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One of my most enduring memories as a small child was the weekly shopping trip with my mother. This was in the early 1950s, and my parents lived in a small home in a rural area of Ohio west of Cincinnati, just down the road from my grandparents’ farm. The nearest town with any reasonable amo…

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The thing about 2020 is that everyone will have a COVID-19 memory and it is sure to be one that will be told over and over again, perhaps for generations.

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Waynesville and Haywood County are really beautiful places to live. For starters, our scenery is world-class, and we have some of the cleanest water in the world, which all originates here in county.


  • Ron Rosenzweig said:

    The demand for skilled electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians as well as carpenters and installers of all kinds has, as Becky Johnson points…
  • scott muirhead said:

    Mr. Crane neither understands what insurrection is; nor does he know much about American history.

  • scott muirhead said:

    The I.Q. level of the general public continues to plummet. The dumbest among us continue to chatter about the election not being rigged. All t…
  • scott muirhead said:

    Congratulations to Stan Briggs for understanding the insulting cartoon that appeared in the paper recently. The lefties are on the march. Watc…
  • scott muirhead said:

    Oh boy! The indignant lefties are crawling out from under rocks like never before. Sheila Mathis tells us that Madison Cawthorn is a terrorist…
  • scott muirhead said:

    Gee, I wonder what sort of doctor Jan Lemasters is. I presume the doctor to be female, and I’m curious. Is she a doctor like Jill Biden, who a…
  • Susan Kumpf said:

    Being peaceful is the only way for our children to know peace. Let it begin with thee.

  • Denise Schmeisser said:

    The foundational technologies of the Internet were developed with public funds.

  • Rebecca Britton said:

    Thanks for getting this information out there Dr. Carlson! As an attorney I have been having a very similar conversation with lots of folks ab…
  • Susan Dawkins said:

    Hang in there, Heidi and Karen! We’ll be regulars again as soon as we are able

  • scott muirhead said:

    Whatever Democrats denounce is the very thing they themselves do. They did a great job of denouncing the Antifa-led riot in the Capitol; but s…
  • Tom Duffy said:

    I completely disagree with the Police determination that "no threat was made" How did they arrive at this conclusion ? When the caller said "w…
  • Ron Rookstool said:

    Cawthorn obviously was not qualified for the House based on his background vice Davis's. However the voters in Haywood County are primarily Re…
  • Richard Ploch said:

    Beautifully written column, Dave Hogan. Thank you. Best wishes. Enjoy the never-ending adventure of reading good books.

Will the 'genie' go back in the bottle?

In this case, the “Genie” is telehealth services and the “bottle” is previous insurance and regulatory restrictions that often prevented its use.

Thanks to, or because of COVID-19 and the pandemic, health care providers have had to adapt ...

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