” (CNN).

Cawthorn blamed Jan. 6 on Democratic agitators. The guest author calls that “complete fabrication.” However, the investigations, and studies, of the protesters reveal a spectrum ranging from the “fabricated” agitators and Antifa (Google “John Sullivan, Jayden X”) to “normal citizens” upset with the “steal.” A sobering study (Robert Pape and Keven Ruby, University of Chicago) found the average age of arrestees to be 40 years of age. Forty percent of the protestors are business owners or hold white-collar jobs, many have a lot to lose. They are CEOs, shop owners, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists and accountants. Angry fellow citizens, including Democrats.

The Heritage Foundation study found a minuscule rate of voter fraud. This is a misleading, confusing and incorrect claim. Yes, the Heritage Fraud Database: An Assessment claims very little fraud but that “assessment” is by the Soros funded Brennan Center, not the Heritage Foundation. The actual Heritage Foundation database contains 1,328 proven instances of recent voter fraud with 1,143 convictions of public officials.

Cawthorn revised his statement, when under oath, that he did not get into the Naval Academy because of his accident; he was rejected before. Yes, this is true. This is a typical, unfortunate weakness many have. I do give him credit for recognizing the great import of being under oath and cannot help but remember a President of the United States being impeached for “obstruction of Justice and Perjury” for continuing to lie under oath.

Cawthorn claimed that he had been admitted to Harvard “online” with the author claiming Harvard does not exist “online.” Yes, it does. I tried it and its “online” website popped right up.

Cawthorn claimed his friend, Bradley Ledford, left him for dead in the accident that paralyzed and nearly burned him alive. Yes, and then reconciled that belief and his friendship with Bradley. On election night, Cawthorn introduced Bradley as “This is the guy who saved my life.” I easily understand living through that experience and “remembering” it in different ways. I was a front seat passenger in a van that hit a concrete bridge railing and flipped over the side of the bridge, the driver got out and I had to make my way out through the driver’s side. It took a while before all of the pieces of that incident became sorted out in my memory. I cannot blame Cawthorn for not clearly and quickly remembering those events until later.

Finally, the improper sexual conduct accusation. In conclusion and in order to have addressed all accusations by the author; I believe this to be likely. Bear in mind, he is accused of boorish, uncomfortable and inappropriate behavior in high school, not rape and assault. It is not however excusable.

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