Terry Ramey files for commissioner

FILING FOR OFFICE — Terry Ramey poses for a photo while filing to run for county commissioner.

Entering his name for candidacy to the Haywood County Board of Commissioners is Terry Ramey, who has filed to run on the Republican ballot in 2020.

“I think I can do good things for the county,” Ramey said. “I think with some of the things they’re doing, they’re wasting money right and left, and I just don’t approve of that.”

Ramey is running for election to the Haywood County Board of Commissioners for a third time, first campaigning as a Democrat in 2016.

His last time running was during Republican primary elections in 2018, when he missed out on making the final ballot by three votes, according to board of elections data.

“The commissioners do a good job, don’t get me wrong, but I think there’s a lot of stuff they’re looking over that is important to the people of Haywood County,” Ramey said. “I think things out, and I don’t think a lot of people in there think things out before it happens.”

Among issues Ramey said were not fully thought-out, the money spent improving county-owned property on Jonathan Creek could have been put to better uses, like initiating action to combat homelessness and drug addiction in Haywood County, Ramey said.

“We’ve got so many churches and people who would partner with the county, I think — if the county would initiate and get some more rehabs going,” Ramey said. “I don’t think prison is the way for these druggies that are hooked real bad.”

There are inevitable issues on the horizon that Ramey said he would like the county to be prepared for, rather than being blindsided by, like in the case of the county’s healthcare expenses skyrocketing during the last fiscal year.

“Why would the commissioners not have had a limit that they were self-insured on, like normal businesses do, and not have an insurance carrier pick up past a certain limit?” Ramey said. “To me, I don’t feel like they’re looking ahead. I think if I get in there, I can see far enough ahead to avoid some of the things like that.”

Ramey said he operated Ramey Wrecker Service on Lee Road in Clyde for more than 40 years.

“I waited until I retired to run for commissioner,” Ramey said. “I feel like a commissioner is not a one or two hour a week job. I feel like it should be a full-time job.”

To be a commissioner, Ramey must first make it through the Republican primary, where he will face off against current commissioners Kevin Ensley and Brandon Rogers, as well as challenger Jennifer Best, all of whom are vying for election to two board seats.

“I’m just a voice for the people of Haywood County. I’m accessible 24 hours a day, everybody knows that. I’ve been in the wrecker service over 40 years,” Ramey said. “I want the people to vote for me that feel like I can help the county and the people, because the people that know me know how I am — I’m for my people.”

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