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Man arrested for forcible rape

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A Clyde man has been arrested after being charged with second-degree rape.

Caleb Graf, 25, was arrested on Nov. 5 after being indicted in late October for the crime. According to the indictment, the alleged crime occurred on May 25, when Graf engaged in vaginal intercourse “by force and against the will” of the victim.

The investigation into the alleged rape commenced when the victim went to the Waynesville Police Department on May 28 with her mother and grandparents. Not long after, a sexual assault kit was performed and a search warrant was issued to collect DNA samples from Graf.

That warrant notes that the victim met Graf, whom she considered a friend, in downtown Waynesville during the Memorial Day celebration, and they stayed there until 8:30 that evening, after which they went back to the victim’s grandparents’ house for dinner.

“[The victim] said that after they ate, Caleb asked her grandparents if they could stay the night and they told him yes,” the warrant reads.

The victim’s grandparents set up an air mattress in the living room, while they slept in their own room and the victim slept in another bedroom.

“At around 2 a.m. … [the victim] woke up with a sore throat, so she got up and got a glass of water,” the warrant reads. “[The victim] said that after she got a glass of water she was walking back threw (sic) the living room and that Caleb grabbed her and that’s when he ‘did it to her.’”

“[The victim] said that he forcefully took her clothes off and told her that he was doing her a favor because nobody else would want to have sex with her,” it later reads.

The victim noted in an interview with law enforcement that she told Graf no several times but that he continued. It was only when the victim’s grandfather woke up that the alleged attack stopped and Caleb pretended he was asleep. At that point, the warrant states that the victim went back to the bedroom and closed and locked the door, then went back home to her parents the next day.

According to the warrant, three days later, she told her parents. In an interview cited in the warrant, she said there was a bit of a delay “because she didn’t know how to tell her parents.”

Along with having a sexual assault kit completed and obtaining DNA samples from Graf, the warrant also states that a few clothing items, which had blood on them from the rape, were collected as evidence. In addition, more search warrants were issued to gain access to Graf’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“[The victim] stated that she mostly talked to Caleb on Instagram and Facebook,” the warrant for access to the social media accounts read. “[She] also said that she spoke with another unknown female about the rape and the other female told her Caleb has talked to her on Instagram. The other female told Caleb that she was only 15 and Caleb said that age didn’t matter it was just a number. [The victim] also talked about how Caleb would send her pictures of himself nude with an erect penis. [She] said that when she told the other female about this that she has also received the same type of images from Caleb.”

Graf was released on $50,000 bond and has a court date set for Dec. 9.

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