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RALEIGH — Almost exactly one year ago, South Carolina’s state senate was presented with a measure to raise the default age at which those accused of committing crimes were treated as adults rather than as juveniles. For decades, that age had been 16 in South Carolina.


  • Lynn Jefferys said:

    So disappointed that hate speech is printed as a letter to the editor. Scott M has a right to his opinion, no doubt, but it is the tone of dis…
  • Allan Zacher said:

    As a board certified pain management physician I have argued for many years that opioids have no role in treating chronic pain. There is no ev…
  • Ron Rookstool said:

    [smile] Our local hospital has improved so much since taken over by Duke Lifepoint. HRMC has expanded their services, bringing in new quality …
  • Joe Vescovi said:

    Golly. Will that mean Meadows will actually have to campaign and may even have a town hall meeting before the election???

  • Lynn Fowler said:

    Thank you for your service from another Ocala transplant!

  • Doug Schwark said:

    I, too, would like to see a link to the webcam, but so far all I can see if a still picture.

  • D.D. Rose said:

    Just a question:Being this is a "Newspaper", and I am not familiar with the parties involved,can you please tell me "which" name reported is c…
  • Steve Breckler said:

    This article makes really important points about the importance of objective reporting at the local level. Thanks for writing it.

  • Judith Gallagher-Howell said:

    I'm confused. Are you no longer printing newspapers on Mondays? And is the weekend newspaper in print as well as online? Will rates be going u…
  • Jesse Josephson said:

    This article alludes to only two printed papers per week but has no additional detail on that. Am I to assume that Friday and Monday papers ar…
  • Sarah League said:

    Sarah Smart is such a wonderful young lady and well deserving of this honor.

  • David Eachus said:

    Jim, Great overview of a very significant WWII battle. As you correctly point out the Japanese were into decisive attacks which are a ultimate…