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For businesses, it’s not too late to start planning for the holidays, and more specifically, holiday exposure. For the general public, a returning event at The Shelton House Museum of NC Handicrafts will be a definite “to-do” activity. Read more

“This is how I set up every morning, with a pot of tea, a plate of goodies and two tea cups,” said Donna Penney from her porch overlooking Lake Junaluska. Read more

While First United Methodist Church (FUMC) typically holds an annual in-person Missions Marketplace where attendees and can interact and donate to nonprofits and ministries that serve locally and around the globe — this year they will be hold… Read more

Check out these new releases! If you would like to get your name on the waiting list for any of these books, just email Kathy at Read more

Maggie Valley Club hosted a unique celebration Oct. 10, in honor of Warren Bateman’s 98th birthday. Family, friends, and MVC members participated in a socially distanced, drive-by birthday greeting under the club’s porte-cochere. Read more

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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • Beth Johnson said:

    Without 90% mask wearing the COVID pandemic will not end. Waynesville's Board handled the isssue poorly.

  • Beth Johnson said:

    Mayor Caldwell should be ashamed of his reaction to the suggestion that a newspaper needed to be 'shut down'.

  • Steve Wehking said:

    Wow! That`s some mayor y`all got there. Shut down the media? Let the mob rule. Flip flop on the issue at hand. Glad we have a strong Governor.


    Mayor Caldwell seems to be implying that a reporter for The Mountaineer invented direct quotes from him regarding instituting a local mask man…
  • Mary Curry said:

    If you mean natural selection at work, I agree:) I just don't want the poor alderwoman and aldermen and police to get infected, too.

  • Russell Binkley said:

    Right! We should be able to drive as fast as we want--maybe ignore stop signs. Not require drivers to be licensed or carry insurance. Forget h…
  • Mary Curry said:

    A vote for Cawthorn is a vote for his president, who's again welched on his campaigns debts to numerous US cities for millions of dollars and …
  • Mary Curry said:

    'And the race hasn’t been short on controversial stories to fuel the fire. First for Cawthorn came a series of blows, including a story in the…
  • Mary Curry said:

    Agree. Col. Moe Davis is the only sane choice. His opponent actually called this career Air Force officer, esteemed judge and prosecutor who p…
  • Russell Binkley said:

    “Maybe you should shut them down,” she said.“I agree,” Caldwell replied again. “I apologize again for the media and if you...I ain’t going the…
  • Peter Ricci said:

    The paper should have a poll.Vote to close down the media or the mayors office.The new American way is if you do not like an position, closes …
  • Jeff Ferguson said:

    Don't fuss about things having to be shut down if you won't wear a mask. Masks save lives, not wearing one is idiotic. There are mandates to w…
  • Anne Farmer said:

    I agree with you on this. But let me add one more thing. When did I become responsible for other people’s health? If one thinks that wearing a…

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Tidying up Mother Nature

Just in time to pretty up the exterior of your home during leaf season, Hometown Hardware delivers a lightweight, battery-operated leaf blower by Echo that’s ideal for picking up after Mother Nature.

The Echo blower is fast-becoming a fav...

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